Pattaya Beach goes ‘chair-free’ for 2 days

Beach chair vendors are now forced to take two days off a week during June and July while Jomtien and Pattaya beaches are given a face lift.
Beach chair vendors are now forced to take two days off a week during June and July while Jomtien and Pattaya beaches are given a face lift.

PATTAYA – Nature lovers rejoiced and beach umbrella lovers moaned after Pattaya imposed “chair-free Thursday” for the rest of June and July while Jomtien and Pattaya beaches are given a face lift.

Mayor Anan Charoenchasri announced the start of the new policy to clear Pattaya Beach of all chairs both Wednesday and Thursday starting June 21.

He said the two-day holiday will allow the city to level the beach and restore its surface for weekends.

Vendors are required to remove all their property Tuesday nights and not bring them back until Friday. There will be no more storing them under the trees.

Chairs, umbrellas and others will also be inspected regularly to meet the safety standards required.

Furthermore, officials decided that all beach vendors will have to draw a raffle ticket which to receive a number for a different location.

For Pattaya Beach, the raffle will take place on Aug. 2 while Jomtien Beach will draw on Aug. 9.

The drawing will take place once a year and ends the monopoly influential families have had on beach chair franchises. With more applicants than spaces available, it is inevitable some vendors who for years have operated on the beach will be shut out.

  • Jan Willem de Lindvanwijngaard

    Two more ridiculous ideas that nobody likes but nobody dares to protest. “Nature lovers rejoiced’??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA pls provide a source. Such nonsense. When they forced the beach chair operators to close on Wednesday, the excuse was they needed time to clean the beach each week. I have never seen them do that even once. The beach chair operators, in contrast, clean the beach every day. Two days empty will mean a filthier beach and even worse economy.

    The ‘lottery’ is weird. Many beach operators have a large following of steady customers who won’t be able to find them back.

    Why does this mayor keep providing radical solutions to problems that do not exist?

    • Graeme Brindley

      I agree with these measures. Restore the natural beach and bring in new and courteous chair vendors.

  • jaizan

    They are complete idiots. People are quite happy to have a gay section, a Russian section & so on.

    If they keep mixing everything up and closing the beach 2 days a week for no good reason, it will just drive tourists off to places like Vietnam & Cambodia.

  • cdnski12

    See Jan’s comments below. My sentiments exactly. Concentrate on eliminating sewer entering the seas around Pattaya & Jomtien. The Beach vendors do a pretty good job, as far as I can see. I am more concerned with the noisy party punks, using the new concrete sidewalks at nite, for their village parties, that they aren’t allowed in their villages. & apartments.

  • Ken Anderson

    Nature lovers on Pattaya beach!!!!
    The only wildlife you might see are rats.

  • rickbangkok

    How very inefficient when most beaches in the USA can do that overnight!! Once again, something done without thinking about who is paying for the goods and services. That seems to be habitual to almost every government on the planet, which has long forgotten or maybe never, ever learned that people who pay taxes pay their civil service salaries. I used to really enjoy my beach time in Thailand over and above any other locale for the past 20 years (5 years living in Bangkok). For the longest time I thought I would buy a condo at Hua Hin. Now, I find myself more and more in the Philippines with more welcoming by locals and lots less hassle in places like Boracay, Palawan, Tagaytay, and even Corregidor (a must see for Americans). By the way, I like it so much in the Philippines, I am buying a condo there in a new gated resort with golf course on the quiet side of the island and 5 minutes ride away from the walking street. Happy to tell you about it, [email protected]

  • Gert Ned

    Better go hunt for criminals! This mayor must be out of his mind! I will not come back to Jomtien! Next stop……Vietnam!

  • Marcin

    clean the beach put showers get rid of rats rubbish and the smell

  • Rob Gainley

    It looks as if the mayor is busting the city wide corruption by taking the paid cash from chair vendors out of corrupt city officials hands.