High season in full swing in Pattaya

Good weather in Pattaya and winter storms in Europe have meant busy days on local beaches and shopping malls.
Good weather in Pattaya and winter storms in Europe have meant busy days on local beaches and shopping malls.

It’s beginning to look a lot like high season.

Good weather in Pattaya and winter storms in Europe have meant busy days on local beaches and shopping malls, with big crowds at both places indicating the city is having a good high season so far.

Pattaya Beach was particularly busy Dec. 18 while Jomtien remained steady. Beach vendors were doing great business all around, with people preferring the shade of umbrellas and enjoying foot massages. Friends and families were everywhere and the sea was dotted with swimmers and jet skiers.

Of course, it’s Christmastime, so if Pattaya is going to be busy, it’s going to be in the latter half of December. Vendors and hoteliers can only hope the trend continues once 2018 has been rung in.

For now, people appear to be enjoying the festive season, with Pattaya’s bar and bistros decorated accordingly. The malls are busy as well, as people buy those last-minute items for Santa’s sack.

  • Barry Mitchell

    Scraping the bottom of the news barrel Pattaya Mail? Bit late this year for Santa’s sack I would say!

    • trevor

      they forgot to mention if barfines are up or down,what prices are the girls looking for s/t or l/t

  • Cynical Tourist

    That’s odd…… all my friends who live in Patts say it’s very quiet???! this is the first of many Christmas ‘no shows’ for me to with all the military rules that are being implemented only to drive tourist’s away, sad really 🙁

  • upena1


  • Robert

    I think it depends upon who your friends are “cynical tourist.” If you are 55 plus you do not really matter because you don’t spend money anyway. Today’s Road Report: 12/30/17 at 6:00 pm gridlock all over Pattaya. The town is filled with people who can afford to drive a car! They are all very happy and your addition or deletion from their company is of no importance at all to them. Hope you are enjoying the cold weather back home and that you spend your days awaiting your pension check whilst petting your pussy.

  • cdnski12

    Last time I was in Pattaya in 2015, I found the street food to be so pathetic, that I resorted to taking my own home made sandwiches to the beach. Only the main Jomtien Market had edible food. The Jomtien Big C food floor was garbage. I never even used up my food card, the food was so awful. A visit to Chiang Mai proved no better. The nite market had great food 2009-11. In 2015 i thought i was eating wet, warm paper!

    Yes the Russians flock to the Jomtien Nite Market and cart off tons of crappy food. Yes you can get a decent Thai Food Meal for $30 in a high end restaurant. But I can go to any Family Restaurant in America or any other western country and get a decent meal for the same price.

    The cost of golf has doubled from $50 to $100 USD for the typical golf bar trip to the local courses. I can golf for less at my local golf club, admittedly without the near useless caddy. I only ever had 3 good caddies in the hundreds of rounds of golf I`ve played in Thailand.

    Worst of all is the absolutely filthy seawater around Pattaya & Jomtien. Absolutely disgusting. I`m truly surprised the Local Municipal Govt & even the Cultural Elite don`t take this problem in hand and do something positive about it.

    I first went to Pattaya in 1972 with my bro, who was a CUSO Volunteer. He spoke very fluent Thai. The sea was clean & sparkling. There was only a few Beach Cottages & a few hundred Fishermen in 1972. Phuket was a 100 m fishing pier with 5 Chop Houses, a small Police station & a single Doctor Dental Clinic. Life evolves … but for the better.

    • Charles Baht Trump

      Your name and your whining implies you are Canadian as Canadians are known all over the world as cry babies expecially when TEAM USA kicks your azz in hockey like is happening at the moment in Buffalo , NY.

      With that being said, with Justin Trudeau running your banana replublic, I would suggest you fight your battles against tyranny at home, and let the rest of us enjoy Thailand, with all its faults.

      Canada is a banana republic. No comparison between Thailand and Marxist Canada.

  • Charles Baht Trump

    Even with the influx of half of India and 3/4’s of communist China, I must say I still love Thailand.