The Elixir of Life?

by Mary Eve

A recent article on a so-called “Miracle Juice” caught my attention. In Tahiti they call it Noni or Nonee. In Thailand, it is known as “Luk-Yaw”. It is actually the fruit of Morinda Cirifolia, a tropical plant that is found in tropical islands and countries. Have you ever wondered at the health and strength of the elderly in the villages who use the leaves and fruit of the plant as a part of their diet? The leaves contain a high vitamin A (carotenes) content (433,333 i.u./100 gm.) as compared to other vitamin A-rich vegetables.


It is said that in recent years, American doctors have used Nonee to supplement the treatment of various health problems, including infection, degeneration, problems arising from inflammation, immune deficiency and many others. Scientific studies claim that Nonee has the ability to stimulate immunity, regulate proper cell function and even regenerate damaged cells.

No, it is not magic or a miracle. It is simply because this wonderful plant contains a comprehensive range of proteins (amino acids), carbohydrates, fats (fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements). All these ingredients play important roles in cell metabolism, whether it is the production of energy, or repair and regeneration of new cells and tissues. In addition to the food supplements, Nonee contains other vital pharmaceutical ingredients such as the phytoterols that the body can use to make the all-important hormones.

Jack Hester raves over the use of Nonee

You my have heard Nonee referred to as, “The most superb food supplement the world has ever known.” This is because besides all the ingredients mentioned above, Nonee also contains an alkaloid called Xeronine, said to be an essential substance that occurs in tiny amounts in all living cells. We seem to lose xeronine as we age and this is when illnesses set in. Nonee is able to replenish xeronine.

After reading all this I decided it would be a good idea to speak to people that felt they had really benefited from taking Nonee and find out how one takes it and where one can buy it. I arranged to meet Ching Chevasutho, Chaivut Chevasutho, Jack Hester and Dr. Tara Maitriya in the Living Room at the Sheraton Grande in Bangkok.

Ching Chevasutho said with a big smile on her face that she had been taking the Nonee juice for about 4 months and had never felt better; her breathing has improved and her migraines had gone. She said, “I feel like a new woman.”

Ching and Chaivut Chevasutho are sold on the positive effects of Nonee

Chaivut Chevasutho said he also had taken the Nonee juice for approximately 4 months, mainly for muscle pain. He had been finding it very hard just to get up in the morning with so many aches and pains, as well as feelings of lethargy, and life was really miserable, but after being introduced to Nonee juice he said grinning, “Now I can go from one end of the golf course to the other with no ill effects.”

Jack Hester said, “Nonee juices makes you feel so much more energetic. Before I’ve always been a night person but now I’m equally alert in the morning. I was diagnosed with a chronic degenerating hip, and I didn’t fancy a hip replacement so I decided to try Nonee juice. I have been taking it for a year and now I can swim and tackle stairs with no pain. My hip is giving me no problems. I am very happy to recommend Nonee juice.”

I then spoke to Dr. Tara Maitriya, a medical doctor that has been doing some research into the benefits of taking Nonee juice. She said, “Nonee juice is the food supplement of the future. It contains all the vitamins and minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates that the body needs. It has the highest Vitamin A content of any vegetable in the leaves and the body needs vitamin A constantly at any age.”

Another tip given to me was that Nonee juice in its concentrated form can be used as a night cream and even put directly onto wounds or aching muscles. I was also told that animals could benefit from Nonee juice; so if your dog is sick spare it some of your precious juice.

I asked everyone if it is easy to take, and they all chorused “yes”. The best form to take it in is liquid, this being far more concentrated and it can be put into any juice of your choice. Capsules and juice already containing Nonee are not as effective.

My questions answered I just needed to know how to get my hands on this wonderful juice!

For more information telephone 02 260 5535 or email [email protected]
In Pattaya call Khun Ranee, Tel: 038 427 595, email: [email protected]