Dutch Swing Band provides Christmas treat at Silverlake


The B2F, or Back to the Future, band from Holland was in full swing with pop, jazz, rock, ballads and more when the 9 member international group performed their favorite renditions to a packed audience at Silverlake Vineyard on December 23.

Led by Jos Muijtjens and Leon Van Mi, the songs included ‘Something Happened’ by Phil Collins and ‘Feeling Good’ by Michael Buble.

The Special guest singer was Mai Pimluk Vessawasdi, who joined in with ‘All I want for Christmas’ and ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’.

B2F (for Jos it also means Being 2 Friends forever, him and Paul) will be back again in Pattaya in 2016, so stay tuned for dates and details of their next appearance.

The band played a host of fan favorite songs to keep the audience rocking and swinging all night long.

The B2F Dutch swing band and singer Mai Pimluk Vessawasdi pose for a photo at Silverlake Vineyard in Pattaya, December 23.