Toyota top of the tree (again)


August 2012 statistics have been released for domestic vehicle sales in Thailand with a total of 129,509 units being sold, just slightly below the all-time record of the previous month (131,646 vehicles in July 2012).

Again, the performance of Toyota Thailand being the leader in both the pickup and passenger car segment is impressive and certainly inspiring for all competitors…

The largest year-on-year growth are recorded for Mazda (118 percent) and Suzuki (99 percent) with both firms doubling their performance as compared to the previous year.

In reality all growth figures in 2012 are heavily influenced by the exposure to the 2011 earthquake/tsunami and flooding disasters – it will be really interesting to see how these figures will look like 12 months from now, when the flood impacts have disappeared and we can see the true performance of the OEMs in Thailand.