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Yorkies for a British Breakfast

Yorkies for a British Breakfast

The Brits love their breakfasts, and where better to try a British breakfast than at a place run by a Brit who definitely loves his food - Norman Denning. In fact, our Norman loves his food so much that he makes much of it himself - the pork sausages, the pies, the home cured gammon - all from Norman’s own butcher shop.

The establishment is on Jomtien Beach Road, 30 metres after the Chaiyapruek police box and just before Nang Nual Restaurant. A bright green and orange awning and similar coloured signage makes it easy to spot.

The restaurant has two main areas, an airy outside covered section with ‘real plastic’ bamboo trellises, and a smaller interior one. The outer area has ‘rustic’ timber settings, while the inner one is more conventional restaurant style, set alongside the glassed-in butcher’s shop. All sections, including the butcher’s shop were also spotlessly clean.

With an English Madame, I entered this British enclave, from which I could already hear English voices and contented chewing noises. Daily newspapers were on the rack, including the Pattaya Mail, of course, while on the table were the usual condiments, including brown sauce and ketchup.

We were welcomed by a pleasant young girl in the bright “Yorkies” shirt and left to study the menu. The menu covers Sandwiches, Hot Toasties, Soups, Burgers, Salads, Jacket potatoes, Snacks, four pages of Main meals and a page of dedicated Thai items, as well as the “All day” breakfasts.

But we had come to try the English Breakfasts and there is the choice of the “Small” with single items of bacon, sausage, fried egg, fried bread, tomato, toast and mug of tea or coffee for B. 70, or the “Large” which has about two of everything, other than the fried bread and tea/coffee for B. 125. If this is not enough, there is the Gutbuster Breakfast, which does have two of everything, plus baked beans, mushrooms, fried potatoes, and marmalade, and eat your way through that lot for B. 160.

For the more genteel, there is the gammon breakfast which is similar to the “Small” but with gammon instead of bacon at B. 110. The breakfast choices are not over yet, as I pointed out earlier, the Brits love their breakfasts, so there is the egg breakfast with two eggs done any way (poached, fried or scrambled), four slices of toast, marmalade, and tea or coffee for B. 70. If you just feel like toast and tea/coffee this can be had as well, and there is a list of extras you can order with your choice of brekky. For example, there is Norman’s own recipe black pudding for only B. 25 per slice.

Madame chose the “Large” English breakfast, while Miss Terry, of smaller appetite, chose the Gammon breakfast. The first aspect that struck us both were the lovely thick slices of (I was told later) home made toasted bread and the large cup (a mug really) of coffee that came with coffee crystals and a separate small jug of milk.

The toast came with a little dish with butter. Hallelujah! Miss Terry just hates those fiddly butter pats wrapped in foil, or the hermetically sealed plastic jobs that need surgeon’s skills to open. Thank you, Yorkies!

The bacon rashers were thick and the gammon even thicker! Eggs were done nicely, the tomatoes peeled, and the pork sausage full and ‘meaty’ and flavoursome. Both of us finished our breakfasts totally satisfied with what we had eaten.

The Dining Out team left Yorkies, as full as we needed to be, with enough calories in the tank to take us several hours before the next food stop. According to my English Madame, the British breakfast evolved from the days when people worked very hard physically and needed to get enough calories at breakfast to be able to get through the day. The food was excellent and it was properly cooked and hot to the table.

If you are looking for a British breakfast, we can heartily endorse Yorkies. Highly recommended.

Yorkies Pork Platter, 125/4-5 M.12, Jomtien Beach Road, Jomtien, telephone 038 231 918. Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Parking on street.

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