By Peter Cummins
Although this story is prepared by myself, of course, I have drawn on the experiences and anecdotes of founder/managing director Peter Malhotra, the early staff and other sources.

Daniel M. Dorothy
Executive Editor

Hence the first person plural ‘we’ is really the voice of Peter and the earlier colleagues.
My joining the paper was as a ‘later edition (addition?) and it was via a much-repeated anecdote. There I was, a little old Tasmanian wandering along Beach Road, totally sober
- and it was already 10.30 a.m. I felt a light tap on my shoulder, looked around and straight up to the eyes of a lobster fisherman-turned-editor: Dan Dorothy.
“The boss wants to see you”, said Dan grinning – or should that be ‘grimacing?
Within the hour, I was aboard as the first-ever yachting correspondent.
On Sunday, 23 July, 2006, the Pattaya Mail celebrates its thirteenth anniversary - an incredible journey through a vastly-changed landscape, political and social environment..
By the time the first issue of the Mail hit the streets in 1993, Pattaya had already transmogrified from the former sleepy fishing village, to a dynamic tourist resort, capitalizing on the “Visit Thailand Year of 1987” - a record year for tourism in the Kingdom generally.

Now, on the eve of entering our fourteenth year of weekly productions, it is almost another world out there: as the city expands to the four cardinal points of the compass, the city-scape of the Pattaya-Jomtien area is unrecognizable from the days of yore and our beloved city-by-the-sea holds more than 200,000 residents in its thrall.
The Pattaya Mail has undoubtedly been the constant barometer measuring these phenomenal changes, some for the better; others for the worse. From our humble beginnings of 12 pages and a ‘skeleton’ staff, we have grown to a massive 60 pages (this special edition will hit 64), a staff of some 50, a German-language edition the Pattaya Blatt, launched on the 7th of July, 2002, the Chiangmai Mai”, started on the 26th of October that same year and, now, our own news, entertainment and public information service, the Pattaya Mail on Television broadcast on 4 cable stations across the eastern seaboard.
This new service - or, should that read “news service”? – combines with the Associated Press Television News, crossing a new frontier in TV broadcasting, not just in Pattaya-Jomtien and around the burgeoning Eastern Seaboard and Industrial Estates, but nation-wide.
As a relative new-comer (new kid on the block, syndrome), I entered the hallowed corridors of the Pattaya Mail and, since then, have been able to enjoy the company of some well-experienced, capable and qualified writers attached to their respective fields.
Reports on medicine, haute cuisine, photography, the social and crime scene, environment, Formula One motor racing, tourism, charity, sports, economics and finance are all rendered by professionals in their genre.
Their lucid writings and musings have not only benefited our ever-increasing readership but, I too, entered a learning curve, still learning - and still curving!!

Thus, from the fateful day, some seven years ago, when I was ‘”press-ganged” on Pattaya Beach Road, to join the Mail, I was ushered into the productive, precise and pulsating life of a living organ: the Pattaya Mail, the voice of the people, voted again this year for the eighth time, as the best English Language newspaper in the East - or, to say it more succinctly “The Best in the East”.
It has been, for me personally, working with these great, dedicated colleagues and, of course, the man who made it all happen, whose initials will be carried into perpetuity in the Pattaya Mail– Pratheep (Peter) Malhotra. - an intimate journey into a city and way of life that would otherwise have left me as simply a spectator.
For the years that I have been photographing and featuring snippets of the life which make Pattaya so fascinating., I cannot recall one wasted moment.
In The Beginnings
As the idea of an English-language newspaper began to come into focus, we rented an office on Soi Diana next to the Cafe Kronborg and began to hire a team. An editor was brought aboard; unfortunately, he missed the first issue, so another editor came - one who was to shape and mold ideas, concepts and reports, into an actual newspaper.
A small sales staff was assembled, a photographer brought in (one with BBC credentials), a sports reporter hired, two Thai reporters joined and slowly the Pattaya Mail began to materialize.
Those first few months were anything but successful and if it had not been for the determination and downright stubbornness of the small but resourceful team, Pattaya Mail would not have lasted until Christmas, six months hence.
The offices upstairs occasionally looked more like the mayhem after a bar-room brawl rather than ‘business discussions’, as differing ideas and strong personalities clashed. The most often question asked during the first, defining months was, “Will there be an issue next week?”
But the idea apparently was a good one, for once the first few issues were out on the streets, there was no turning back. Causes were fought for and boundaries pushed, sometimes too far, but the news began to emerge.
And to our collective surprise, the reading public began to snap up our seven baht, 16 color pages of local news, sports and features. Before long it even started to become fun to put our little newspaper together.
Over the first few months, we changed from full color to spot color, to all black & white and back to spot color. We were proud when we were able to produce 20 pages and keep it there. The “will there be an issue next week?” question died out. Advertising sales began to pick up, and we were on our way.
The staff became regular employees and was expanded – a small but efficient production department was put together to help the overworked editor who, in the early days gathered in the news, sports and features from the various contributors (including Thai news being translated into English by a German), assembled it, designed the newspaper and laid out the pages, plus designed most of the artwork for the advertising.
He eventually burned out and left after a little over three years and his demise is reproduced hereunder. He now lives happily in Nakhorn Si Nowhere, far away from the trials and tribulations of mankind’s often-futile endeavours.
There was an army of skeptics and doubters who never thought we would last out a month – let alone a year. Where are they now, thirteen years down the line? With the introduction of our home page to the Internet in 1996, Pattaya Mail took your voice to the world. The Mailbag overflows with letters from the Americas, Asia, the Pacific region, Australasia and Europe, proving that we have indeed grown into a global market.

The Pattaya Mail Story Continues
On the occasion of our fifth anniversary in 1998, Chuck Pringle, the newspaper’s editor from day one, saw it this way, “Five years on; there were many who, when they saw the first issue of the Mail five years ago, were convinced that it would not last a year”

Perhaps, not surprisingly, there were some who still said something similar on our first anniversary - and even - but not so vociferously - on our second. By the third year, the doubters were drowning in our torrent of information
But like any pre-pubescent, the Pattaya Mail was not without its growing pains. In fact, several times it looked as if it would be still-born, with the conceptual editorial staff themselves not even making it to the first issue!
Founder, publisher and owner, Pratheep (Peter) Malhotra recalled those painful early days. “In 1991, I realized that Pattaya needed a ‘voice’ to protect ourselves (Pattaya City) from adverse publicity. I decided we needed a ‘proper newspaper’ in English since the national dailies were not serving the needs of Pattaya. In fact, in many cases it seemed they did not care about Pattaya, or that we were just too small to worry about.”
Application was made for the Official License to publish a newspaper, but that took almost two years to come through. By 1993, however, Peter was given the green light to go ahead and publish the first English language newspaper on the Eastern Seaboard.

Those pre-production days included settling on the name for the paper and the design for the “mast-head” at the top. The font used to proclaim Pattaya Mail is as original as the paper itself, “It was designed by a local artist who made up t-shirts,” Peter recalled, smiling. “Although it may look similar to other fonts, it truly is unique. Such was the spirit as the pace continued and the date was set to publish Volume 1, Number1.
In the two weeks that it took to produce that first issue, Chuck Pringle had filled the gap as Editor and a young American, Dan Dorothy, had been asked to step in to cover the Sports Writer’s position, as the original writer had been posted overseas.
An even younger Austrian, Andy Gombaez, who was on his way to Hollywood to be a cartoonist, stumbled into the artist’s job after a conversation with the company driver! That the first issue, dated 23rd July 1993, ever made the streets, is a miracle in itself.

Dr. Iain Corness

Three weeks later, to coincide with H.M. the Queen’s Birthday, the second issue came out, and then it became weekly thereafter. Chuck did admit “that amazingly, every week there was a Pattaya Mail. Sometimes a day late, but it DID come out!”
Dan Dorothy remembers on occasion asking Chuck as he brought in his sports articles, “Do you think you’ll still be needing anything next week?” Of course, he did and, of course, Dan kept producing.
The early editions were actually printed in Bangkok, as there were no local printers then able to handle the job. Andy Gombaez’ memories of those early days included “catching the bus to Bangkok to take the art-work to the printers. This was sometimes after working all night.”
Chuck, too, remembers “18-hour days, day after day, problems with egocentric journalistic and inexperienced clerical staff, the nervous wait for the paper to arrive - hoping there were not too many mistakes this time. Not to forget the spats amongst the management and editorial staff, caused by the pressure under which both were working.”
Andy put it very succinctly, “They were tense times and we had apologies every Tuesday!” (This was the day after the paper went to the printers.)”

Martin Bilsborrow

However, Chuck still smiles and says, “Now, with the healing passage of time, we can look back and laugh at some of our agonies. But of this we can be proud, we maintained our stance and told the truth.”
There were times when that became very difficult. Pressure was brought to bear by corrupt policemen, influential persons upon whose toes we had stepped, disgruntled local politicians whose inefficiency or wrong doings we exposed, but we followed the principle of that great publisher Randolph Hearst whose immortal tenet was ‘Publish and be damned.’”
Peter Malhotra added, “that it was not just the power-brokers who were occasionally upset. For example, in 1995, after publishing stories on the local ‘mafia’, I was the victim of a serious assault and battery attack. The Pattaya Mail had enough growing pains without giving me physical pains as well, Peter surmised at the time.”
Peter’s cousin and erstwhile crime reporter, Amorn Malhotra said at the time, “Pattaya had gone from being the ‘Wild-West of the East’, to becoming a city with a semblance of order. The Pattaya Mail helped that progression, by working hard to instill and promote some discipline.”

Mike Franklin

Chuck Pringle agreed whole-heartedly: “We can also be proud that our aims were achieved. Campaigns initiated and/or supported by us, bore fruit and gradually Pattaya changed and the perception of Pattaya, in the eyes of the world, also changed.” But the rapid change brought its own price and, eventually the weekly workload became too much for Chuck.

This precipitated the next major change in the paper. Dan Dorothy dropped his copy in one evening to be met by Peter saying, “Hey Dan, do you want to be the Editor?” Dan agreed he would try it for two weeks. That was seven years ago and Dan’s philosophy is that “There’s no paper like us in the world. It is unique in the fact that it is all locally written but with international appeal. We are not restricted like the ‘big boys’. We are restricted only by our conscience.”
Under Dan’s most able stewardship, the Pattaya Mail has grown and gained a large following and readership along the Eastern Seaboard. Dan feels that the paper has the potential to expand beyond our borders, by attracting good writers admitting, however, that some of the old ‘ad hoc’ methods are still with the paper.
Dan quotes an example of a true ‘hands-on’ approach when there was a change made to the masthead. Dan described Peter sitting in a bar, chopping up the masthead and sticking the words down on bits of paper to take to the printers that evening. The pioneering spirit is certainly not dead!
That spirit is, in many ways, the act of commitment by the staff to the paper and its ideals.
As Dan says it “the opportunity the staff have been given here is such that it breeds loyalty, adding with his infectious grin: “After all, I’m a lobster fisherman from Harpswell, Maine - where else could I be an Editor?”
Where else indeed?” Perhaps one could add to this, certainly in Dan’s case: Talent triumphed. Rather than hauling in lobsters in those inhospitable climes of the north eastern United States, he was casting for linguistic purity. Why, he even caught a Tasmanian on Beach Road one day and this Antipodean ‘fish’ is still very much a dedicated Mail writer/photographer.
Peter Malhotra summed up the progress rather succinctly, “Dan has overseen growth and consolidation which has continued through to today. Our priority of presenting readable editorial material has helped maintain the quality of the paper. It has been my pleasure to be at the helm of this newspaper, only made possible by the support all our staff have given us over the years. We all look forward to many more”, said Peter, adding, “even our septuagenarian Tasmanian”.
The final quote came from ex-Editor Chuck Pringle, “Our commitment remains. The whole truth, and by publishing this, to increase the awareness of Pattayans and visitors alike to the fact that we have a precious jewel here and we must guard and nurture it.”
That was how we saw our seventh birthday in 2000, with a huge party at the Dusit Resort. Now six years later, the Pattaya Mail continues to grow - both in actual number of pages and in its content. Executive Editor Dan Dorothy keeps an almost-avuncular eye over the entire paper every week, while trying to keep the sometimes unruly band of writers - both local and expats - under linguistic control. Faces change, but the concepts and the principles remain the same.

Signs Of The Times
Or, should that read “the time of the signs? “U-Tapao Airport to go commercial in 18 months”. So said the front page of the first issue of Pattaya Mail back on July 23rd, 1993. It’s hard to believe that 13 years have passed since that day and, even this week as we see the ubiquitous signs for the Pattaya marathon, we are reminded that its been thirteen years since that first issue hit the streets.
Some may remember that the Pattaya Marathon was a “Roaring Success” when Nicodemus Ongeri from Kenya crossed the finish line first after a grueling run of 42.2 km.”. It appeared also on the front page story from our first edition, noting also that the event 2 years ago was named the “Pattaya Queen’s Cup Marathon”, in honour of HM the Queen’s sixth-cycle, 72nd birthday - fully covered by our pages.
Our most prolific contributor, Dr Iain Corness writes and provides photographs for so many columns on which he has great expertise that we almost need another newspaper. For example, Formula One and auto news, photography, medicine, restaurants, F&B: you name it; Doc has done it - even skydiving. He has a huge following, as one would expect from such a broad approach.
Meantime, back to the founder: “After having seen all these messages flooding in, congratulating the Pattaya Mail on our 10th anniversary, from so many friends and fans, not to mention articles by our very own writers, I didn’t feel like I needed to say anything at all. Rather, I said to Dan our Executive Editor on that occasion: “You guys are saying it all, I have nothing else to add.” (This writer’s aside: I doubt, that, Peter!)
The stories of the early days, throughout the years, have been told over and over again, but they are very fond memories. Sometimes just reminiscing them had us in fits of laughter and more than once, close to tears. Each and every one of us has recollections of the times and life of the Mail and our own individual experience therein.

Thirteen Years of Civic Dedication

Some have been with us from the very beginning like Dan Dorothy, who is now our fearless editor. Fearless in a sense that he has never ever let the company down. I remember Dan saying to me a long, long time ago. ‘Peter, you gave me a job as the editor and by golly I am going to do that job to the best of my ability. If we don’t see eye-to-eye sometimes we’ll talk about it and we’ll find a way to come to an understanding. If ever I am not able to fulfill my responsibilities, I’ll quit’
As Peter Malhotra said, “These words of Dan have been embedded in my brain ever since and I repeat them constantly, with all my staff, old and new, instilling into them the ethics of responsibility and integrity.”
“I have so many close friends in the Pattaya Mail. Not even for one moment have I ever considered them other than being part of my family. We have worked closely together through thick and thin, helping each other along the way. Now, my two elder sons Prince and Tony are integrated into the management of our Pattaya Mail empire”, Peter continued.
The helm of this undertaking has taught me to persevere and keep trying, never give up! The Pattaya Mail has given me the greatest opportunity to meet people from all echelons of society and many walks of life. My job has taken me to many places where I experienced the pain of people suffering, anything from hunger to sickness, to injustices caused by other human beings. The Pattaya Mail has been my vehicle to reach out and give any assistance that we possibly can. How would I have been able to do that if it wasn’t for Pattaya Mail.

Pattaya Mail does business with the highest levels of integrity and honesty. We assist those that need our help when they are starting up new businesses, rarely worrying if, in fact, we would be repaid financially or rewarded socially. We believe in keeping the economy rolling. Let the people have an opportunity to trade their unwanted articles through the pages of our paper. This will in turn encourage others to do the same. The economy thrives.

The Pattaya Mail is always at the forefront when it comes to serving the community, in any way or form. Our newspaper is made available, to be of use if it can help in any way, directly or indirectly to alleviate the hardships of others. This has been one of my greatest satisfactions. This is what keeps me going.
The success of the Pattaya Mai”, of course, bred contempt, competitors, imitators and detractors. In spite of this, however, we are, by far, the leader in readership, sales, distribution and circulation (over 500 outlets in Pattaya and the eastern seaboard). Pattaya Mail is available in Bangkok, Chiangmai, Samui and Hua Hin. On top of that our readership on the web numbers hundreds of thousands.
There are so many facets to life in Pattaya, and the Pattaya Mail touches them all at some stage. The news sections inform the readership just what is going on, both from the municipal point of view, with our editors being invited for information sharing sessions with City Hall; The police news reports on some of the more nefarious members of the community; the enlarged sporting section covers the local sports; the Mail Market has 16 broad based sections with items for sale, jobs, business opportunities, real estate and more, covering a dozen pages or more each week.
Automobiles, films, TV and book reviews are there too, and not downloads from the Internet, but reports of what is happening right here in Pattaya.

With an English language newspaper, there are also international reports covering the English-speaking world from films, entertainment and sports. International news is directed straight to the editorial news desk from the prestigious Associated Press, with the Pattaya Mail being a major conduit for transmitting this information throughout the Kingdom.
As Bureau Chief Denis Gray, a long-time colleague of several of us at the Mail, said it at the signing of the agreement on 23 November, 2001: “The Associated Press has been around since 1848 and has enjoyed a very strong presence in Bangkok for decades. But, it was not until we signed a contract (with the Pattaya Mail”) did the world’s largest news organization enjoy full exposure in Thailand’s provincial areas”, said Denis. “That day we were proud to offer our news and photo services to this key and expanding news outlet on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard”, Denis added.
Peter says, “As the newspaper embarks on its fourteenth year of publication, the staff has expanded too, with some of the accredited experts in their field writing for the newspaper. For example, Peter Cummins has been the only Thai-based yachting correspondent ever sponsored to cover the America’s Cup Challenge Round finals in New Zealand in May, 2000 and the Olympic and ParaOlympics at Sydney also in 2000.” He has written prolifically through the pages of the Mail numerous stories about the Royal Family, the King as a Gold-medal helmsman, birthday specials for Their Majesties on the occasion of their respective sixth-cycle birthdays (HM the King on 5 December, 1999 and HM the Queen on 12 August, 2004. Published by the Pattaya Mail, these publications have been distributed to the Palace, the international media, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Thai Government and Thai nationals resident abroad, through the diplomatic service. Copies have also been registered with the United Nations.”

Experts like our own Dr. Iain Corness, write for the publication of medical matters, and experienced doctors and psychologists inform the readers every week of happenings in their fields, financial consultants help you keep your money, a restaurateur’s reviews showing the places to dine.
Even Pattaya’s most famous (and most quoted) Agony Aunt Ms. Hillary is there with her inimitable advice for the lovelorn.

And Into The Future
With many service clubs and charities in Pattaya, the Pattaya Mail covers them all, not just with a photo of an event, but with real positive assistance and promotion where needed. The charities know that even after 13 years they still have a true friend and ally in the Pattaya Mail. Just ask the people who have benefited from the Jesters Children’s Charity Fair or the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta.
However, one important – and ever-expanding - aspect of the Pattaya Mail has been its unwavering promotion of Pattaya and its tourist opportunities to the world. In 2006, the 67th Skal World Congress, one of the largest tourism professionals group in the world is being held here. The Mail began lobbying for this event more than four years ago and was present at the world congress in Australia when the vote was taken, helping make Pattaya the most popular proposed venue for 2006.
Just last year, the Mail was a semi-finalist in the prestigious Australian Thai Chamber of Commerce’s Business Awards 2005.

The Pattaya Mail really IS Pattaya. Now here for 13 years, and the best is yet to come! Our vast readership knows that this weekly publication will continue to report honestly, with sensitivity, and uphold its responsibilities of teaching and inspiration for the years to come.

This, then, is an overview of the life and times of our Pattaya Mail and more importantly, the dedicated crew who have ‘manned the ship’ kept her afloat and tacked, when directed by the skipper, into the innumerable wind-shifts driving her towards shoals.
One of the most significant contributions the newspaper has made over these 13 years, is environment protection, be it the natural ecology or the social milieu: events like the annual Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta fulfill both of these ideals. While a yacht race is the most environmentally-friendly pursuit, giving great exposure to Pattaya’s beautiful shore-lines, beaches and water-ways, the proceeds which emanate from this nature-loving past-time go directly to helping those denizens whom Nature has not blessed: the disadvantaged, the abandoned and the forgotten of our people, especially the young and the old.
Many of these dispossessed segments of our society have felt the warm embrace of the Pattaya Mail munificence: Father Ray’ Orphanage, the Redemptorist School for the Blind, the Old Age People’s home, scholarships for underprivileged children. The list is endless; the need is great.
The Pattaya Mail is here to help physically and indirectly by bringing the plight of all our fellow human beings to the attention of the world-at-large.

The Pattaya Sports Club is very pleased to offer congratulations to the Pattaya Mail on the occasion of its 13th anniversary.
For these many years it has been a great pleasure to have the full editorial support of the Pattaya Mail for the many sporting and charity activities the Pattaya Sports Club is constantly engaged in.
The membership of the Pattaya Sports Club sincerely wishes the Pattaya Mail many more years of community support for which it is truly noted.
With appreciation,
Gerry Carpenter
Pattaya Sport Club

I might be new to the business, having joined just two years ago, but I’m not new to this city. I was born here and over the past 20 years I have seen great economic, social and structural development. The Pattaya Mail has been an exciting venture, right at the forefront of change, ever since my beloved father, Peter, began publishing what has since become a household name along the Eastern Seaboard, thirteen years ago. It was also (and perhaps inevitably) Peter’s vision, which led to Pattaya Mail on TV, which is constantly setting new standards in innovation and production. The Media company is another logical and natural progression, and the Pattaya Mail ’s continued growth reflects the booming economy of ‘fun’ city and our responsibility towards it. Peter’s dedication and vision (I promise you he works 24/7) and the contributions of everyone in the family, have brought us to where we are today; at the cutting edge of news reporting and feature writing, locally and regionally and in association with AP, globally.
We have built our reputation with care and respect; it is the same genuine regard for people that Peter and all the company members show to each other. On a personal note, I am grateful and excited at becoming Editor, proud to take on greater responsibility, as we chart a course towards continued growth and success in our fourteenth year and beyond. Sometimes, the waters can be rough, occasionally the winds of fortune may threaten to blow us off course, but we will not be deterred. Embarking on a venture such as the Pattaya Mail is a great odyssey and we have an extraordinarily talented and dedicated team, working around the clock to bring the best of the East and the best of the rest, to your front door.
May all our geese lay golden eggs as we work and play together towards a brighter tomorrow.
Thanks for reading, thanks for watching.
Kamolthep ‘Prince’ Malhotra,
General Manager and Editor

The Paper That Never Sleeps
It has been a consummate privilege to be a member of the Pattaya Mail family for the past two years. On the occasion of the Mail’s thirteenth birthday, my wife and I are only too delighted to offer our heartfelt congratulations.
Andrew writes: These are exciting times. The Pattaya Mail is in the vanguard of embracing a future overflowing with possibilities. In the five years since we came to live in Thailand, there has been a massive economic resurgence along the Eastern Seaboard. Consumer confidence is back to stay, and it appears to me that an institution like the Pattaya Mail (and we think of it as an institution!) has had a lot to do with it. To us, a newspaper is the voice of a people, bringing hope, humour and the vision of better times when the world seems a darker place, and celebrating successes, sharing good fortune and forging ahead with imagination, compassion and creativity when times are good. The Pattaya Mail is the light, and there are many very good reasons why the Mail remains the undisputed leader in regional news coverage. Having travelled and worked across the globe over the past twenty years, we remember very well the sensation we felt on becoming involved with the newspaper. “At last”, we agreed, “an organisation of integrity, strength of character and purpose”.
“Learn to Live to Learn” was a great way to bring important educational issues, so often left untouched, into the public domain. The positive response to the column was both overwhelming and humbling and I am delighted that it’s going to be returning soon. Television has been a natural and hugely enjoyable progression and being part of a PMTV team with outstanding technical expertise combined with an unceasing imaginative and creative soul has been simply fantastic. Making “Perspectives” and “Beyond the Beach” has been and continues to be, great fun. Thanks to the very many people who make life at the Mail such a profound pleasure. I am deeply grateful.
Sharona writes: “A Female Perspective” is great fun to write, and whilst it pokes quite a lot of fun at the male half of my marriage in particular, I hope that the column serves an important function.
There is a strong sense of the pioneer in us and both my husband and me feel a strong sense of commitment to social justice. So I very much enjoy writing about a subject which allows me to combine both of these passions. I hope you enjoy reading the column as much as I enjoy writing it! It has definitely enriched my life and I hope it has helped a few people along the way.
We would both like to thank the ‘Captain of the Ship’ Peter Malhotra, who has been an inspiring and often hilarious presence. He is a genuinely paternal figure to us; loving, caring, encouraging, cajoling. He has shown us great loyalty, demonstrated great faith and the very least we can do is to repay him in kind as we aspire to match his levels of ambition and dedication. Thanks also to the people for whom the paper exists – you, the reader. Your encouragement, feedback, criticism and complaints have all been very welcome. Thank you!
The next year promises much. Continued expansion will bring new opportunities. The Pattaya Mail’s sense of unity, purpose and its unstinting commitment to celebrating all that is positive in this buzzing city, sets the moral tone for the region and we are proud to be a part of it. Happy 13th Birthday, to the paper that never sleeps!
Sharona and Andrew Watson

Thirteen done and
year fourteen underway

Superstitious or not, celebrating ‘Thirteen’ for a year is hardly necessary as July 23rd 2006 initiates the fourteenth year of publishing Pattaya Mail, the City’s first English language newspaper.
Tuesday is ‘Holy Day’, or Press Day, and the day when sixty pages are put to bed for the week.
So, unless you have an amazing ‘Scoop’ to file, or need to change a potentially libelous piece of copy, don’t even think about calling Peter Malhotra while he co-ordinates mayhem in the editorial control tower.
“From little acorns, large Oaks do grow”, and that saying is never more true than in the case of Pattaya Mail and Pattaya Mail Publishing, with Pattaya Blatt and Chiangmai Mail and many print publications. But not only the press, as Pattaya Mail Television broadcasts daily now on four cable networks covering Pattaya, Chonburi, Jomtien and Sattahip with, no doubt, more coverage to come.
However, covering the Eastern Seaboard is just the tip of the iceberg as the Internet has made Pattaya Mail an international publication, available worldwide as the weekly line-in to Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard for the many regular visitors to Thailand.
The Internet has greatly simplified the whole process of media communication and provided the means to easily research virtually any event or topic, in preparation for filing a press report or preparing a feature to present on television.
Contributing voluntarily as a ‘special correspondent’ to Pattaya Mail Publishing and PMTV, primarily in the areas of golf and charity work, I continue to be impressed by the ease of communication with the Pattaya Mail editorial and PMTV production departments. Simply due to the willing cooperation that is always forthcoming.
Finally, congratulations to Peter Malhotra for another year of Pattaya Mail success and expansion. As the energetic head of the Pattaya Mail ‘family’ and the team leader he continues, somehow, to make it all happen.
I am pleased to be named as part of that team.
Mike Franklin

Congratulations - Pattaya Mail

Pattaya Mail plays a major role in providing news coverage to tourists and foreign residents of Pattaya. On the occasion of your 13th anniversary and as the paper steps into its 14th year, I hope Pattaya Mail continues with its excellent reporting and always remains a part of our city.
Niran Wattanasartsathorn
Mayor of Pattaya City

Congratulations on your 13 years of unbiased reporting and social commentary. It has been a pleasure to see the Pattaya Mail go from strength to strength, here’s looking forward to the next 13 years and beyond.
All the very best
Alan Bolton
Managing Director
Alan Bolton Property Consultants

Congratulations for bringing us the news for the past six years that I’ve been here and what a quality paper for the East Coast of Thailand.
Andrew Khoo
General Manager
Hard Rock Hotel

Heartfelt “Happy Birthday” to your fantastic newspaper. A sincere “Thank You” to you and your team for keeping us informed, promoting Pattaya in such a professional way, enabling us to get more and more visitors.
Hans H. Spoerri
Vice President
Siam City Hotels & Resorts

May I offer you my heartiest congratulations on achieving this remarkable milestone in your company’s history, on behalf of the entire team here at the Chaophya Park Hotel.
Your publication goes from strength to strength and has become the ‘must read’ publication of choice for anyone that is interested in the happenings within the city and for anyone interested in the well being of this remarkable city.
Pattaya the Village; Pattaya the mini-Metropolis; Pattaya the Resort; Pattaya doing Business; Pattaya at Play and Pattaya being Sociable - every journalistic aspect of this wonderful city is covered professionally, without bias and most importantly in the world of publishing...ALWAYS on time.
Congratulations once again and may you continue to gain strength and repute for many, many more years to come.
Andrew J Wood
Skål International Councillor-Thailand
General Manager
Chaophya Park Hotel & Resorts, Thailand

Time always flies when you are having fun. It’s hard to believe that 13 action packed years have passed since you first started reporting on the dynamic and ever changing commercial and social landscape that is Pattaya and the East. Swiss International Air Lines sends hearty congratulations to you for your diligence and enthusiasm in presenting the news in such an agreeably digestible fashion. We also thank you for providing a robust and flexible platform for our commercial messages to the travelling public who continue to respond to our offers in encouraging numbers. We look forward to reading the Pattaya Mail and working with you all in the years ahead and in doing so we wish you “ Many Happy Returns.” Birthdays that is, not unsold newspapers. Ha Ha and Cheers.
With best regards,
Brian Sinclair-Thompson
General Manager for Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam
Swiss International Air Lines

I congratulate the Pattaya Mail on their thirteenth anniversary. The Pattaya Mail provides outstanding, professional, top quality news services.  The management and staff have always been strong supporters of charitable and service organizations in the Pattaya community.  I look forward to reading the Pattaya Mail each week and watching PM-TV to learn about important happenings and positive news about the Eastern Seaboard.  Congratulations to Peter Malhotra and his team; as it says at the top of page one of every Pattaya Mail , you truly are the “Best in the East”.
Best regards,
Bruce Hoppe
Vice President of Asia Operations
Emerson Climate Technologies

Congratulations Big Mama! 13 years is a tender age for a Big Mama. Well - in years Pattaya Mail just became a teenager - in reality it is our Big Mama, our supporter and our idol. Pattaya Blatt likes to congratulate Pattaya Mail on its 13th anniversary and hopes it can be still under its wings for a long time to come.
Congratulations to Peter Malhotra and his “gang”, the best ever and to which we are happy and proud to be part of.
Elfi Seitz
Executive Editor
Pattaya Blatt

We couldn’t be happier about our cooperation with the Pattaya Mail.  From the start it has been far more than just a straight commercial relationship.  The Mail staff, some of them our friends now, couldn’t be more helpful - like when we need an urgent photo from Pattaya way.  And we love to see our stories, especially the features, in your newspaper - they are always given a great, professional display.  Congratulations on your first 13 years.  Hail the Mail! 
Denis Gray
Chief of Bureau
The Associated Press, Bangkok.

13 Years and Still Going Strong! Congratulations from all at Symphony Restaurant.
Hugh Millar
Your excellent newspaper is like wine: the older, the better! Congratulation and best wishes for your 13th anniversary! On behalf of Rotary and of the Rotary Club Pattaya Marina, I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all the support you give to Rotary since the beginning. Keep on doing your good job! 
Yours in Rotary
Dr Olivier Meyer
President Rotary Club Pattaya Marina (2006-07)

On this 13th Anniversary of Pattaya Mail - my congratulations.  A growing town like Pattaya now approaching a small vibrant city needs a good paper.  Pattaya Mail backed up by the foresight, imagination and determination of Khun Peter and his team has done a fine job representing Pattaya. As the quality of Pattaya Mail continues to improve I can say quite confidently that the sky is the limit.
Dr. Sunya Viravaidya
Pattaya International Hospital
PIC Group

Happy Birthday to Pattaya Mail and congratulations to Peter Malhotra and all the fine people there. For me, and as I believe, for most of my friends and guests Pattaya Mail is an indispensable resource of information, communication within the community and entertainment - week after week, year after year. Thanks for your excellent work; wishing you what you deserve ‘The Best of the Best…’ 
Jo Stetten
Art Café Pattaya

Pattaya Mail provides news, political and tourism coverage to foreigners and plays a very valuable role in our city. Congratulations on your anniversary. I sincerely hope that Pattaya Mail always remains a part of Pattaya. Thank you.
Idsarin Boriboonnakom
Member of Pattaya City Council

Congratulations to Pattaya Mail on your 13th anniversary. Your dedication to the newspaper business and more especially for the well being of the community throughout the years is most commendable. Keep up the good work.
Kannikar & Ib Ottesen
Residence Gardens & Jomtien Boathouse

Pinnacle Jomtien Resort & Spa is delighted to congratulate Pattaya Mail Publishing Co. Ltd. on its 13th anniversary and gives you 13 reasons why the paper has established itself as the leading media along the Eastern Seaboard: P-eter is Great, A-adorable News team, T-remendously experienced Reporters, T-imely Distribution, A-lways up-to-date, Y-et so old, yet so young, A-stonishing insight in stories. M-asterpieces of editorials, A-vailable in more than 500 outlets locally and through the worldwide Web, I-ndependant news coverage, L-engthy coverage of local and international news, 1-a news reports, 3-different publications, all based on the initial success of Pattaya Mail . 
All the best for the future to come
Ingo G. Raeuber
Director of Operations
Pinnacle Hotels, Resorts & Spas 

We hope fate continues to smile upon Pattaya Mail during your 13th birthday celebrations! Happy Birthday, and many more of them. It seems extraordinary that the 13th anniversary is here already. We have followed you from day one. May you continue along your successful and greatly respected path.
You are doing a wonderful job in presenting all aspects of Pattaya to the public, both local and overseas. In doing so you have made many friends and supporters, and we are sure that, like us, they are cheering you on during this anniversary time. The very best of luck to you now and always.
13 is lucky for some! Pattaya Mail especially, although the luck has no doubt been worked for every day of the past 13 years. We wish you more and more success, and even more!
Ken Barrett

Congratulations on the 13th Anniversary of the Pattaya Mail newspaper. What a tremendous milestone. Your paper is truly the BEST one in Pattaya.  It is informative and up to date with current happenings around the Eastern Seaboard and the world.  I enjoy reading the paper when I am in Pattaya and also when I am in the United States.  I access the website to stay informed while I am away.  Also, congratulations on the high quality content of Pattaya Mail on TV. Your multi-media company is truly “The Best of the East”.
Best regards,
Judy Hoppe
PP Jomtien Pattaya Rotary
Secretary Pattaya International Ladies Club

On behalf or the Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive, we would like to congratulate all of you at the Pattaya Mail on the occasion of your 13th anniversary. We thank you profusely for all your support, service and extensive exposure over the years through your newspaper, television channel and printing company. We would not have been nearly as successful in raising so much money for the kids without your irreplaceable help. We wish everyone at the Pattaya Mail all the best and continued success for evermore.
Lewis Underwood
Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive 2006

Thirteen long years ago Pattaya Mail was born and, with the untiring efforts of its proprietor, Peter Malhotra and his team, it dragged its way up, kicking and screaming, from obscurity to become the award winning local newspaper it is today.
I had the privilege of assisting at the birth as its first news editor…hectic and fraught days (and nights), which, in memory, were some of the most interesting (in the Confucian sense) of my life.
Now with a competent and sometimes inspired team producing the paper and its sister, the Chiangmai Mail every week, it is a force to be reckoned with.
Long may you continue, Pattaya Mail, as a source of good, unbiased local news.
Chuck Pringle
Ban Bon Doi

Congratulations on the 13th Anniversary of the Pattaya Mail.
It has always been a pleasure to read your publication, which I find interesting, informative and full of snippets on Pattaya Life.
The community services you perform are also a reflection of your sense of corporate responsibility, an area frequently overlooked in the quest for financial success.
I wish you many more years of continuing success
Kind regards 
Liam Ayudhkij
Liam’s Gallery and CEO of Property Care Services Thailand Limited

Congratulations on your 13th Anniversary, it has been a pleasure working together so far and I am sure that it will continue to be so for many, many more years. May it be a Lucky Number 13.
Tim Rawlinson
Kilkenny Irish Pub

The Pattaya Mail has been the driving force of community information in Pattaya since day one and is still leading the way!! Also the sincere and scientific ways you tackle sensitive local matters without for publicity’s sake turning reports into potential bombs has impressed me over the years. Always looking forward to the next issue...keep it up!!
Louis Noll
Mata Hari Restaurant

In my role as a member of Pattaya City Council and chairman of the Tourism and Sports Committee, I deem Pattaya Mail a media worthy of full support. As the newspaper completes its 13th year and enters its 14th, I wish it continued development and longevity. Pattaya Mail provides coverage and reading enjoyment to the general public, especially the young and foreigners who live and work in Pattaya. Thank you for doing such good work.
Pisai Panomwan na Ayuthya
Member of Pattaya City Council
The Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard likes to express its gratitude to Pattaya Mail for all the coverage and support we received since our club was founded. On your 13th anniversary we wish you all the best and many more years of great success.
In Rotary
Marliese Fritz
President 2006/2007

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya I would like to congratulate the Pattaya Mail on the auspicious occasion of Thirteen Years providing news and information to the residents of Pattaya and worldwide.
The Pattaya Mail has always supported Rotary in all projects and has fund raised millions of Baht in the past for Community Projects throughout Thailand. In particular The PC Classic raises funds every year to help disabled, flood victims, tsunami aid and many more. I have seen the Pattaya Mail go from strength to strength over the years and is still gaining media awards. I look forward to many more years of good honest constructive reading.
Max Rommel
President 2006-07
Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya 

On behalf of the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital - International Marketing Communication Division we would like to extend our congratulations to Pattaya Mail’s 13th anniversary, we also would like to extend our sincere appreciation for all the valuable support that was given for the past 13 years. We are wishing you all the best for more fruitful years to come.
Neil Maniquiz
Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

It is easy to be in the media business just to report news. However, what you and Pattaya Mail have done for the city is exceptional. You are the voice of Pattaya and the rightful representative of Pattaya to serve the expatriate community here. As a Thai resident in Pattaya, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Pattaya Mail for your outstanding contribution to the local community. Congratulations!
Paisan Bundityanond
Rabbit Resort

May you continue to report wisely, be read widely, and enjoy prosperity for always. Congratulations on your 13th anniversary.
Panote Kanawattanakul
Member of Pattaya City Council


We would like to congratulate Pattaya Mail on its 13th Anniversary. A great media, helping to improve our living standards through the good and difficult times. All our compliments and best wishes to the Pattaya Mail for the future.
Pascal and Kim Schnyder
Casa Pascal Restaurant

The Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC) established in 1990, has long had an association with Pattaya Mail, ever since you established the paper in 1993. Over the past 13 years, “PM” have run countless announcements for coffee mornings and luncheons on our behalf, run our articles, helped with the publishing of our monthly newsletters, and otherwise supported us unstintingly in our social and welfare projects and events around the community.
All the members of the present PILC would like to join together to say a great big “CONGRATULATIONS” on the occasion of the Pattaya Mail’s 13th anniversary, to Peter Malhotra and his team. Thank you all very much indeed, and here’s to the next 30 from all of us!
Gillian Thom
Pattaya International Ladies Club

It is my distinct pleasure to congratulate Pattaya Mail on the thirteen anniversary which falls on July 23, 2006. It is the result of the hard work of hundreds of staff and volunteers who have dedicated themselves to make Pattaya Mail what it is today. Let me also congratulate Khun Pratheep Malhotra who has given his heart and soul to lead Pattaya Mail then Pattaya Blatt and Chiangmai Mail to be recognized among the people in the Eastern provinces, the Northern provinces of Thailand and World wide. Wishing you many more anniversaries to come. 
Xanxai Visitkul
Past District Governor
District 3350 Rotary International

As Pattaya Mail enters its 14th year, may I wish management, reporters and employees continuing success and prosperity. May Pattaya Mail always remain part of Pattaya.
Sittiphap Munongkhum
Pattaya District Chief

On behalf of the Chonburi Juvenile and Family Court and Diana Group, we would like to say “Happy Birthday” to Pattaya Mail and wish you great success in the years to come.
Sophin Thappajug.
Managing Director
Diana Group

Just a short note to thank you and all the staff at Pattaya Mail for the excellent newspaper covering every thing in our little city. On behalf of Nova Group I would like to express our delight with the good response we receive from our advertisements in your paper and you can be sure we will support you in the future.
Sincerely Yours
Rony Fineman
Nova Group

In Europe they claim that 13 is not a lucky number, but I don’t agree to that in your case!
All of us here at the Eastern Seaboard and beyond, have been very fortunate to have the Pattaya Mail around for the past 13 years.
You keep us informed as to what is happening in our community and your efforts are highly appreciated. We look forward to the continuation of this excellent newspaper.
Rene Pisters
GM Thai Garden Hotel

With modern communications, sources of news and information through the Internet and e-mail may seem to be adequate and efficient, but the public still cannot forsake their search of knowledge of newspapers. This is because the newspapers are there all the time and you can access them tangibly without having to use any equipment.
However, bad newspapers are a waste of time. Lucky enough for foreigners in Pattaya, since it is essential for them to look for correct and verified sources of information in English, they have Pattaya Mail, an English newspaper serving the community for the past 13 years.
Congratulations for your great achievement and I hope that you will stand firm, taking no sides and serve the benefits of the readers, both Thai and Farang, forever.
Premprecha Dibbayawan
Past District Governor
District 3340 Rotary International
Jural Law Office

My sincere congratulations on the auspicious occasion of Pattaya Mail’s 13th Anniversary. To have witnessed Pattaya Mail’s growth over the years with its very impressive and dedicated commitment to Pattaya City’s community, it is today, without hesitation, a valuable partner of the city’s positive development.
I am very confident that Pattaya Mail newspaper will maintain its analysis of the local news and continue being the best selling newspaper in the East.
In this upcoming 13th Anniversary, may God bless the management and staff of Pattaya Mail with happiness and prosperity.
Sutham Phanthusak
Managing Director
Tiffany’s Show Pattaya Co., Ltd.
Woodlands Hotel & Resort Co., Ltd.

Pattaya Mail is about to enter its 14th year, and as Pattaya’s first English language newspaper it recently acquired a German sister publication. I have to say that the management has great developmental skills that have resulted in the newspaper growing and evolving, and continually providing interesting coverage. I hope Pattaya Mail continues to prosper and to benefit visitors and residents alike.
Verawat Khakhay
Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City

Eastern Seaboard without Pattaya Mail is like a Dinner without friends. We expatriates don’t lack on information but we need the right information for business and life in Thailand. This and much more is provided by “PM” which means Pattaya Mail and also as a brand name for Peter Malhotra.
I wish all the best on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of Pattaya Mail and every success in the future.
Walter Kretschmar
Managing Director TGI-ITS

On the occasion of the 13th anniversary of Pattaya Mail and as the newspaper enters its 14th year, on behalf of Pattaya City Council I would like to extend our praise and thanks. Pattaya Mail is a newspaper that all foreigners in Pattaya, whether they are tourists or residents, read to keep them up to date on local happenings. As a mirror reflecting the development of Pattaya it does so in an honest and just manner, and it is my hope that Pattaya Mail continues to preserve these standards.
Wattana Chantanawaranon
Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City

Associated Press (AP) Television News congratulates Pattaya Mail on its 13th Anniversary, and is proud to support its community television service. AP Television News supplies international news to over 500 broadcasters worldwide, however we are particularly proud of our relationship with Pattaya Mail TV. We commend your vision of giving audiences an international perspective, whilst ensuring your news content stays relevant to the interests of the people of Pattaya. Best wishes on your 13th Anniversary,
YK Chan,
Regional Executive
AP Television News (Asia)

Pattaya Mail was the city’s first English language newspaper, and now it is entering its 14th year with a sound reputation and solid readership. I hope the newspaper continues to grow with the city of Pattaya, and I wish all Pattaya Mail employees health, wealth and happiness.
Wuttisak Rermkijakarn
Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City

Hello! We, Redemptorist school students are grateful for the opportunity to say ‘Happy 13th Birthday’ to Pattaya Mail. We wish Pattaya Mail continues to give us quality and informative news. We are looking forward for Pattaya Mail’s production in the following years. We all congratulate you, Pattaya Mail.
Redemptorist School
For Pattaya Mail’s 13th birthday, we hope Pattaya Mail carries on giving quality information to people and keeps growing together with Pattaya city forever from students at Redemptorist school for the blind.
Redemptorist School for the blind
On behalf of the Father Ray Foundation, we would like to congratulate Pattaya Mail for going into their 14th year of business. We would like to thank them for their contributions for the Father Ray Foundation over the years and we wish them many more years of success.
Street Kids Home

Congratulations on the 13th anniversary of Pattaya Mail and every success to you in your 14th year. I wish happiness, good fortune and success to everyone working on the newspaper.
Pol Lt Col Somchai Phongsai
Traffic Inspector at Pattaya Police Station

Congratulations and best wishes to everyone at Pattaya Mail on celebrating your 13th anniversary. May you continue to succeed, and may you always be part of Pattaya City.
Pol Capt Chirawat Sukontasaph
Deputy Inspector of Pattaya Tourist Police
All the best to everyone at Pattaya Mail on your 13th anniversary and the beginning of your 14th year. I hope Pattaya Mail continues to be the best media in the Eastern Part of Thailand for many years to come.
Thanet Supornsaharungsi
Congratulations Pattaya Mail on your 13th anniversary! I hope every step you take will get better and better, and that you are able to maintain the quality of your newspaper. Finally, I hope and believe that Pattaya Mail will bring all the news, with quality, to the people of Pattaya City and world wide forever. Thank you.
Poramet Ngampichet

Pattaya Immigration, with its direct responsibilities concerning foreigners in Pattaya City, appreciates that Pattaya Mail is invaluable reading for foreign visitors and residents alike. Congratulations on your anniversary and coming 14th year. I wish you even more success for the future in carrying on your vital work of keeping overseas visitors advised of movements and events in and around Pattaya.
Pol Col Ittipol Ittisarnronnachai
Superintendent at Pattaya Immigration

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the past 13 years of fine journalism and exemplary commitment in community service. The growth and success of our city is largely dependent on having bighearted and fine citizens like you, and we recognize the contribution you make in helping maintain Pattaya City an enjoyable place that it is today. We hope that you will remain a good friend and partner of Dusit Resort, Pattaya for the many years to come and we offer our congratulations on your 13th anniversary.
Chatchawal Supachayanont
General Manager Dusit Resort, Pattaya

Hello Pattaya Mail! Congratulations! It is the best newspaper in town and always has been the best, and I hope that it will be the best forever. Stay with us here in Pattaya, and happy birthday!
Amorn Malhotra
Manager of Thoss Co Ltd
I hope that Pattaya Mail remains a part of Pattaya and continues with its English language reporting for many more years. Thank you for producing such a fine newspaper.
Ekasit Ngampichet
General secretary, Pattaya City Council
Pattaya Mail is the kind of newspaper an international city needs, giving news, views and entertainment in true English-language newspaper style. I believe this is an excellent medium for all visitors and residents, and the team does an exceptionally good job in reporting and presenting life in our city. Congratulations to Peter Malhotra and everyone on Pattaya Mail, and all prosperity and happiness to you.
Ronakit Ekasingh
Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City
On behalf of Pattaya City Council, I wish Pattaya Mail well. This was Pattaya’s first English language newspaper and the management and staff are to be congratulated on their 13th anniversary. I hope Pattaya Mail continues with its high quality reporting and tourism information for many, many more years to come.
Rattanachai Suttidechanai
Member of Pattaya City Council
From the Fountain of Life, I would like to wish Pattaya Mail blessings and happiness as they start into their 14th year and we thank them for the coverage that they have given to the works of Jesters and to the works that Jesters have done for the Fountain of Life.
Sister Joan
Fountain of Life
On behalf of everyone here at YWCA, I would like to sincerely congratulate you on the 13th years anniversary of the first English language newspaper in Pattaya City. Pattaya Mail newspaper has contributed so much for the Pattaya community and the Eastern Seaboard. I must say that I am not surprised to see you come this far through the great teamwork and friendliness of your organization. Wishing you the best, and more happiness.
Nitaya Patimasongkroh
Chairwoman of YWCA Bangkok-Pattaya Center
Pan Pan sends all good wishes to everyone at Pattaya Mail for its 14th year, and we congratulate you on your progress and in supplying Pattaya residents with such a good and satisfying read every week.
Pornchai Somsee of Pan Pan restaurant, Jomtien
All of us at Ban Jing Jai, children and officers alike, join in congratulating you at Pattaya Mail for all the work you do for society, and our thoughts and thanks go to you. We wish Pattaya Mail prosperity, and more and more success. Happy birthday, Pattaya Mail.
Ban Jing Jai