Barry Upton: ‘Life’s a Beach’


Barry Upton is a gloriously upbeat character with a great sense of humor that is highly infectious.  He literally lights up any room upon arrival.

Barry is also, just as a sideline, an extremely successful pop music performer, producer and impresario.  In the past he has been in the Eurovision winning band Brotherhood of Man, becoming its musical director, and then later formed the million selling popsters Steps, writing most of their material and guiding them onto many gold records and sellout world tours.

If this is not enough for you, Barry also co-wrote with John Otway the smash single “Bunsen Burner”, which twenty five years after his last hit “Really Free” turned Otway from being the world’s most famous rock ‘n’ roll failure to somebody who had had two hits.  This is no small feat in itself!

These days Barry Upton lives in Pattaya and is a leading light on the city’s music scene.  He has recently recorded and released a brand new solo album called “Life’s a Beach” and while his light pop style may not exactly be the everyday listening choice of Mott and the pack, we were delighted when this music was whisked past our ears.

All nineteen songs on the album reflect Barry’s character and wicked sense of humor.  Each one bounces out of the speakers, putting a spring into your steps (Sic).  All in all it makes for the perfect party album, equally at its best played in your home, at a night club or preferably on the beach.

Just a very quick flick through the song titles will give you a very clear idea where Mr. Upton is coming from on these tunes.  My favorite line, which stuck in my head like an ear worm, was on the second track… “What I need is a six month vacation, followed by another six month vacation”.  It’s a song that will get plenty of cheer from us hard working souls.  Who could also resist tracks with titles like “Don’t Splash My Shades”, or “Dangerous Bikini”?

The music carries on in a very upbeat manner throughout the album (rather like its author) and it is of course superbly arranged and has that certain Upton sheen and persona that you come to expect from Barry’s songs and live performances.

The album is now available at all good music outlets, so make sure to get yourself a copy and get the party started.  Even the album cover alone is worth the price of admission. – 5 stars.

Track List:

Life’s a Beach

6 Month Vacation

Don’t Splash My Shades

Dangerous Bikini

Cool’s On Go

Skinny Dipping

Go Coco

Office on the Beach

Hot Summertime Love

In a Sunshine World (featuring Claudia Scott)

Factor 15

Holiday Romance

Cocktail (featuring Guriz)

Babe Cherry Lemonade

Blue Sky-Blue Ocean

Warm Rain

Beach Bunny

Paradise Wonderland 5,6,7,8

Note: Written by Mott The Dog and Hells Bells. Mott can often be found bouncing around Jameson’s on Soi A.R, North Pattaya.