That is the history, but what was the situation this year?


Not another bore-fest! Yes, another one. However at least Lance Stroll (Williams) livened up the first lap by crashing into another car. I suggest Daddy Stroll pays Williams F1 by the number of laps son Lance manages as this will keep expenses down. The other piece of excitement was the dolly girl whose job it was to look glam and wave the checkered flag at the end, forgetting what lap it was (or perhaps ran out of fingers) and waved the flag a lap too soon. And as this was Canada they even managed to get a sacrificial groundhog to commit hogicide on Romain Grosjean (Haas). Liberty Media is doing a great job of providing ‘entertainment’. Pity the racing is so poor.

In the procession itself (sorry ‘race’) Vettel (Ferrari) just ran away and hid. The gap between him and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) who finished in second, was managed by Vettel, who was not at all likely to lose that Number 1. And the finger made its presence again at the end.

Third was Verstappen (Red Bull) who was also unable to pass, just running in the high speed procession. However, he didn’t hit anything which is a great step forward for the young Dutchman.

Next car was his team mate, the Monaco Meister Daniel Ricciardo who actually passed fifth placed Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – but in the pits, not on the track.

Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) was another who found it impossible to pass and in reality just toured around.

Last point scorer was Charles Leclerc in the Sauber, who has impressed everyone in this his rookie season. Punching well above his weight and will be driving for Ferrari 2020. (You read it here first.)

Drivers and managers are already looking at who should go where in 2019/20. Here are some possibilities: Ricciardo to Mercedes, Bottas to Ferrari, Grosjean to his kitchen and another recipe book, Sirotkin to Haas, Alonso to America, Hulkenberg to the USA and Indy and Raikkonen to Renault. All those transfers are quite on the cards.

However, back to F1 reality 2018, the downhill trend will continue while Liberty Media continues to push the ‘entertainment wheel barrow. There are plenty of entertainments out there. There is only one F1.


1 S Vettel Ferrari

2 V Bottas Mercedes

3 M Verstappen Red Bull

4 D Ricciardo Red Bull

5 L Hamilton Mercedes

6 K Raikkonen Ferrari

7 N Hulkenberg Renault

8 C Sainz Renault

9 E Ocon Force India

10 C Leclerc Sauber

11 P Gasly Toro Rosso

12 R Grosjean Haas

13 K Magnussen Haas

14 S Perez Force India

15 M Ericsson Sauber

16 S Vandoorne McLaren

17 S Sirotkin Williams


F Alonso McLaren

L Stroll Williams Accident

B Hartley Toro Rosso Accident