Nitto 3K Retro series begins May 5 and 6 at Bira


The Retro Series for 2012 looks to be even more competitive as drivers can see that the Retro Series represents the most fun for the money, and remains one of the most affordable classes in racing.

Basically the cars have to be manufactured before 1985, and the classes are then divided on engine types (naturally aspirated or Turbo/supercharged).  The older styles of car feature less complicated engineering, making it possible for ‘home mechanics’ to prepare and maintain their racing cars.  Most of the cars also comply with road registration, so expensive trailers are not the norm, as most drivers simply drive to the circuit.

Securitas Retro Escort and B-Quik technician. Securitas Retro Escort and B-Quik technician.

There are many makes involved in the series, right from Porsche 944s, through to BMW E30’s, hordes of Toyota Corolla DX and many other Toyota types, a couple of Mk1 Ford Escorts and more.

Our Securitas Retro Escort Team which came third last year in the championships has had an upgraded engine for the 2012 season and is now being made race-ready.  It was taken to the B-Quik workshop to have the wheel alignment set on racing specifications, and they certainly were “quick”.  Thank you K. Mai and your technicians.