Kai Yat Sai


A simple dish that is traditionally Thai.  The filling can be chicken, pork or prawn, but chicken is my favorite and is the one presented here.

It is not a difficult dish to prepare, and my local stall makes it in under five minutes.

IngredientsServes 1-2
Chicken (minced)50 gm
Garlic (crushed)3 cloves
Shallots (chopped)2
Fish sauce1 tbspn
Soy sauce1 tbspn
Sugar1 tspn
Tomato ketchup3 tbspns
Olive oil2 tbspns

Cooking Method

In a wok put one tablespoon of oil and heat.  Beat the three eggs with the fish sauce and pour quickly into the hot pan, swirling the omelet mixture to produce a thin layer all over the pan.

In another pan (or wok) put in the remaining oil and heat quickly.  Add the crushed garlic then the chicken.  After one minute add the tomato and onion and the sugar and stir for another minute.  Finally mix in the tomato ketchup, the shallot and soy sauce.

Replace the first wok on a low heat and gently spoon the chicken mixture into the center of the omelet.  Fold over the edges to make a square parcel with the chicken mixture inside.  With an egg slice scoop it out of the pan, garnish with chopped coriander and serve immediately.