Is this the world’s ugliest new car?


The Citroen Tubik may just be the ugliest motor show concept ever designed.  Now while concept cars displayed at motor shows are usually stunning, Citroen has done what Citroen does best – produce something at the Frankfurt show that makes the viewer go OMG!

One overseas journalist described it as being like the misbegotten spawn of an affair between a piggy bank and a bread bin, while the Citroen Tubik on the other hand is described by Citroen as a “high-tech, high comfort, highly functional executive shuttle that is shared, intelligent, connected and eco friendly.”

Citroen hearse Citroen hearse

“More than a taxi, more flexible than a limousine and as much fun as a trip to beach.  Its flexible interiors means it can carry a group of people or a single person and their luggage; the seats can fold down as a bed or swing around for a meeting; entertainment units fold from the roof and privacy is guaranteed.”

Only Citroen could come up with this vehicle, which might make a great hearse, but you probably wouldn’t want to be seen dead in it.