Bean growing in Thailand declines sharply


BANGKOK, 25 August 2015 -The Department of Agriculture is promoting bean growing as more and more farmers have turned to other crops that yield higher returns.

According to the Department, soy beans, green beans and peanuts are important to the Thai economy. More than 3 million rais of farmlands that once were used to grow these beans are used to grow other types of crop this year.

The amount of soy beans produced annually is by far the lowest among commercial bean species. Only 200,000 rais are used by farmers to grow soybean, compared to 3 million rais used years before.

Many farmers have difficulties finding quality local bean seeds that they are forced to import them.

The Department of Agriculture has, therefore, sought cooperation from the Department of Agricultural Economics, the Department of Rice and Cooperative Promotion Department to quickly build a network of bean producers.

The Department of Agriculture expects the establishment of this network to encourage farmers to produce more beans.