Pattaya cancels International Fireworks Festival

The International Fireworks Festival was last held in 2015.
The International Fireworks Festival was last held in 2015.

This year’s Pattaya International Fireworks Festival is dead, a victim of government red tape.

City hall announced the cancellation of the Nov. 17-18 event – meant to be a highlight of Pattaya’s international fleet show – on Nov. 3, saying it was unable to get the Interior Ministry to approve its budget on time.

Pattaya has been under pressure from the central government to cut expenses ever since the terms of its elected leaders expired in 2015. The Office of the Auditor General accused the former administration of wasteful spending on a myriad of tourism-promotion events. Now city officials are sticking close the letter of the law.

The Interior Ministry requires that budgets allocated for projects not be more than 20% over initial estimates. It seems the fireworks festival ran over budget, requiring the ministry to sign off on an extension.

But the ministry works slowly and it soon became apparent to city hall that the wheels of government roll past Nov. 17, forcing the city to cancel.

  • Kim Jong un

    Humbug, pattaya is not the place for you if you like quiet

  • roskruge

    Wonderful news, for an environmentalist like me, it should be stopped full time not just this year. I believe it was the brain child of the publisher of the ‘Pattaya People’ circa 2009. A bad idea that should not have continued more then one year.

  • Joseph Devine

    I was disappointed to hear that the event was cancelled this year as I was really looking forward to seeing all the colorful displays! I’m also certain it will have a bit of a negative impact on Pattaya’s hotels as I know of at least 3 rooms for 3 nights that were cancelled as a result!

    • roskruge

      Benefits being less people having hearing problems in years to come, as a result of ear-drum damage. A few less chemicals going into Pattaya air.

  • Iznogood

    Very sad news, i got a friend coming in thailand specilaly for see it because its was the best event pattaya ever hosted and the 2 nights in the year that was making pattaya worthy of a visit…

    Its sad for me, but for him its a really bad news as its to late for him to change his plan.

  • cdnski12

    Agh … spoil sports! Phooey!!