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“The Only Plane in the Sky” is compelling history of 9/11

People born at least a quarter-century ago probably remember the exact details of what they were doing on that beautiful blue September day when...

eforea spa at Hilton Pattaya won two World Luxury Spa Awards

Rudolf Troestler, GM of Hilton Pattaya and Sakulrat Jintaseranee spa manager proudly display the two prestigious awards that were won by eforea spa at...

German women facing eviction blow up house

Berlin (AP) — German authorities say a mother and daughter are under investigation for attempted murder after setting off an explosion at their home...

India’s government approves ban on e-cigarettes

New Delhi (AP) — India's government on Wednesday decided to ban e-cigarettes, expressing concern at the alarming rate at which vaping is becoming popular...

Where is the hero?

My daughter continues to enjoy taking photographs (as well as the usual selfies). For her, with me rather handy, this means very personal one...