‘Hardship Posting V5’ goes forth


Stu Lloyd has done it again.  Dragged his mentor Colonel Ken Oathe, he of the walrus mustache and lascivious ways, back to the keyboard and has compiled another ball-buster “Hardship Posting”, the 5th in the series according to author Lloyd.

The fact that Lloyd’s abacus lost its 4th ball may explain why this newly released book is the 5th series with no 4th.  With the alacrity Lloyd managed to produce this book (15 years and counting), expect the 4th “chat na don bai bai” (poorly translated from bar room Thai) as “in the next life, sometime in the afternoon”, referring to the date of repayment of loans by the LBFM (read the book for further elucidation.)

The book is a hefty tome, approaching 450 pages, so will keep you reading for quite a while, though Lloyd does want you to skip through it to whet your appetite for any forthcoming “Hardship Posting 4”.  Being the speed writer that he is, all readers over 85 should give it away as by that time they will be lifeless, having returned home in the hold of the QAINTASS aluminium tube and headed for a grassy patch outside Mooney Ponds.

The format of the book is to give Colonel Ken his say on any appropriate (and non appropriate) subject and follow that up with anecdotes from previous readers.  It is the short and pissy items (Oops pithy) that keep the Colonel going and also bestows upon V5 the appellation of a “bog book”, a pick up and read while putting out and read. Symbiotic really.

Another extra feature in “Hardship Posting V5” are a dozen cartoons penned by the Pattaya Mail’s resident funny man Mike Baird, hiding behind the acronym MJB. Mike has a keen eye for the vagaries of the expat life, which for many is Viagaries of expat life. Principal amongst these is a warm beer on the forecourt of the closest 7-11 (take your pick – there’s one on every street corner). The visual is a great addition to the printed word.

Lloyd has sectioned his book into 18‘stories’, or rather chapters, with the intro on each being from the mustachioed Colonel himself. Subjects covered (or uncovered) include Airline and Flying, Bribery and Corruption (though there’s none of that here), Language and Miscommunication (described as Lust in Translation), Embassy and Diplomatic (Enema of the state) plus another 14 whose calculator has enough batteries to figure it out.

Lloyd mentions that despite the misogyny that might be construed from some of his contributors, he has received items from a Thai katoey, a Filipina brothel worker, an Indonesian bar girl and some guy called Bridget, at that time serving time in the Bangkok Hilton prison.

I enjoyed reading this book which happily gives a loud raspberry to all the PC nonsense and its concomitant offspring such as #metoo. Colonel Ken suggests #youtwo as being more appropriate (or #youthree on a good night).

“Hardship Posting 5” will be available through the usual literary outlets and if you like a laugh, then go get it.