Filmmaker Duncan Jones still inspired by dad David Bowie


Los Angeles (AP) – Filmmaker Duncan Jones says his dad, David Bowie, inspired him to make movies.

The director of “Moon” and “Source Code” talked about his late father in an interview last week to promote Jones’ latest film, the video-game adaptation “Warcraft.”  Bowie died in January at age 69.

“My dad was obviously prolific in music, but he also acted and I think I had the most fun when we were on film sets. … I think I got the (directing) bug back then,” Jones said.  “Because the musical gene did not express itself in the way one might have hoped, my main hobby with my dad was shooting little one-stop animations and I just always carried that interest in film.”

The director said his dad also taught him to trust his creative instincts.

Filmmaker Duncan Jones. (Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP)

“I think as much on the creativity level — his bravery and willingness to try stuff that other people weren’t expecting,” Jones said.  “I did two science-fiction films and then jumped into a video-game movie, and now I’m going to go from this behemoth to another tiny, little indie.  So just doing what feels right at the moment on a creative level is certainly something I got from him.”

“Warcraft” is an adaptation of the long-running role-playing game, which centers on the conflict between orcs and humans depicted in “World of Warcraft” and the original “Warcraft” games from the 1990s.  The film stars Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster, Toby Kebbell and Paula Patton.  Release in Thailand is scheduled for May 26.