Music for the soul at Silverlake Jazz Fest 2012


It was ‘All That Jazz’ at the Silverlake Vineyard on the 15th of December where crowds grew bigger by the minute as dusk turned into darkness, to listen to many famous Thai and international artists as they took to the stage to give their best in music.

Organized by Koh the Saxman and promoted by Q-Junction, the mini theatre staged Sax Society, KEB and Silpakorn Big Band, while the late afternoon sunset kicked off with Mellow Motif, followed by the Mahidol Jazz Orchestra.

Kaori Kobayashi.Kaori Kobayashi.

Many music pieces and songs composed by HM the King of Thailand, an avid fan of Jazz music and a very talented musician himself, were also recited by both Thai and foreign performers in honor of His Majesty’s birthday on December 5.  Some of these songs were the famous ‘Candlelight Blues’ and ‘Near Dawn’.

International artists that took to the stage included Yuliana Rogacheva, Marat Yuldybaev, Russian Connection Band, Nita Aartsen from Indonesia, and Marlene Mortensen and her band from Denmark.  Marlene, a young lady from Hellerup with a great voice said she has been to Thailand several times and “just loves it here for its great hospitality and charm.”

After ETC rocked the stage, it was saxophone time with Koh the Saxman and Kaori Kobayashi from Japan, followed by Nuang Jakkawal, Myra, and Duck The Infinity.

Budding young singer Nat Sakdatorn proved his great talent as a vocalist though he actually graduated from Harvard University in Economics, which in any case definitely will be handy in the music business.

The star studded night, sky-wise as well, ended with a thunderous performance by Spyro Gyra with their Jazz Fusion.

Chairs and tables were provided for those who preferred somewhat proper seating, while mats were laid out on the lawn for the picnic style music fans.  Numerous stalls of foods made sure no one had to go hungry while beer and Silverlake wine were in full supply.

The evening went on till late, or to be more correct, till early a.m. before people started to pack up, leaving the grounds with rhythm in their hearts and smiles on their faces.

Part of the money raised from the event will go to the Royal Thai Navy Turtle Preservation Center.

Marlene Mortensen.Marlene Mortensen.

Koh the Sax man.Koh the Sax man.

The ETC band perform.The ETC band perform.

Throngs of Jazz fans gathered at Silver Lake for the event.Throngs of Jazz fans gathered at Silver Lake for the event.