The Emperor’s Revenge


Juan Cabrillo and the crew of The Oregon might have met their match in the new Oregon Files adventure, “The Emperor’s Revenge”, from Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison.


Chairman Cabrillo leads a small team into hostile territory to stop a ruthless band of terrorists. The mission is a success, but not by the book or sticking to the plan, which is typical for the Corporation, the name of the crew that works with Cabrillo on The Oregon. A bank heist instigated by the manager results in a fiery crash in the middle of the Monaco Grand Prix. When they begin to search for answers into the mystery of why a seemingly trustworthy head of a bank would suddenly steal from his own institution, the crew discovers that he might have been set up to take the blame. What’s worse is that the funds stolen belonged to the Corporation’s offshore account. Now they’re forced to find answers and get their money back.

A ruthless individual who has a more sinister plan in mind than just a mere robbery leads the group responsible for the brutal attack on the bank. To make matters worse, he captains a vessel that’s just as formidable as The Oregon with even more advanced weaponry. The catalyst and possible downfall of Cabrillo and his team also ties in with a diary stolen during Napoleon’s failed invasion of Russia. The secret hidden inside could change world history forever.

The Oregon Files series is in great hands with Boyd Morrison working with Clive Cussler. “The Emperor’s Revenge” is a solid and fun entry that showcases what fans love when they pick up one of Cussler’s novels: a wonderful blend of action-adventure and history. (AP)