Malaysian “Tom Kha”


This Malaysian soup is similar in some ways, but is not to be confused with the Thai Tom Kha Gai.  This Malaysian recipe calls for the coconut cream from the can, not the thinner coconut milk.  Secret is to open the can without shaking and gently pour off the milk, reserving the cream.  You can spice it up even a little more by increasing the chili paste, but first time, I would recommend leaving it at one teaspoon.  There are many Malaysian curry pastes which will do, Yeo’s mild Malaysian curry paste is very suitable for this recipe.

IngredientsServes 2-4
Chicken stock200 ml
Sliced skinless chicken breast fillet200 gm
Sliced onions2
Malaysian curry powder1 tspn
Chili paste1 tspn
Dried shrimp2 tspn
Coconut milk thick300 ml
Lemon juice2 tspn
Saltto taste

Cooking Method

Slice the chicken breast into thin strips and put aside.  In the wok put the chicken stock, sliced onions, curry powder, chili paste and dried shrimps.  Stir and boil for five minutes.  Now put in the coconut milk and the sliced chicken, stirring gently as the soup thickens.

Bring to the boil again, add the lemon juice and salt and serve immediately.