Swede held in girlfriend’s condo-fall death


A Swedish man was charged with fatal recklessness in the death of his girlfriend after she fell eight stories from a Pattaya condominium.

Marcus Sten Tapio Karhapaa, 34, maintained that 23-year-old Thanawat Jittiwut, 24, slipped on a wet balcony and fell during an argument at their Pratamnak Hill home. If convicted, he faces 10 years in prison.

The Kampaeng Phet native initially survived the fall, but was pronounced dead at Pattaya Hospital.

Police said the couple had been together for four years, but had been arguing over Karhapaa allegedly having an affair with another woman. Investigators said their condo showed obviously signs of a heated fight.

The Swede admitted that he and his girlfriend, who was mute, were arguing. He claimed that during the fight she went to the balcony, acting like she planned to jump. He said he tried to pull her back and a shoving match broke out.

Karhapaa said she slipped on a puddle on the balcony and, wrapped in bedsheets, she tumbled over the railing.

  • soidog

    Where is the evidence that he is culpable? the capricious nature of Police charges seem dolus eventualis in their own right,’ discharging a firearm in a public place’in lieu of ‘trying to shoot someone’ absolute dolts.

  • cdnski12

    That’s a new one? A Swede involved in his GF falling from the traditional 8th Floor. He’s in a Thai Jail. Do Thai GF’s get sent to Jail; when their Swedish BF’s fall off an 8th Story Condo?

  • jason42175

    Either A, He dump her and she killed herself, because she does not to go back to the bar.

    Or B, he did it.

    Swedes are not really violent people and Asian women are more likely to kill themselves when they get dump.