Thai poultry exporters could earn extra Bt10 billion


BANGKOK, April 5 – The European Union (EU) decision to lift its eight-year ban on imports of fresh chicken meat from Thailand effective July 1 will help Thai exporters earn an extra Bt10 billion in income this year, according to a senior Thai official.

Foreign Trade Department Deputy Director-General Surasak Riangkrul said on Thursday that the EU Commission will issue a regulation lifting the ban which will be officially published in its official journal soon.

The ban lifting resulted from Thailand’s stringent measures to contain any possible bird flu

outbreak, the senior official said. EU inspectors were also satisfied with Thailand’s improved labouratory system in 2001. Furthermore, no disease has been detected for more than three consecutive years.

Mr Surasak said poultry resumption is expected to increase an extra Bt10 billion annually as Thailand’s 92,610-tonnes annual quota granted in compensation by the EU under the World Trade Organisation (WTO) since 2007 which the country has not yet used as the export ban was in force.

The Foreign Trade Department will move ahead with its attempt to open Japanese and Korean markets as well as other markets for Thai poultry shipments to increase the country’s export volume, according to the department’s deputy director-general.

Agriculture Minister Theera Wongsamut said on Wednesday that Thailand is expected to export more than 50,000 tonnes of fresh chicken meat to the EU with shipments worth Bt4 billion.