Property-deed mistake behind illegal excavation of Nong Plalai irrigation canal

Friday, 30 May 2014 From Issue Vol. XXII No. 22 By  Warunya Thongrod

A month after the president of the Nong Plalai Sub-district Council was caught digging up land surrounding a public irrigation canal for a plantation owner, Banglamung officials have determined the farmer’s property deed had mistakenly included public land.

District Chief Sakchai Taengho and Supatep Sukanjanaporn from S.R. Plantation visited the Banglamung Land Office May 21 to inspect property records for the 900-rai parcel in Moo 4. Senior surveyor Tawee Penhakan and land office official Anupol Khomkhai showed them that S.R.’s deed had indeed included public land.

Banglamung District Chief Sakchai Taengho (second left) instructs authorities to protect public property.Banglamung District Chief Sakchai Taengho (second left) instructs authorities to protect public property.

Aerial photographs from the Chonburi Land Office showed that the area where the S.R. Plantation was digging up soil was inside the boundaries of the canal.  Sakchai ordered the deed amended and Supatep said S.R. Plantation will compensate the district for the property damage done.

The episode began April 21 when Rongpoh villagers complained that someone was excavating the canal zone illegally. Sakchai arrived at the scene to find a truck and backhoe from a company called Jetsermzup, which is owned by Nong Plalai Sub-district Council President Banjet Thimthong.

The 51-year-old president said his firm was hired by S.R. Plantation to build a dam for farmers in the area.

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