Mercedes comes up with a BMW M5 rival


Benz or Beemer top of the tree?

The next-generation BMW M5 has a turbocharged V8 and four-wheel-drive transmission, but now Mercedes-AMG has revealed the E63 S.

Benz E63 S.
Benz E63 S.

This new car has amazing specifications – a twin-turbocharged V8 and its established 4Matic AWD transmission, and the zero to 100 km/h time of 3.4 seconds. And this is a tin-top, not a race car!

With peak power and torque outputs of 450 kW and 850 Nm respectively, the new E63 S is the most powerful E-Class to date.

Mercedes has tailored the 4Matic+ transmission specifically for the newest E63 which is coupled to the company’s AMG Speedshift MCT automatic transmission, which has nine ratios and introduces an oil-immersed primary clutch.

Torque distribution to front and rear axles is described as “fully variable” which suggests power can be sent exclusively to either end depending on the circumstances and which of the various drive modes has been selected.

In addition to the more orthodox comfort and performance-focused modes, the new E63 introduces a Drift mode, which allocates all torque to just the rear axle for tyre-shredding burnouts and power oversteer. This of course is already available in the new Ford Focus with safety groups decrying this mode.

The new V8 has two twin-scroll turbos for improved response and reduced lag, while cylinder deactivation has boosted fuel efficiency.

There are body clues as to the differing E- Class models, with this top of the line having a wider track at the front (17 mm) on 20 inch wheels.