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Congratulations Pattaya Mail!

Khao Kheow Open Zoo - a fun place to spend a day

The New Bangkok Guide: Bigger And Better

El Coyote opens with howling success

Congratulations Pattaya Mail!

Michael Goetz, executive manager of the Amari Orchid Resort (center) and Pennapa Panupintu executive secretary (left) came by to wish the Pattaya Mail a happy 10th anniversary. They were received by Peter Malhotra (2nd left), Primprao Somsri (2nd right) and Marlowe Malhotra (right), chairman of the Pattaya Mail and MD of Massic Travel.

Fair Properties sent a beautiful bouquet to our offices to wish us a Happy Birthday.

Joe, Johanna and Sarah Stetten with little Isabelle came by to wish us a Happy Birthday too. Peter (l) and Prince (r) were on hand to receive.

Michael Six and Sompong Huankamnert, owners of Den Herberqh Food & Drink, wish the Pattaya Mail prosperity and good luck for years to come. Shown here, Sompong presenting a bouquet of flowers to Tony Malhotra.

Bert Elson
Congratulations to the Pattaya Mail on achieving your 10th Anniversary. Many thanks for your informative, interesting, and very often amusing stories. Also, thank you for the many charity events that you do for the community, Happy Birthday.

Ray Matti
Happy Birthday Pattaya Mail and I’ll see you still in the next ten years!


Patrick Stahl
I’ve been here more than 10 years and actually watched Pattaya Mail grow into an amazing paper. Thank you for all of your support towards the community and thank you for starting the newspaper to help create a better Pattaya. I wish you all the best.

Graham Macdonald
Congratulations on your 10th birthday and thank you for all of your support for the British Chamber of Commerce, Care for Kids, and the Panthers, and here is to many more years, well done.


Kim Fletcher
Happy Birthday Pattaya Mail! I first met Peter, the owner of Pattaya Mail, over ten years ago when I was living in Bangkok. At the bar Peter said that one-day he would go to Pattaya and start an English speaking newspaper. While everyone found him a dreamer, my deepest concern was that I would be losing one of my best customers. I knew he could do it. The only way of getting my best customer back was to actually move down to Pattaya myself and here I am. Peter, congratulations on the Pattaya Mail and long may you survive. Cheers!

Bruce Hoppe
On behalf of Copeland Corporation I’d like to congratulate Pattaya Mail on their 10th Anniversary. I’ve been here almost 2 in a half years and Pattaya Mail is the first newspaper that I purchased. I found that it is a good newspaper with the best source of news available in Pattaya and is published by people with especially high integrity. Over the years I have gotten to know Peter, Sue and the rest of the staff and they are great people to know and work with.

Janine Tillmans
On behalf of the Thai Garden Resort I’d like to congratulate Pattaya Mail on its 10th Anniversary. Thank you very much for working together with us and we enjoy our close association with you. Also, thank you for promoting our Moon River Pub in the Pattaya Mail.

Michael Goetz
On behalf on the entire Amari Orchid Resort I’d like to say Happy Birthday to Pattaya Mail and all the best for your future and for your strong support over the past ten years. Thank you and Happy Birthday.

Judy Hoppe
On behalf of Jomtien Pattaya Rotary I’d like to wish Pattaya Mail a 10th Happy Anniversary. Just about every week I found an article related to the Rotary or various events in the community. It’s one of the best newspapers in any hometown including Thailand and the United States. I’m very proud to be a part of this community and to get to know the talented people who operate the Pattaya Mail. It’s one of the best sources of information about the area and I hope they continue throughout the next 10 years and probably the next 100 years.

Pat Burbridge
Happy Birthday Pattaya Mail, my have you grown. I’ve known your creator before you have been born and I’ve watched your growth over the past ten years and I’d like to congratulate Peter and the entire staff of Pattaya Mail and wish you many more happy returns.

Phil Dunn
Happy Birthday PM! Thank you for your support in the Rugby games and the reports in the paper. Pattaya Mail is a fantastic paper!


Khao Kheow Open Zoo - a fun place to spend a day

Lesley Warner

If you are looking for a really great place to go for the day, whether you’re taking visitor’s from overseas or just want a day out with the family, as an option, it’s difficult to beat Khao Kheow Open Zoo at Sriracha. It’s easy to find, simply drive on the by-pass or Sukhumvit Road towards Bangkok - various zoo signs are clearly posted and the zoo is accessible from both roads.

The massive aviary dome.

Once there, you can choose to walk, if you’re feeling fit, or drive around the massive grounds, and there are plenty of watering holes along the way. If you do choose to walk you can do it in stages, parking in one of the many car parks provided at each point where there are some exotic animals to view.

There is a wide selection of animals and the environment is very original and excellently presented, making it a pleasure to tour the park.

A beautiful setting.

There is one large compound where you will find several giraffes. I really felt as if I was on the plains watching the animals in their natural environment. They are not shy and happy to come and look at you as you look at them from one of the many vantage points. I could have spent hours just sitting there relaxing, waiting to take photos, the giraffes especially are hilarious whilst trying to eat the leaves, as they always seem to want those just out of reach.

The massive aviary dome can be an excellent challenge to climb around. There are a lot of very steep steps; hopeless for the disabled or pushchairs and believe me, I say from experience that it is not great for the generally unfit.

Don’t forget your swimsuit.

There is an area in the zoo where the children can feed the animals, the deer in the park are tame, and the children were having fun feeding them while the parents relaxed eating their picnic foods. Watch out for the monkeys on the loose in the car park, I kept well out of their way!

As we wandered we heard a strange calling noise echoing through the trees and followed it into a beautiful cool shady area with wooden bridges over the water and thick foliage all around. It turned out the noise was coming from a hippo that was calling for his wife. We discovered that the wife had just given birth, but the baby was too young for us to meet.

The bridges are situated over the water enabling ample opportunity to witness the way the hippo acted underwater I found it undoubtedly educational.

Aren’t I beautiful?

There were several very large rhino and one had taken a disliking to a pipe running through his pen and was making a determined effort to yank it out. I was very glad to be on my side of the fence because he was a bad tempered male!

Don’t forget to find the white tigers which are gorgeous and my favorite. They certainly appeared to enjoy being the center of attention, almost posing for the photos.

An angry rhino.

I think it’s the best open zoo I have ever visited and I have ‘done’ zoos all over the world. You will need a whole day to be sure not to miss anything. There is also a great natural swimming area where the children were having a great time jumping off the rocks into the water, so don’t forget to take your swimsuit.

How long will it be before I’m as tall as you?

The zoo also offers a night safari so that you can walk along the trails or even go by tram. It’s a unique experience and one to be recommended.

For more information tel. 038 331 485 or fax: 038 330 759.

The New Bangkok Guide: Bigger And Better

story and photos by Peter Cummins

No one could believe it! Two years had passed so quickly, since the launching of the 30th edition of the “Bangkok Guide” in 2001; no one, that is, except, perhaps, the hard working, diligent and erudite volunteers of the Australian-New Zealand Women’s Group (ANZWG). In preparing this new issue, they had laboured through every one of the 380 pages, mountains of photographs, illustrations and charts, checked every reference and telephone number. They were present in full-force, as midwives when the new baby was born recently at the Pan Pacific Hotel: the “Bangkok Guide 2003-2004”, the 31st edition of the publication.

The cover of the new Guide.

The launch of the 30th edition in 2001 was celebrated with a 1960s theme party. This time, the clever organizers simply said: “Dress: for a night out”. And that left a lot to the imagination, ranging from tee-shirts, shorts and sneakers to extremely elegant formal wear - dinner suits and evening gowns. It depended upon what one considered a “night out” and with whom.

As a sailor, I am rather partial to ‘launchings’. However, this one was exceptional. A splendid spread of delicacies, canapes and hors d’oeuvres, a liberal flow of drinks and conversation and a very professional presentation of the new Guide and the ladies who made it, ensured the success of the evening.

Eckie the Clown and his “explosive squeeze-box”.

Australian Ambassador H.E. Miles Kupa, Their Excellencies Alan Williams and Peter Rider, outgoing and incoming NZ Ambassadors, respectively, accompanied by their spouses, added to the genial ambience which always permeates a gathering of Antipodeans - anywhere, for whatever purpose.

Eckie the Clown was there in top form, with an ‘explosive’ unveiling of the Guide and ‘rocking’ on his mono-cycle to the sounds of the 60s and 70s roaring off the stage.

“With each edition, the Bangkok Guide grows,” said the project co-ordinator Karen Gray at the launch. “It increases in size, in calibre, in the quality of the information it contains, and in its sales.” It is so successful, she added, “because over the years it has become so valuable to so many.”

A bevy of beauties grace the evening.

The Guide is, above all, practical and purports to share with its vast readership, the collective local knowledge, experience and wisdom of the many Bangkok foreign residents who have contributed insights on all aspects of living and working in the “City of Angels”.

“The 2003/2004 edition is different in every way to any Guide we have produced before. The content is clearer, more diverse and will appeal to a greater audience,” Karen added.

Australian Ambassador H.E. Miles Kupa adds a ‘presence’ to the evening.

The group president, Christina Minamizawa noted that, “This is another momentous occasion for our group. Thank you all for coming together to celebrate the release of the best Bangkok Guide that we have ever produced.”

When I first arrived in Bangkok some three decades ago, the first “Guide” was issued: a bunch of A-3 size sheets of paper stapled together and passed around at coffee mornings. Now, this indispensable tome, weighing in at some 60 pages bigger than the last edition, is packed with every possible piece of information that new arrivals - and even seasoned expatriate warriors of the ways and wiles of the metropolis - could ever need for daily living in Bangkok - and elsewhere in the Kingdom.

A happy group enjoying the show.

The Bangkok Guide is compiled by volunteers and the cost of advertising pays for the production, thus releasing revenue from sales to be distributed by ANZWG directly to charities benefiting Thai women and children.

Of course, especially interesting to the women-folk - and not a few men, I might add - is the section on ‘Shopping’ which this time includes factory outlets, fairs and sales, a list of open markets and the new shopping centres and malls in Bangkok. It covers some safety issues when buying toys and paraphernalia for infants.

It lists the best places to buy wine and ranks the IT shopping areas such as Pantip Plaza and Fortune Town.

There is valuable information on leisure activities and sports, education, health and medical care, restaurants, embassies, airlines, local and foreign banks, real estate agents, relocation services and domestic staff.

The Guide also includes a telephone and “Survival Thai” directory of all the numbers which appear throughout the book.

Of course, it would not be replete without the 2003 edition of Nancy Chandler’s Map of Bangkok - markets and more.

Here are some random questions selected out which the Guide answers:

What are the emergency phone numbers for the major hospitals and ambulance services, clinics and the blood transfusion service, or police who speak English, French or German? Is there anywhere in Bangkok to buy reasonably-priced maternity clothes? How difficult is it to obtain a Thai driver’s licence? Would you need one? Where can they be obtained? What happens if you forget to pay the electricity or phone bills? Who do you contact for re-connection? Can an accompanying spouse, with no work permit, open a local bank account? Ever been lost in Bangkok? What’s the number of the Directory Assistance Service which provides location details and directions in English? What should you be forewarned about when apartment hunting in Bangkok? Where’s the best place to buy a mobile phone? Because it is much faster to go around the city by the Skytrain (elevated railway) - even with a stroller - the listings of hotels, restaurants and shops indicate which station is nearest.

The new Guide has been eagerly anticipated by a large cross-section of the community, both from the public and private sectors. It is mandatory reading for new-comers who seek “The essential guide to living in Bangkok”, longer term residents and, even, the street-wise denizens of Bangkok’s wherefores.

It is superb value at just 795 baht, available now at all Asia Books stores, Kinokuniya Books and Villa Markets. All proceeds from sales will be donated to various charities dedicated to the welfare of disadvantaged Thai women and children.

For any further information on the new Guide or the Australian-New Zealand Women’s Group, contact the web-site: www.bangkokguideonline.com or Kayyla Sheridan, e-mail: [email protected] or tel. 02 662 1718.

El Coyote opens with howling success

by Brendan Richards

The latest venue to meet, eat and greet friends in Pattaya and Jomtien, the El Coyote Yacht Club and Mariners Rest held their official grand opening last Saturday evening. Almost 300 people joined in the fun and games as the newest kid on the block turned on the hospitality for guests and VIP’s.

Vicky Newman and Ronna Joy Besa hangin’ out near the bar.

The brainchild of Joshua Fiore, managing director of PMCI and Phil Macdonald, director of finance for the company was to open a place for their corporate clients. However, as the idea grew and became reality, El Coyote was born, providing Mexican style food and serviced apartments at reasonable prices.

The opening night was a festive event with MC and marketing director David Smith running the show on stage with a distinct charitable theme, with proceeds going to the Jesters Care for Kids Program. David and Phil’s plan was to help the cause by allowing donors to hand over small amounts of funds on a monthly basis rather than with a lump sum, and idea that has proven very successful.

Dae, volunteer collector for Pledge for Kids on the opening night, was pleased as punch to win a bottle of champagne in the raffle draw.

The omnipresent mayor of Pattaya, Pairat Suthithamrongsawat, carried out the official duties by opening a bottle of champagne. A Mexican style buffet was laid out on the tables while the band; ‘Twin Sound’ played tunes for the evening.

The Fountain of Life was featured throughout the evening with the Sister’s partaking in the food and fun, taking a breaking from their day-to-day obligations of caring for over 170 children.

Mayor Pairat Suthithamrongsawat does his Schumacher imitation by opening the champagne and spraying everyone in firing range, thereby declaring the El Coyote Yacht Club and Mariners Rest officially open.

The Jester was close at hand to spice up the evening with a great sense of humor while loud Harley Davidson motorcycles received and presented this year’s new pledges for the Care for Kids, totaling 130,000 baht.

A fun evening was had by all and it’s only the beginning of El Coyote, Mue Buenos Se๑or...

Woody (right) accepts his pledge on behalf of TQ from VIP guest RTN. Capt. Prajit Boonyaniyom, director of Intelligence Naval Area Command.
Phillip Macdonald (left), director of Finance for PMCI accepts the pledge on behalf of the staff from Peter Malhotra, Pattaya Mail MD.
Chris Thompson presents Som with her new pledge pack for the following year.
‘Twins’? David Smith, MC for the night and director of marketing chats with Joshua Fiore, MD of PMCI, owners of El Coyote Yacht Club and Mariners Rest.
David ran the show from stage through the night.
The perfect photo ‘op’. (L-R) Lewis ‘Woody’ Underwood, president of Jesters, David Smith, Joshua Fiore, Peter Malhotra, MD of Pattaya Mail, Ranee Schweizer and Peter Cummins.
Best of Buds hangin’ out, Bill, Kevin and Earl were seen enjoying a night out.
Everyone ‘dug’ into the Mexican style buffet, and there was plenty of food on offer!
Pat, June and Janine present flowers to Pakawdee ‘Daeng’ Kanson, media liaison manager for El Coyote before switching into party mode.
The bar was the best place to be at the grand opening. (L-R) Clayton, John, Stuart, Kevin and Mo had the right idea, get in early!
Plenty of people enjoyed a social night out.

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