‘80,000’ people pack Jameson’s for the Panto


Last Friday, “All at Sea”, the pantomime performed by Pattaya Players, was a parody of plays and a portable performance of pirates (run out of “p’s”, sorry) and attracted a huge crowd of an appreciative audience.  Numbers were estimated at 80,000 by landlord Kim Fletcher, after returning to Pattaya after counting the one million people at the democracy monument in Bangkok.

For many of the Thai mums a pantomime was a totally new experience, but with a play where the men appear as women and the women are men, a quick reference to Beach Road got it all in perspective (another “p” word)!

Jamesons panto staff and crew.

The children, most of whom had never witnessed a panto before, were captivated and very quickly caught on to the cue cards and rightfully gave Captain Blackbeard resounding boo’s.  Captain Blackbeard had a hook on his right hand at the beginning of the panto, but this was miraculously cured, but then re-appeared on his left hand later.  Amazing what the surgeons at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya can do these days!

Panto children invade the stage.Panto children invade the stage.

Just in case divine intervention was required, it was reassuring to see Sister Joan among the throng, but whilst there was some thunder, there was no lightning striking down non-believers.

All the Jameson’s staff got with the spirit of the panto and the face painter was working overtime.

It was a great night and one that we all look forward to next year!