Fisheries Department urges fishing businesses to register aliens by May


BANGKOK, 18 April 2014  – The Fisheries Department is urging fishing boat operators to register their foreign workers by the end of May.

Niwat Suthimichaikun, director-general of the Department of Fisheries, indicated that he had told the fisheries offices in all 22 coastal provinces to pro-actively publicize the invitation for fishing vessel operators and fisheries businesses to register their illegal alien workers at the Fisheries Department’s 7 labor coordination centers or at the Employment Department offices in the 22 coastal provinces. The Fisheries Department was also collaborating with other agencies to provide mobile registration units to help with registration of alien labor.

According to Mr. Niwat, the Cabinet made endorsement on August 6, 2013 for fisheries operators to register their labor twice a year – once during March and May and again during October and December.