Pattaya Mail celebrates 15th anniversary in style

Pattaya Mail celebrates 15th anniversary in style

Holy monks chant prayers and bless the staff and guests with holy water.

Executive Editor Dan Dorothy, Bernie Tuppin and Woody Underwood have fun going through the old issues of the Pattaya Mail.

Chanyuth Hengtrakul browses through all
the 781 copies of the Pattaya Mail at the exhibition corner.

The exhibitions receive extra attention during the celebration.

Tony Malhotra explains to mayor Itthiphol Kunplome
the 15 exciting front pages over the past 15 years.

In keeping with its position of being the first (and most awarded) English language newspaper for Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard, the 15th anniversary was celebrated in style, with representatives from all areas of Pattaya in attendance.
As befits any organization of standing in our community, the event which was held at the Pattaya Mail building began with religious devotions administered by nine monks.
Showing that the editorial staff in the early years had a long-term view (and confidence that the then fledgling venture would succeed) there were large folders with copies of the newspaper right from day one till today. Many people were seen looking for their favorite stories from previous editions, though it was somewhat sobering to read that eight years ago Pattaya was looking forward to the fact that the electric cables were to go underground. It seems that the moles went on strike as Pattaya is still waiting, but perhaps our new city administration will correct this.
The humor (and sometimes cynicism) which has been a part of Pattaya Mail reportage could be seen in one of the headlines from the year 2000 which ran “Dolphin seen again in Pattaya Bay” with the sub-head underneath “Unfortunately the dolphin was deceased!”
The event was also an opportunity for the public to meet with the editorial and support staff who make the newspaper a reality. Dan Dorothy, one of the ‘lifers’ in the organization was there all day, looking down on the crowd from his 6’5" lofty perch. It is Dan who makes all the various stories and columns into an understandable newspaper format. With his height, he is also very good at changing light bulbs.
Unfortunately, the acerbic Ms. Hillary had been caught in a Bangkok traffic jam and was in police custody for being in charge of an assault weapon (her umbrella) with which she was threatening other drivers in her haste and desire to be present at the 15th anniversary. Perhaps the management might consider keeping her in the building overnight next year?
With the Pattaya Mail having diversified in the decade and a half, representatives from the German language newspaper the Pattaya Blatt were also present, with Elfi Seitz, Peter Nordhuis and Michael Albers pleased to be under the Pattaya Mail umbrella (literally and metaphorically). The Chiang Mai Mail was also present, represented by Editor Phitsanu Thepthong and the electronic medium personnel from Pattaya Mail TV, led by the bilingual Paul Strachan (Scottish brogue and English).
“The crew” was also there, with the very hard working Primprao Somsri representing the entire staff, Martin Bilsborrow representing the sports department, and PM directors Tony, Prince and Dave Malhotra, the latter having done a great job setting up the Pattaya 15 years young exhibition and campaign.
With the Pattaya Mail being a voice of civic responsibilities, it was understandable that so many of our civic leaders attended, including Mayor Itthipol Khunplome, Pattaya Police Chief Nopadol Wongnom, and former Chonburi MP Chanyuth Hengtrakul. Others included Sutham Phantusak (Woodlands Resort) and Neera Sirisampan from the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, along with Amrik Singh Kalra, president of the Pattaya Thai-Indian Community and many, many others, as can be seen in the photos.
With the Pattaya Mail MD Peter Malhotra being the District Governor of Rotary International District 3340, it was also not surprising to see so many Rotarians in attendance; however, these were not just the local Rotarians, as some had come from as far away as Trad and Nakhon Ratchasima, just to lend their support.
The gathering did not go hungry either, with the catering being done by the Diana Inn, another long time supporter of the Pattaya Mail, and there were suitable libations for everyone. The Pattaya Mail’s Dining Out team rating the food as “Highly recommended”.
It was certainly the largest gathering ever at the Pattaya Mail building, both from the point of view of staff numbers and also that of the number of guests; however, when it is realized just how much good the Pattaya Mail has done for Pattaya, under the eye of Peter Malhotra, then the size of the gathering becomes understandable.
We now await the 16th anniversary, and hope it will be as much fun as the 15th.

Chamroon Witsawachaiyapan, Ronakit Ekasingh, Elfi Seitz, Amrik Singh Kalra, Tony Malhotra, Pratheep Malhotra, Itthipol Khunplome, Verawat Khakhay, Premrudee Jittiwuttikarn, Sittiparp Muangkoom, Sue Kukarja and Chutipon Kamolnath.

Maliwan Pengpitak, Vasinee Malhotra, Pratheep Malhotra,
 Itthipol Khunplome, Poramet Ngamphiches, Tony Malhotra and Richard Smith.

Ekasit Ngampiches, Dujduan Ruangwettiwong, Poramet Ngampiches,
 Santsak Ngampiches, Tony Malhotra, Elfi Seitz, Nittaya Patimasongkroh,
 Mailinee Suwansaenee and Supamas Chinworaratkanok.

Rotarians from near and far joined in the celebrations.

Pratheep Malhotra (center) receives a bouquet from President Linjong Wongchalermsuk (4th right) and the members of the Rotary Clubs of Trad and Muang Klung.

Janya  Rattanaliam, Pattaravadee Wangviriyaphan, Neil Maniquiz, Neera Sirisampan and
Dr. Iain Corness presented the Team Jacket to Pattaya Mail staff received by Tony Malhotra.

Poramet Ngampiches, Santsak Ngampiches, Pratheep Malhotra,
Chanyut Hengtrakul and Farook Wongborisut.

Rani Malhotra, Amrik Singh, Korn Kitcha Amorn, Primprao Somsri, Paa Chub and Bill Malhotra.

Elfi Seitz, Marianne Buesch-Biehl, Monika Podleska, Sue K, and Rani Malhotra.

Urit Nanthasurasak, Panote Kanawattanakul, Tony Malhotra,
Deputy Mayors Wutisak Rermkitkarn, Wattana Chantanawaranon and Ronakit Ekasingh.

Bunlue Kullawanich, Ronakit Ekasingh, Verawat Khakhay, Pratheep Malhotra and Poramet Ngamphiches.

Sermsak Sopanont, Dennis Stark,
Max Rommel and Richard Smith.

Pol Col Noppadol Wongnom superintendent
of Pattaya Police Station makes a personal donation to District Governor Pratheep Malhotra for use in children’s projects.

Amrik Singh Kalra was also seen at the party.

Amorn Kwatra congratulates Tony Malhotra.

Wanna Malhotra, Rungratree Thongsai and Amrik Singh Kalra.

Helmut Buchberger and Sue K.

Varassaya Phanthusak,
Tony Malhotra and Sue K.

Richard and Janet Smith

PDG. Premprecha Dibbayawan,
CEO of Swiss Siam.

Bernd Fischer, MD of Thai-matic

Chamroon Witsawachaiyapan, PBTA President.

Khun Somkiat on behalf of Ingo Raeuber, Pinnacle Hotels, Resort & Spas.

Wasana Sangkaew and Sumalee Sakunee on behalf of Soho Square Pattaya

Paa Chup of Rani’s Fashion.

Komsam Srisam, on behalf of Sopin Thappajug, Diana Group.

Pratheep Malhotra, Chanyuth Hengtrakul and Attasit Chuo Chu-chart, General Manager of Sophon Cable TV.

Somkit Tonsaiphet on behalf of Wannaporn Unchaleewiwat of The Zign Hotel.

Choosakdi Srivatjanapong,
Pattaya City council member.

Mongkhol Thamkittikhun, Banglamung District Officer

Thanet Supornsahatrangsee, Director Sunshine Hotels & Resort

Pittiwatt Pattanan, Marketing Communication Manager, Pattana Golf & Sports Resort

Niran Khossang, Trading Manager,
Barter Card Pattaya.

Congratulations from the Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya.

Pornpimon Geybui, PR officer,
The Montien Hotel Pattaya.

Vanjie Lauzon and Sivaporn Sonthisiri representing Chatchawal Supachayanont of Dusit Thani Pattaya.

Nadech Dhanarajata, executive asst manager and Panisha Meesap, Executive Secretary of Mercure Hotel Pattaya.

Ferenc Fricsay, Marlieze Fritz, Peter Malhotra and Stefan Ryser.

Congratulations from representative of Sanpech Supabowornsthian GM of Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa and Asst MD of The Zign Hotel.

The restaurant manager, on behalf of Rachain Kluanklard MD of The Balcony Restaurant.

Malcolm Scorer CEO of Watermark Capital Management and Jitra Wongjuan director of AA Insurance Brokers.

Ron Keeley, MD of The World
of Wine and his family.

Sunday D. Klinhom, Narisa Nitikarn representing the Amari Hotels and Resorts

Johanna Stetten, Personal Assistant to M.D. European Safety Concepts.

Chart Charoensuk, on behalf of Sommai Thipmanee MD of Banglamung Cable TV.

Representative of Chaiwat Charoensuk,
TAT Director Pattaya.

Chatuporn Tanurak and Apisada Unsuphan of BPH Beauty Center.

May-T Subsuk and Jitrlada Sermsuk of D&D House.

Alvi Sinthuvanik, MD of M.A. Language

Two beauties representing Toby Allen and Oakin Ployphicha, president of Pattaya Oasis Spa.

Wanwisa Khunfang, marketing manager, Central Center Pattaya on behalf of Kobchai Chirathivat, President & CEO
of Central Pattaya PCL.

Cees Cuijpers MD of Town & Country Property.

Rungtip Suksrikarn,
VP of Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya

Two beauties representing Rajneeporn Bishop, Director-Operation Eastern Seaboard of Raimon Land Plc.

Nawaporn Fuengfoo and Kanaporn Ngernjuetong on behalf of Jate Sopitpongstorn MD of Horseshoe Point.

Representative of Malai Buraphin,
 Fair Properties

Christina Tan, Ingo Raueber, Paul Strachan and Tony Malhotra relax after the celebrations.

Peter Malhotra and Dan Dorothy cut the cake to celebrate the 15th anniversary.

Chitra and Ranjith Chandrasiri with Simon Nathan and Choosakdi Srivatjanapong
from Royal Cliff Beach Resort.

Alisa and Sutham Phanthusak MD of Woodlands Hotel & Resort.

Sue Kukarja, Peter Beckel, Bill Malhotra, Tony Malhotra,
Wanna Malhotra and Natalie Beckel.

Vasinee, Marlowe, Tony and Malvinder Malhotra.

PP Kanchit Muckarakul and President Wiboon Rakthongsuk
with DG Pratheep Malhotra and Sue K.

Pravit Pukasem (right), VP & Manager, Bangkok Bank PLC, Pattaya Branch.

Asanee Intaring, Hans Van Steertegem
and Naritkorn Sampaoyont presented a huge anniversary cake to Tony Malhotra

Craig Turner and Steve Carleton of Alan Bolton Property Consultants were seen among
the guests enjoying the delicious meals catered by the Diana Group of hotels and resorts.

Pattaya Mail beauties, Tui, Meow, Fon and Kaew.

All the staff at the wrap up party.