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PC Classic Regatta 2003: A case of ‘Double Dutch’

Jim Russell wins PSC Annual Golf Championship

Golly - What A Folly

International Open Singles Lawn Bowling Championship

Burapha University holds mini-marathon to bolster Thai-Korean relations

Golden Coin still in first place

Diana Group Golf

A grim result

Ogilvie & Jonsson raid the Riverside

Bob Patterson starts the round and the week off hot

P.S.C. Golf from the 60’s Bar

P.S.C. Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Jack Moseley wins Ian Ashenden’s Birthday Invitational

The fish are still out there

Pattaya Squash Club lose again to Bangkok’s British Club

The Square Ring

Shenanigans ‘Funhill Cup’ Pairs Scramble Friday 25th April

Fitness Tips

PH3 Run 995 - the Adventure Run

PH3 GM reminisces in lead up to Nash Hash event


PC Classic Regatta 2003: A case of ‘Double Dutch’

story by Peter Cummins
pictures by
Brendan Richards

Was ‘Double Dutch’ the lingua franca of the PC Classic or was it, rather, a case of a ‘Dutch Double’ led by that Dutchman Dubbelman in the vanguard which carried the day? It was, indeed, a great show in Pattaya the last weekend in March, when the ninth sailing of the Pattaya Mail PC Classic Royal Cliff Beach Resort International Regatta was held out off the Resort. The Dutch contingent took away the top honours in the Monohull and Multihull classes, with Marcel Dubbelman and Andreas Brockelman winning the first two placings in the single-handed Laser, from third-placed Dave Wales and Gary Baguley in the crewed Enterprise dinghy.

Optimists winner Puris P. (left) receives the trophy from Santsak Ngampiches.

Well-armed spectators lined the beachfront to catch a glimpse of the exciting action just offshore.

Richard van den Heuvel (right), race director, and his team keep a close watch on the sailor’s from the committee boat.

Optimists drift past the sponsor hotel, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort.

Jouke and Kai Postma won the Multihulls Division, on the two-person Nacra 17, from - you guessed it - fellow-Dutchman Frank Teeuwan. With Race Officer Supremo, Richard van den Heuvel, also a Netherlander, the 2003 PC Classic was a triumph for the lads from the ‘Low Countries’.

Perhaps the Pattaya weather was the catalyst for the Dutch who are used to sailing in the rain. Rain it certainly did. In fact, there was a huge front-end storm out of the north, with massive cloud cover and a virtual deluge. All eyes looked anxiously at the sky: still raining at 1 p.m. and a start scheduled for 2 p.m. But, our Richard is not a man to mess with. He called on Varune, the mythical wind-god, the nemesis of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club. The sky cleared, the sun came out and the race started on schedule, albeit in a very light, fickle north-westerly.

A big fleet of 16 Optimists struggled around the course which most of the 43-strong entries in the three divisions managed to finish.

A big crowd of Chonburi Province and Pattaya City officials, the Austrian, Australian and British Ambassadors, UNICEF officials, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, sponsors principally from the Eastern Seaboard, Royal Thai Navy personnel and supporters from the public and private sectors, joined the Royal Varuna sailors to celebrate the event and to support the Varuna Club’s proposed re-building programme.

Keel raised, weight forward, trying to catch the wind.

Taking a break on the Nacra.

The Pattaya Sports Club vessel gently rocks in the waters off the Royal Cliff beach Resort.

Lasers and Nacras look for the wind.

Held at the Royal Cliff’s splendid Siam Ballroom, it was a nautical evening, with the Ballroom decorated in Royal Varuna blue, with dinghies and sailing paraphernalia spread around the immense hall.

The regatta was inaugurated in March 1965 to celebrate the birthday - and retirement from United Nations service - of the PC in the title, Peter Cummins, and both the regatta and PC have ‘developed’ strongly since then. Now, this ninth sailing has exceeded all expectations, in spite of this year’s weather. Led by Copeland Corporation/Emerson Electric the Platinum sponsor, the long list includes ongoing supporters Ambrose Wine Ltd, Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Pattaya City, Pattaya Mail/Pattaya Blatt, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, the Royal Varuna Yacht Club and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. First-time sponsors were Jomtien Boathouse, LCB Container Terminal 1, Ltd. and Rieckermann Thai Engineering Co., Ltd.

Undoubtedly the sponsors agree with Panga Vathanakul, the charming managing director of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, whose dedication to a clean environment and determination to restore Pattaya to a family-friendly resort, regard this yacht racing event as an ideal conduit for achieving these ends. This is clearly echoed by H.E. Sontaya Khunpluem, the Minister of Tourism and Sports who expands this, seeing the PC Classic as being an “ideal marriage between tourism and sports” promoting both simultaneously to the benefit of Pattaya, the Eastern Seaboard and Thailand as a whole.

In fact, again through the generosity of the sponsors, three institutions have greatly benefited from the regatta. During the evening, the children’s “Happy Camp”, the Bann Vatong School and the Royal Varuna Yacht Club were all rewarded with considerable donations to aid their respective causes.

Thus, the 2003 Ninth PC Classic Regatta sailed into the sunset, with a promise that next year, the Tenth will be even bigger AND better - Wind-God Varune and Dick van den Heuvel willing.

Results, Monohulls
(first five)

(All Lasers except #3)

1. Marcel Dubbelman

2. Andreas Brockelman

3. David Wales/Gary Baguley

4. Andrew Connelli

5. Bernard Leemann

6. Barnabus Smith

(first 10 only; no categories)

1. Jouke/Kai Postma

2. Frank Teeuwen

3. Yves Felix

4. Bob Garner

5. Saranya/Simon Makinson

6. Alberto/Chanida Cassio

7. Philip/Carla Schenker

8. Gary Cooper

9. Claire Medd/Olly Hughes

10. Antony Chapman/Naifah

(first 10 0nly)

1. Puris P.

2. Akarwat

3. Kodchai

4. Matteo de Vos

5. Oliver

6. Joe Connelly

7. Antoine de Cuyper

8. Patrick Schenker

9. Quentin de Cuyper

10. Sebastian Leeman


Jim Russell wins PSC Annual Golf Championship

Sunday and Monday March 30 & 31
Plutaluang Royal Thai Naval Course
(Stroke and

Once a year the bravest and most skilful golfers convene for two days to decide who is the best golfer in the Pattaya Sports Club - the ‘Gross Champion”, and this year the best net golfer or the best ‘Handicapper’ in the club.

Ladies Champion Nattaporn Thongpen

Men’s Gross Champion Jim Russell

Winner D flight James Bisset

Winner C flight Peter Vanderwort

This year, as last year, the decision was to play the Plutaluang course and on the first day to play the South and West layouts and on the second day to play the North and West. This is one of the main reasons to play here, that starts can be made on both nines each day and this leads to a much smoother flow.

All the nines on both days were well prepared and most of the golfers I spoke to were full of praise for the improvement that continue to be made on this course, making it month by month a much better place to play.

Of course this being a two day competition it was very important that the 76 or so players got away to a good start - and several players got off to excellent starts. Amongst them in the net competition was Garry Blackburn who was to win the eventual two-day net competition and Andy Spence who was the winner of the first day net, also having the actual lowest net in his flight over two days.

Winners B flight Jim (L) and A flight Billy (L)

Net winner day 1 Alan Spence

Ladies net winner Judy Russell

Net winner day 2 Dan Sell

In the gross competition the big guns came to the fore, with last year’s winner and ‘Club Champ’ Mike (Superman) Dige fighting to keep his championship and shooting a fine round, but in the lead in the gross competition after the first day was the new star Jim Russell, a two handicapper, with a fine gross 73 with Mike in second place.

Day two dawned fine and fresh, and many, many nervous golfers girded their loins and settled to do battle on the North and West layouts for the many prizes and championships. The course being in fine condition, application and will to win became very important, and the winner of the second day net proved this when Dan Sell held on in a four way count back on net 68 ahead of Gary Blackburn, Tim McMaster and David Smith.

In the A flight, 0 to 12, Billy Thompson was imposing himself and came in with a two day net of 136, well ahead of a count back for second on net 143 which was won by Stefan Anderson in second ahead of Maurice Herberge in third.

Getting set to win the battle.

Ready 3 ball shot with a wide angle lens.

Now there’s a crew that’s ready for anything.

In the B flight, 13 to 17, James (Jim) Montgomery played well and scored a fine net 141 ahead of in second David Smith on net 144 and in third place Kristian Helgason on 147.

In the C flight, 18 to 23, there was a much closer fight, and one shot over two days separated the first two, with third close behind. It is exciting when it is this close. The winner on net 138 was Peter Vanderwort, ahead of in second on net 139 Bob (The Photo) Benda and in third Mick O’Connor with a net 141.

The D flight, 24 to 36, was won by James Bisset on net 144 ahead of second Simon Dutton on net 146 and in third Dan Sell with net 147.

A special prize will be given to Andy Spence who won the men’s winner first day net and was, because of this, overlooked in his flight which he would have won.

The winner of the ladies net was Judy Russell, better half of Jim, who won the flight with a net 162 ahead of in second place Laurina Brinn with a net 60.

So to the three big ones, and in the ladies competition the Ladies Club Champion was Nattaporn Thongpen with a net 140. In the men’s competition the Men’s Net Winner was Gary Blackburn with a net 135.

Meanwhile, in the Men’s Gross Competition for what is generally considered the ‘Club Champion’ the competition was fierce between last years ‘Champ’ Michael Dige and the new challenger Jim Russell, but with a super last round 76 Jim came home with a gross 149 over the two days and the win.

The golf chairman would like to thank all his friends who rallied around to help him, and P.S.C., the main sponsors of the tournament, along with The Harley Bar, Shenanigans, The 60’s Bar, and John Swanson who donated three free green fees.

So to next year when the fortunate few will meet once again for the spoils. Good swinging to all.


Men’s Gross Champion: Jim Russell, gross 149

Men’s net Champion: Gary Blackburn, net 135

Ladies Champion: Nattaporn Thongpen, net 140

Winners Two Days

A Flight

Winner: Billy Thompson, net 136

Second: Stefan Anderson, net 143

Third: Maurice Herberge, net 143

B Flight

Winner: James Montgomery, net 141

Second: David Smith, net 144

Third: Kristian Helgasson, net 147

C Flight

Winner: Peter Vanderwort, net 138

Second: Bob Benda, net 139

Third Mick: O’Connor, net 141

D Flight

Winner: James Bisset, net 144

Second: Simon Dutton, net 146

Third: Dan Sell, net 147

Day One

Men’s net winner: Andy Spence

Ladies longest drive: Nattaporn Thongpen

Men’s longest drive: (0 to 18) Anders Pederson,
(19 to 36) Simon Dutton.

Longest 1st putt: Men and ladies: S9 (0 to 18) Mike Dige, (19 to 36) Judy Russell, and E9 (0 to 18) Ian Warwick, (19 to 36) Andy Evans.

Near pins: (0 to 18) S4 Marcel Wittwer, S7 Mike Allidi, E2 Jeff McLaury and E5 Peter Alfthan. (19 to 36) S4 Alan Pierce, E2 Dick Worden, and E5 Arthur Bailey.

Day Two

Men’s net winner: Dan Sell, net 68

Ladies long drive: Judy Russell

Men’s long drive: (0 to 18) Dennis Willet, (19 to 36) Rod Aughton.

Longest 1st putt: (0 to 18) W9 Jim Russell.

Ladies near pins: N3 Laurina Brinn, W3 Judy Russell.

Men’s near pins: (0 to 18) N3 Jeff Wylie, N6 Jeff Wylie, W3 Mike Allidi and W8 Jim Montgomery. (19 to 36) N3 Dan Sell, N6 Norman Brooks, W3 George Meigh, W8 Norman Brooks.

Golly - What A Folly

by Mike Franklin

Shenanigans ‘Franklin’s Folly’ brought some dry weather to the South and East nines at Plutaluang Navy Golf Course on April Fool’s Day, Tuesday April 1st. Playing a relaxed pairs scramble format, with all players off the ladies tees, the men soon discovered that length is not everything and, even with the distance advantage of teeing-off forward, the success (or otherwise) on the day was simply down to chipping and putting.

Winners Alan Bishop & Phil Taylor with the Franklin’s Folly Trophy, awarded by birthday “kids” Mike Franklin (2nd left) and Banjob (right).

A gift from Shenanigans via Ning Fletcher & Rosemary.

Scores were therefore not as silly as one might have thought, the best of the day coming from Phil Taylor and Alan Bishop returning a net 60.6. They were each rewarded with a free Shenanigans Carvery every week for a year and an original Franklin’s Folly Trophy featuring birthday boy Mike mounted in Perspex with a design inspired by Shenanigans industrious web mistress, Susie Ngamsuan. Runners-up were John King and Michael Anderson just a tad behind with net 60.8, each rewarded with a bottle of Champagne on ice.

Third place, with a net 61.2, was claimed by newcomer Mike Allidi from Switzerland, partnered by the very Irish Seamus Brennan and suitably rewarded with a bottle of Jameson each.

Individual pairings were recognized at the next scoring level. Best ladies pair were Nattaporn Thongpen and Patcharee Kulsai with a net 67, each presented with a jug of very blue margaritas for immediate consumption.

Best men’s pair was the effective duo of Jason Payne and Rich Wibrow receiving jugs of Heineken in return for a net 62.8, and the best mixed pair prize went to Fabian Arp and Lamud Chaidara with net 62.6. They each received a bottle of fine wine, the white of course already chilled on ice as Shenanigans friendly staff always seem to be one ahead.

Best mixed pair, Fabian & Lamud.

Third place Mike Allidi & Seamus Brennan.

Runners-up, Mikael Anderson & John King.

Lady winners Nattaporn & Patcharee

Technical prizes were plentiful and rewarded with Shenanigans vouchers. Near pins went to Fabian, Rich Wibrow, and ‘six handicap’ Mike Allidi claimed both near pins on the East nine. Phil Taylor and John King sank long putts on the South course, and Arthur Hancock and Chant Schwulera on the East. Mike Allidi won the men’s long drive. Patcharee Kulsai was longest for the ladies, and the long uphill drive on South #8, open to all, was impressively boomed by David Bond some 300yds to left of the green and about thirty yards further than an equally impressive drive by Jason Payne.

The final award for the highest net score went to the Franklins, returning a totally unimpressive net 82.2. Mike’s choice of prize to recognize the ‘failure of the day’ had been a Negroni cocktail (equal parts Sweet Martini, Campari & Gin, shaken or stirred on ice, with a slice of orange). Being his favorite cocktail, occupying the last position on the scoreboard turned out rather well!

Emceeing the presentation back at Shenanigans, and having a birthday as well, was great fun with a huge bouquet of flowers from Usa and the girls, and gifts coming from all directions including one from Shenanigans staff. Mike’s wife Banjob was co-opted into the proceeding having also had a birthday two days previously. It was as friendly as it always is after a Shenanigans golf day.

Some new faces were welcomed including Mike Allidi, Igor and Peter Saktur, Nattaporn Thongpen with partner Patcharee Kulsai, Chant Schwulera with Khun Amnat, and J.P. Labrousse with Ning Samsai. It was a reluctant farewell to Ray & Im Woodruffe, shortly to return to the UK for an unspecified period. Ed Trayling is running a book as to their possible early return to Thailand and re-joining their golfing friends at Shenanigans. We wish them well.

Mike put up some prizes for a lucky draw, selecting names from scorecards with the expert help of five year old daughter Samantha choosing the cards and giving out the prizes. Ray Woodruffe appropriately won the ‘Heineken Open’ golf bag aptly fitted with a bag stand and shoulder straps that will be quite useful in the UK where you don’t have a caddy to take care of you.

The party continued until late and turned out to be one of those rather special Shenanigans evenings.

The anticipated, and previously reported, transfer of an obsolete battle cruiser from Sattahip by a fleet of helicopters to the reservoir at Plutaluang never materialized but, being April 1st that was hardly surprising! The full transcript can be seen on the golf page at Shenanigans web site.

No fixture during Songkran week, so the next outing is on Tuesday April 22nd to Plutaluang South & East for a pairs scramble ‘warm-up’ before the 2003 Funhill Cup at Plutaluang on Friday April 25th. Entry forms and full details are available at Shenanigans on the golf notice board and behind the bar. Details are also on the web page at Sign-up, in pairs please, at Shenanigans. Entries are only accepted with the entry fee.

Then it is back out again on Tuesday 29th April with a return to Pattaya Country Club for a pairs combined Stableford.

Finally, the thank you of the day must go to Shenanigans Landlord Kim for generously providing such an attractive range of ‘consumable’ prizes and the customary support of Shenanigans efficient and friendly staff.

A day enjoyed and, for Mike, a day to remember.

International Open Singles Lawn Bowling Championship

A three-day international lawn bowls championship was recently held at the Bowling Green Pattaya to find the current Pattaya Lawn Bowls Champion.

Semifinalists, left to right front: Dave the Rave & Thong, back: Big Frank & Blond Bomber Martin.

Winner Dave the Rave with the Cup.

Competitors from countries a far a field as Australia, U.S.A., England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Thailand and even Holland took part.

During the event some tremendous bowling was seen by a knowledgeable crowd, which saw quite a few upsets and shocks.

The surprise package of the tournament was the rank outsider, the blond bombshell Martin The Unready, who was beaten in the semi finals with the last shot of the game by the current champion and eventual winner Dave the Rave from England.

Martin had already taken out previous champion Steve the Streak in the previous round, making him eat his words with a vengeance.

Dave the Rave eventually beat the Dutch Master Big Frank 21-9 to take his second Pattaya open singles tournament.

Burapha University holds mini-marathon to bolster Thai-Korean relations

Songklod Kaewvisit

Avid long distance runners arose in the early morning hours of Sunday morning, March 30 to run in the Burapha University Mini-Half Marathon in Bangsaen, with winners going on to represent Thailand in the Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon 2003 to be held in South Korea later this year.

Boonchoo Jandecha (center), winner of the men’s category receives his ticket to Seoul from Sontaya Khunpluem, minister of tourism and sports (left) and Kim Jin Sae, director of the Korean Tourism Authority (right).

The fastest woman of the day, Thanaporn Piamsakol is presented with her ticket and package to Korea by Chai Yea, the South Korean Ambassador to Thailand (left) and Kim Jin Sae, director of the Korean Tourism Authority (right).

Sontaya Khunpluem, Minister of Tourism and Sports fired the starter pistol at 5.45 a.m. on March 30 for the 10.5 km and 21.1 km categories as well as the 3 km walk/run for health.

Also present during start of the races were Chai Yea, the South Korean Ambassador to Thailand and Kim Jin Sae, director of the Korean Tourism Authority.

Winners of the half-marathon in the men and women’s categories received a return ticket to Korea including accommodation, meals and entrance to the Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Marathon 2003. The first 5 runners crossing the finish line received a trophy and the first 1,000 each received a medal for completing the race. The winners of the mini marathon each received 13,000 baht in cash for their efforts.

The event was organized to promote sports among residents and students and to celebrate the already fine relationship between Thailand and South Korea through tourism. Proceeds of the race went towards activities run by the university.

The winners - Boonchoo ‘iron lungs’ Jandecha of the men’s category and Thanaporn Piamsakol in the women’s category will fly to Korea to compete in the marathon.


Men’s Mini Marathon

Winner: Sutat Kalayarnkiti

R/up: Jirasak Suttichart

Women’s Mini Marathon

Winner: Saiphon Bierwong

R/up: Pacharee Chaitongsri

Overall Half Marathon Men’s

Winner: Boonchoo Jandecha

R/up: Amnuay Pongrit

Overall Half Marathon Women’s

Winner: Thanaporn Piamsakol

R/up: Kedmanee Senaphan

Golden Coin still in first place

P S C Friday Bowling League

There were three teams this week which wiped out their opponents with a 4-0 win, Mio rolled a 588 series to lead House of the Golden Coin to a 4-0 win over Jack Tar, Three Sisters beat Cafe Kronborg 4-0 with the help of a 200 game from Morn and La’s 204 game helped Shakey Pete’s take 4-0 from the last place Winchester Club.

In other games the VFW Post 9876 won 3-1 against Nice & Sleazy and Cafe Ole took 3-1 from Domicil.

There were fewer bowlers than usual this week, meaning Cafe Kronborg and VFW had only two on each team while most of the others had three each.

The over 200 bowlers this week were: Mio 204 & 205, Tue 212, La 204 and Morn 200.

Diana Group Golf

Seniors & Ladies April Open

The next tournament, exclusively for Seniors (50-64), Super Seniors (65+) & Ladies (any age) will be held at Pattaya Country Club on Thursday April 24.


* Booked tee-off times from 10 a.m.

* Format: Stableford (handicap qualifying)

* Transport leaves Diana Inn, 9 a.m. (B.100 return fare)

* Prize presentation at Pattaya Country Club

* Trophy and prize for best score in each division

* Prize for runner-up in each division

* Technical hole prizes for near pins & long putts

* Sign-up at:

* The Green Bottle or

* Diana Group Driving Range

All Seniors, Super Seniors and Ladies welcome

A grim result

Tuesday 01/4/03
Green Valley

No April fool, he is back! With 41 pts, Keith Forrt (younger-half of grim bros) (23) gave a surprise visit and took the pot. Sales must have been down for the Pieman. 2nd with 38 pts was Robin Wilkin (12), from Edinburgh, keeping the jock flag flying, unlike our footballers.

Thursday 02/4/03

An un-expectant visit to Phoenix, thinking it would be a lot easier than GV. Wrong! The day produced a lot of poor scores. A regular visitor Paul Sibley put his nose in front with 32 pts, whilst Allan Hayward came close with 31 pts. K Forrt was with us again, but was feeling the strain of Tuesday, although he did manage a 2 at the 2nd, 4 ft from the pin. Pat Collins played a cracker and got inside him, but managed to 3 putt, says the caddie gave him the wrong line for his tap-in.

Thanks for your support. CUALL Tuesday GV, Thursday TBA, leave 11.00. Nearest the pin prizes were donated by The Bar.

Ogilvie & Jonsson raid the Riverside

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

It was another early start for the Bunker Boys, and no joke, on Tuesday 1st April, when they travelled out of the province to faraway Bangprakong Riverside for their weekly medal joust. The day was hot and humid and the course beautifully presented, as usual. Fairways were lush and the greens were impeccably set up and teasingly fast. The two divisions chomped nervously at the bit until the over-zealous starter waited until the very stroke of eleven and called them to action.

As the field settled down it became clear that some excellent golf was being played and in division two the “Icelandic Samurai”, Kerry Jonsson, showed us all that his time in university in Tokyo has not been wasted, and his thirst for victory was quenched with a fine four-under par net 68. This was just enough to hold off Peter McKay who fired net 69 and Norm Robinson and Duncan Lee who both recorded net 72.

Division one scores were even better with Bruce Ogilvie taking the honours with an astonishing net 65, a handful of shots ahead of the chasing group comprising Ciano Glavina, Brian Kelly and Bill Hewitt, all with net 70.

The only birdie two of the day was scored by Phil Groves and he gladly took possession of the Bunker Super Sawng award. There were the usual candidates for the “April Fool” celebration but a Guy who shoots seven pars on the back nine then messes his card with a seven on a par three more than deserves the Bunker Banana Booby. That Guy was Remy!

Remy cruises to victory at Plutaluang

Thursday, 3rd April saw the Bunker Boys sail into the Royal Thai Navy course at Plutaluang for their weekly Stableford event and, as always, they were welcomed by a course in immaculate condition. This was the fifth day of major competition on this course in less than a week and the testing North and West nines were to provide the backdrop to the competition.

On a very hot and still day both divisions set about their task and in division two the returning “Icelandic Samurai”, Kerry Jonsson, took his second consecutive victory, this time firing 33 points. It was to prove too much for Keith Saunders, soon to return to the UK with 31 points in his pocket, and the omnipresent David Johnson who scored 30 points.

Division one saw the best scores of the day with Bert “Remy” Guy, completely recovered after his feast of bananas only two days previously, shooting the only par round of the day to net 36 points. Playing partner Wilf “Blondie” Latham stuttered into second place with a hard earned 33 points with the resurgent Terry Phur only a point further back on 32.

Bill Hewitt again shot the day’s only birdie two to win the Bunker Super Sawng award for his accuracy and putting skills whilst the unfortunate John Preddy, entering the competition this time, took charge of the Bunker Banana Booby after a round of stunning mediocrity, pipping Mr. Loy’s shambles right at the death. The week had begun with a topical jest from Mike Franklin but it was Remy who cruised to victory at Plutaluang.

Bob Patterson starts the round and the week off hot

IPGC Golf From Lewiinski’s

Sunday - 30th of March
Green Valley - White Tees

1st Place A Flight - Bob Patterson - 39 points

2nd Place A Flight - Dave Stockman - 38 points

3rd Place A Flight - John Emmerson - 37 points

1st Place B Flight - Frank Sinclair - 38 points

2nd Place B Flight - Richard Garland - 36 points

3rd Place B Flight - Joe McArdle - 35 points

Bob Patterson, who just a month ago had an eagle on the par 5, 4th hole at Ban Chang and followed it with a hole-in-one on the par 3, 5th, looked like he might do something equally magnificent on this day. He started out with a par of the par five 1st, a birdie on the par three 2nd, a birdie on the par four 3rd and an eagle on the par five 4th. Four holes, four under, 14 points off a 7 handicap. The cold hand of reality slowly crept into the round, though, as Bob finished the front 2-under and bumped around the back at 6 over. But it was a brilliant run!

Dave Stockman, himself off a six, was not as dramatic as Bob but nearly as effective as he garnered 38 points while matching Bob off the stick at 76.

John Emmerson edged Kevin Taylor on count back after the latter was advised his handicap had dropped to single figures at 9.4 and his hoped for 38 points had to be reduced to 37.

Frank Sinclair added to his recent streak of form by winning B Flight. Just to show that old dogs can learn new tricks, ol’ Frank is now better informed as to how to take a drop at a lateral water hazard. Richard Garland and Joe McArdle, who are both used to being in A Flight, made the best of their relegation as they both stood on the B podium.

Friday - 4th of April

Chonburi - White Tees

1st Place A Flight - Graham Johnson - net 70

2nd Place A Flight - Leigh Sienkiewicz - net 74

3rd Place A Flight - Bobby Driggs - net 75

1st Place B Flight - Seamus Brennan - net 70

2nd Place B Flight - Kerry Jonsson Bodd - net 71

3rd Place B Flight - Duncan Lee - net 72

Lewiinski’s Golf Club does not go to Century Chonburi often but the value enjoyed on this day may suggest more frequent visits. More than one golfer expressed “embarrassment” at how inexpensive this venue is. Albeit the traps need work (read sand), but the fairways are the equal of anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard. The standard men’s tees of 6571 yards represent one of the longest standard set-ups.

The conditions certainly appealed to Graham Johnson who shot a gross 77, net 70 to be man of the match. He was followed in A Flight by the wild man of Sydney, Leigh Sienkiewicz, and new arrival, Bobby Driggs. Seamus “the Bionic Eye” Brennan continued his fine rookie year in golf by netting first in B Flight. He was joined on the podium by Kerry Jonsson Bodd and Duncan Lee (or is it Lee Duncan?) (oh, whatever).

NOTE: Lewiinski’s has moved its golf from Monday to Tuesday to take advantage of some Sports Day discounts at area courses. We now play on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

P.S.C. Golf from the 60’s Bar

Friday April 4
International Golf Club

There is something comfortable about arriving at the 60’s Bar on the morning of a competition as the players arrive and sit peacefully outside eating their free breakfast, drinking their tea and coffee, reading the morning papers and relaxing in the fresh air before the day starts.

A good way to finish a day...

Bobby presents to Andy (L) and Bob (R).

Bobby cooks up a lotta ribs.

Ten o’clock and its load up and ‘wagons roll’ to the golf course of the day and this week the test was at Sriracha, which has a fine golf course and a good modern clubhouse at very reasonable rates.

On the course the weather was pretty hot and the course itself was in fine condition, with as usual the main problem being the ‘iffy’ condition of the bunkers but even these were not as bad as normal. We found out why when the leading four ball had completed the front nine and as it went up the 11th fairway several loud bangs were heard and we found ourselves in the middle of a 25 group shotgun start local tournament. However, a little good humour allowed us to complete the round.

Bobby presents to Mick.

Bobby presents to Derek who can now get ‘shirty’.

Back at Bobby Joes, we sampled one of his super free barbeque specials when he produced so many tasty barbequed baby back ribs and fresh crusty bread that even the staff took their evening meal home for the family. Good cook and good boss is Bobby.

Then ‘A Star Is Born’ as Derek Brook won two near pins and beat Kris Helgason on count back to win the day’s competition, and a fine day ended as usual in the fading light with the tables full of bottles.


Winner: Derek Brook

Near pins: #3 Bob Pearce, #8 Derek Brook, #12 Derek Brook, and #17 Mick O’Connor.

Long putt: Andy Evans

P.S.C. Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Thursday April 3

This course is one of the favourite courses of all the golfers here and a visit to it is always an occasion for golfers to join us for a day out. At this time of the year we notice a drop off in numbers and indeed less people are playing but surprisingly the numbers are still in excess of last year and for this visit we still had 9 four balls.

Beautiful Bangpra

Jeff Wylie

Dick Worden

On the course the heat was very noticeable and the course still fairly dry, but the greens were still as formidable as ever and it seemed difficult to get a score together.

Back in the clubhouse, with several players tucking into the ice cream sundae special, courtesy of the recommendation of our own gourmet Pete Galle, the scores started to come in and were found to be remarkably low except for one star in each division who won ‘by a street”.

In the A flight, 0 to 18, the winner by 5 points was Jeff Wylie with a fine 41 points, ahead of Kevin Callaghan with 36 points, and in a count back for third Rick Evans beat Joe Sebastian into fourth.

In the B flight, 19 up, the lesson given by the winner was even more brutal with Dick Worden scoring 42 points, a street ahead of the rest. The rest had to be content with a three-way count back on 32 points, with Peter Wanderworp coming second, Mick O’Connor third and just losing out was Paul Photns.

Near pins: #2 Jeff Wiley, #8 James Strank, #12 Jeff Riley, and #17 Bob Webb.

Long putts: #9 Pete Galle and #18 John Swanson.

Jack Moseley wins Ian Ashenden’s Birthday Invitational

Wednesday April 2
Khao Kheow

From what started as an informal outing for 8-10 golfers, teaching professional Ian Ashenden was accompanied by 34 of his ‘closest friends’ at his birthday golf tournament at Khao Kheow on Wednesday 2nd April.

A great breakfast at Rosie O’Grady’s was followed by 18 holes under a scorching blue sky from the yellow tees over the C and B nines at a Khao Kheow course in great condition, especially bearing in mind the recent continual downpours. The intense heat affected a few of the field, in fact local Eurocitizen ‘Mad’ Jack Grindvold nearly had to leave the course with dehydration until someone had the radical suggestion of drinking some water, and ‘Wild Thing’ Frank Sinclair almost bought his caddy a drink at one stage!

Star of the day from the scratch point of view was ‘The Sharpshooter’ Rick Sharp, who took the honours for the best gross round of the day, 6 over par 78. Rick also came second in the main Stableford event but his prize for best gross made him ineligible for a handicap prize.

At the morning briefing in the clubhouse which (nearly) all the competitors attended, every golfer was given a pink or blue golf ball which they could play at any time during the round and would double their points at the hole the ball was used for. Many players were concerned about the quality of these balls and thought that they may be joke balls or would only fly about 100 yards. Well all doubts were put to rest when standing on the par 5 C7, with 238 yards to the green, Ian’s pink ‘Blockbuster 1’ proceeded to land on the back of the green and bounce another 40 yards after being struck by a sweet 3 wood! The usual scrambled par from the middle of the fairway ensued.

Overall tournament winner was Jack Moseley, Khao Kheow member and guest of Gary Blackburne. Jack played an excellent round on his home course and shot 40 points, plus 3 for his bonus ball. Irishman Peter Ring, guest of Colin Davis, came in 2nd with 40 points, whilst ‘Loud Aussie 1’, Lefty Leigh Sienkiewicz, came in 3rd with 39 points. 4th place went to Bob ‘The Congressman’ Patterson, who edged out the ‘Aussie Pom’ Eddie Bielby on a count back. A random pairs draw was made at the end of the day, Jack Moseley complete a profitable day by winning that along with John Hillier.

A skins tournament was held in conjunction with the main Stableford, and special mention should be made of John Hillier, an old golfing friend of Ian Ashenden’s from Saudi Arabia. John not only claimed a skin with a birdie, but also holed out for an eagle 2 on the short but dangerous par 4 C9 to claim that hole as well. Congratulations to ‘Nice Guy’ Nigel Cannon, playing off 22, who also claimed a Skin to prove it’s not just a low handicapper’s event, other winners were the birthday boy, Joe ‘The Pipe’ McArdle, Cap’n John McHugh, ‘Clubs R Us’ and one other who will no doubt remind the author of his name!

Nearest the pins went to NY Joe Sebastian, Steve ‘Italian Stallion’ Vitabile, David ‘Welsh Wizard’ Earthrowl, Ian Ashenden and Mad Jack Grindvold. Longest drives were held on the great B9 hole, 15-28 handicap winner was Steve Vitabile, whilst the high fader John McHugh hit an immensely long and accurate drive with what could only have been a low draw and took the 0-14 long drive.

Ian would like to extend his thanks to Neil Cameron for his efficient and unflustered results administration, the management at Khao Kheow for their assistance and flexibility, and all the many car drivers who turned up in the morning with empty cars to ferry strangers to the golf course. Special thanks finally to Bob ‘The Congressman’ Patterson, Frank ‘Wild Thing’ Sinclair and the ‘Rochdale Rottweiler’ Pete Fitton for their great company on the golf course. A great day was had by all, watch this space for an annual invitation.

The fish are still out there

The Pattaya International Games Fishing Friends caught a big queen fish on April 1. Ralf Bernard landed the 136 cm, 138. kg fighter, when fishing with friends from the Atlantis Club Cafe.

Pattaya Squash Club lose again to Bangkok’s British Club

At the Ambassador City Hotel, Jomtien, on Saturday March 22, the Pattaya Squash Club hosted the British Club from Bangkok in a return of the friendly meeting that took place in Bangkok in November of last year.

That meeting was a sound defeat for Pattaya losing 10 matches to 2, so with that in mind Pattaya looked to strengthen their team for this fixture. Unfortunately, 3 of Pattaya’s top players, John, Eddie and Stuart, were forced to withdraw at the last moment, severely weakening the team.

The 5 players from the British Club were selected from their top 3 leagues and thus proved too strong for Pattaya’s mainly middle order players.

Number 1 player for the day, Jan was Pattaya’s only victor beating British Club’s captain David 3 games to 1.

Incredibly all the matches ended with the same 3-1 score line but were highly competitive.

Pattaya’s Mike Phillips fought hard against British Club’s Chris and won the first game but was eventually outplayed in the next three games by Chris’s faster game.

Mike’s son, Paul, played determinedly against Charles from the away team and in a very good natured match that seemed never to end and found him sprawled across the floor on more than one occasion, he was eventually defeated.

Jurgen the home team’s German player needed all of his considerable experience in a match that was littered with lets, penalty strokes and queries to the referee before he was overcome by the away team’s equally experienced Peter.

The home captain, Bruce, may feel that he let his match slip away from him. After winning the first game and coming from 2-7 down to lead 8-7 in the second only to lose that game 8-10, he seemed to lose his concentration in the last 2 games and Bangkok’s Welsh player Marvin emerged the victor.

Bangkok’s David agreed to play again and Mike Poustie put up a brave effort and could perhaps have won more than one game before David, avenging his defeat by Jan, overcame him.

6-1 to the British Club was the final result and over a few cold beers the British Club players presented each Pattaya player with a special polo shirt to commemorate their centenary year.

The hungry players then headed into Pattaya for a buffet meal at the Apex Hotel where the two captains spoke a few words of thanks to all those who attended and plans were aired for the next fixture.

Despite slightly strengthening their team, the absence of key players and a lack of competitive matches once again proved to be the downfall of Pattaya. Captain for the day, Bruce, encouraged his team to recruit new regular players in order to build a competitive league system so the result of the next meeting can hopefully be reversed.

The Pattaya Squash Club plays every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 5 p.m. at the Ambassador City Hotel, Jomtien. All new players welcome. For more information contact Bruce Madge 060 515 725 or John Nutkins 092 609 605.

The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

The MGM in Las Vegas seems to have cornered the market on “truly” big fights. A big fight is one that you don’t have to write “Big Fight”. The odds are pretty darn good that the Grand Arena will play host to the Oscar deLaHoya-Shane Mosley rematch on September 13. With the heavyweight division trying to get out of the “muddling situation” it’s in and very few other attractions on the horizon this could be the fight event of the year. One of the main obstacles to the fight getting to that status is the “mediocre” performances of Mosley of late.

Maybe “muddling” was too kind a word to use in regard to the Heavyweight division. Usually listless would be better. Somewhere, someone wrote that heavyweight champs are supposed to take every other fight off and get paid bundles. The Imperial One, Lennox Lewis, has a bout schedule against one of the Klitschkos in September. But first, he gets a money fight that was supposed to be against Mike Tyson on June 21. Nope. Gone. Now instead it’ll be Kirk Johnson. Yep, that Kirk Johnson, who when last seen on the international stage was putting in a putrid performance against hopefully retired John Ruiz. What has Johnson done to get back in the picture? Well, he beat Lou Savarese (43-4) and Jeremy Bates (15-5) and he’ll take the fight for $1.4 Million USD.

If there is the “quintessential” Asian boxing writer, that would be Joe Koizumi. Yes, I’m a distant second. Writing about a fight last weekend in the Land of the Rising Sun he opined, “Ex-Japanese 130-pound champ Kinji Amano (20-7-3, 10 KOs), 129.25, dropped overmatched Thailander Songkran Balmoosee (6-5, 3 KOs), 130, twice and finished him at 0:51 of the fourth round. Lately we have seen plenty of Thailanders who left fighting spirits in their countries.” Come on Joe, no sugar coating. Tell it like it was.

Couple of “want be” premier fighters in the world are UK’s WBU Champ Ricky Hatton (31-0) and Canadian Eric Lucas (36-4-3) the WBC 168 lb. champ. Many Brits are upset that Hatton, aka The Hitman, doesn’t get more credit world wide. One of the primary reasons is that his level of opposition has been suspect to say the least. His first 14 fights he was 14-0. The problem with the record is that it’s less than it seems. The oppositions’ record was 128-281. Even tossing out Hatton’s KO of Brian Coleman (17-72) doesn’t help much.

Two recognizable names on the list of Hatton’s victims are a washed up Freddie Pentlon (47-25-2) and a never was Joe Hutchenson. In his prime a “Cool” Vince Phillips (44-7-1) would have done the business. He wasn’t in his prime and not even ready to put forth a really good effort Saturday night in England. But even half Vince Phillips was enough to provide an entertaining show. He showed up for the fight less than 24 hours prior to the weight but ready to fight. Phillips was totally dominated by Hatton but kept coming. Philips best hope may have been in the first round when Hatton was presented with a badly cut eye. Regardless Hatton got a very good win (119-109, 120-107, 120-108) against a former world class fighter.

Eric Lucas is a different story. He’s been in with some good ones. Some wins and some loses. He lost to Roy Jones (31-0), Fabrice Tiozzo (32-1) and Glenn Catley (26-4). He reversed the loss to Catley to win the WBC Super Middleweight title. Since that win he’s taken out Dingaan Thobela (40-8), Vinny Paz (49-9) and Omar Sheika (23-3) in his last.

Markus Beyer (27-1) is largely unknown throughout the world of sport. Not any longer as he regained the WBC super middleweight championship with a split decision (116-113, 116-114, 114-115) over Eric Lucas (36-4-3) last Saturday in Germany. Reports have the now ex champ winning the early rounds only to lose momentum to “portsider” Beyer. The championship rounds, 10-11-12, could have gone either way with the hometown judges seeing it for the local lad. Beyer held the WBC 168 pound crown with his win over Richie Woodhall in 1999. He would lose the title the next year to Glenn Catley. To complete the picture, Lucas took it from Catley. How about them apples?

There was a big box fight last Friday in Chaiyapoom between PABA super featherweight titleholder Pongsith Wiangwiset and Filipino Jesar Ancajas. (Gee a Thai and a Filipino, how original.) “I know Pongsith style well. I have seen him fight twice with current Filipino lightweight champ Fernanado Montilla and South African Mkuseli Kondile. He is fast, but Ancajas is fast also. Anjacas is very fit for this fight. This will be a high tactics contest. Finally, my boxer will knock out Pongsith in the fifth round.”

Also on the card was former WBA super bantamweight champ Yoddamrong (Sithyodthong) Singwangcha (against Filipino Felipe Longakit), and former WBA light flyweight champ Pichit Chor Siriwat will make his first start since his loss to Rosendo Alvarez in January of last year. Now you might think I know who won these fights? Wrong. I have no idea. This is the best kept secret since the fact that Saddam Hussein died 10 years ago and the part is being played by Pee Wee Herman. I’ll drink to that.

Shenanigans ‘Funhill Cup’ Pairs Scramble Friday 25th April

Mike Franklin

An 11.30 a.m. Shotgun Start playing the South and East nines at Plutaluang Navy Golf Course, with the field limited to 120 players.

The Pairs Scramble format guarantees an enjoyable days golf. A Bloody Mary and a slice of Chef Sunny’s Brunch Pie to start you off, a Heineken on the course and, back at Shenanigans, the renowned Shenanigans Carvery to precede the presentation of trophies & prizes and the lucky draw. The entry fee of 1500 baht also includes green & caddy fee, the Funhill Cup 2003 shirt, a sleeve of Shenanigans Dunlop Advance Ti balls, and an extended Happy Hour to 8.30 p.m. Dunlop Maxfli will also be doing something special at the South course, par 3 fourth hole.

Sign-up at Shenanigans. Entry forms with full details are available on the golf notice board and behind the bar. Alternatively contact Mike Franklin direct for more information on 01 861 8036, or e-mail to [email protected]

It’s the annual Funhill day and a fun day’s golf.

Fitness Tips: Aqua improves well being for osteoarthritis sufferers

G’day readers, a couple of things this week - first touting the benefits of aquatic exercise, in particular aqua aerobics, as well as what the Health and Fitness industry, starting in Australia, attempts to do worldwide. Unfortunately, in Thailand there is no regulatory body to ensure any standards of instruction in the Health and Fitness industry. Thus, it is up to the employers to remain up to date with industry research and development, trends and even more unfortunately, further staff education. The clubs that do this will always, at the very least, be able to ensure the highest degree of service, safety and effectiveness of programming for all their members.

Aqua aerobics

Despite having physical limitations such as osteoarthritis, aqua fitness can help improve quality of life and physical function, if it’s done regularly. That last bit seems to be cropping up more and more often!

A team of researchers recruited 249 adults with osteoarthritis from communities across the state of Washington, USA. Half the group were assigned to a 20-week Arthritis Foundation (AF) aquatic class at a community centre, with a minimum of two classes a week required. The other half were assigned to a wait-list control group.

The main goal of the 20-week program was to keep subjects motivated to attend the classes and thus increase their exercise adherence. The exercise group reported improvements in well being, physical function and change in arthritis quality of life compared to the control group.

The exercise group developed into adherers and non-adherers and the adherer’s reported further improvements in well being and mood compared to those who attended fewer sessions.

While many studies focus on special populations, this study used a group with a common affliction and took into account other considerations that affect exercise adherence such as transportation, weather and family considerations. The study showed that despite having body ‘problems’ a fun, motivating class can have positive effects on a person’s feeling of wellness.

Fitness industry attempts to include yoga in training competencies

With the increasing demand for yoga classes in gyms, stakeholders in the fitness industry approached Sport and Recreation Training of Australia (SRT) to address the issue of including appropriate competencies in fitness industry training packages.

As part of the requirements of the training board, representatives from the peak bodies in yoga were invited to attend a meeting on 19 February, to discuss the issue. The meeting was attended by twenty representatives from the east coast yoga fraternity, including those from the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA) and the Australian Institute of Yoga.

Prior to the meeting, Leigh Blashki, a representative of the YTAA, advised the SRT that there are already nationally accredited courses available that provide yoga teacher training. “Yoga is a completely different paradigm to anything else in fitness. It is a spiritual and personal development discipline and the postures are not just stretching exercises,” says Blashki. “Trying to teach postures alone is missing the point of yoga, that is stretching under the guise of yoga,” he adds.

The yoga representatives were united in their stance to retain yoga teaching as separate to other areas of fitness instruction. The national standard set by the YTAA for level one accreditation (of three levels) is a minimum of 320 hours of specific yoga training, two years of personal practice and two years of teaching practice. Considering this, the yoga representatives moved a motion that they would not and could not support the inclusion of yoga competencies within the national fitness industry package.

This first round of meetings was finalised, but it was reiterated that other avenues would be explored. The yoga fraternity has requested that yoga be excluded from the training package and that interested gym owners obtain information regarding instructor training courses from them.

Further, knowing how legatious the Australian Public has become over recent times you can bet the YTAA will be coming to agree with SRT on the need for certified competencies and they will come to that agreement soon.

SRT through the Australian Fitness Accreditation Council is the crew that I maintain my accreditation with. These same standards are what I train all my staff to so as to ensure a consistency in service, safety and effectiveness.

Carpe’ Diem.

PH3 Run 995 - the Adventure Run

Yes, I’m the scribe for “The Adventure run #7”, for the second time. Sign up Scandi Bar and go to A-site. We arrive at a well known a-site. I’m sure it’s a good area for a new adventure? The Frog’s team is ready and Spaghetti Head is less nervous than last year. It’s the age? Ok, let’s go. Form the circle and new shoes are called. Nobody! But Hammer is here, alone, so Fini invited him to drink in his shoe. Why not? It’s the Hammer traditional operation.

The hares Frog, Mobile and Spag Head explain the run and show the direction. We climb a lot of steps, near the top first check, straight, only one trail, because I know this hill. I’m the hare last year, but not on the Monday Hash. Impossible to run, this part is hard. We walk between the big rocks. After 10 minutes we saw the top and a nice view. We can go down with some ropes left.

Now I can run, my army boots have good brakes, because it’s real slippery ground. Second check I saw 1 F.T. with Fini and Miserable C (not really clear), I think the hares don’t check the itinerary the Monday morning. Don’t forget we have rain every day. We cross some tapioca fields (forever), woods and swampy areas. We are wet but wait for 2 weeks later! Now I am stopped by a small pond and what I see: The old Titanic who is coming. He’s always present and still alive. Surprise for Fini here. He told me I came alone and I saw some Thai spectators are smiling over the pond. I’m very surprised when Flying Frog appeared suddenly from the water. He heard me and he hid under the water. It’s the swimming Frog’s house.

After 45 mins I saw the on-in, and a lot of ice blocks on the a-site. Maybe I must prepare many down down’s. After the fruits/chips time and the Flying Frog and Spag Head return with their Titanic the circle was called. Raffle was taken care of whilst a drunk was given an ice sandwich.

The run was judged good adventure and good job, it’s a pleasure. The three first front runners, TP, Pig Pusher Swine Stabber, and our eternal short cutter Charlie Manson are called in on the ice because they forgot their voice assistance! Eh it’s not a competition race. I am invited on the ice with the hares and some guys for the famous VV tours by Sir Airhead.

Hammer, Festering Streaker, Baby’s Arm and Lady Di ... (after 1 year) are the returnees. A song for them by our operetta singer Sir Chicken Fellow, then later another song for the iced hares too. Some anniversaries, Star Trek received her 100th run mug, Big Nosed B his 100th run t-shirt, Spag Head his 200th run t-shirt (we can now see his elegant coiffure when he tried on his shirt) and Lady Di got his 400th run t-shirt, happy to see him again. Time for the hash hymn led by SS, happy to see him too after 5 months, hope you had good holiday? But, yet one more time, stay and respect the hash hymn. Happy hour and good food at the Oh La La, thanks.



PH3 GM reminisces in lead up to Nash Hash event

My first connection with Pattaya Hash House Harriers was 7 years ago, 1996, at Songkran. My Belgian friend “Flying Frog” Patrick invited me to what he called a surprise afternoon event of running and drinking. That sounded good. In those days the sign up was at the Hare House in Soi Post Office. A big bearded man welcomed me with cries of “Another Belgian”! This man I later found out was Wayne Groupie Tischbern (R.I.P) later to become a very good friend. Groupie was the “Hash Brew” at that time, and a legend on the PH3 Hash. Unfortunately, he died tragically in Bangkok in August 1999.

The first Belgian GM of the Pattaya H3 (left) with the man who started it all, the (in)famous Bill “BJ” Jones (center).

I will never forget that first afternoon because a bald headed American yelled, “Belgian’s take a seat”. Well the Flying Frog and myself were the only ones to respond to the call. The rest is history; Sir Airhead christened me “Fini the Faggot”. Many years have gone by since then and I have become the first Belgian Grand Master of the famous Pattaya Hash House Harriers. A Drinking club with a running problem. Every Monday more than 100 runners from all around the world meet at different locations around Pattaya for cross country running and drinking fun.

I am very proud to invite Hashers from all over the globe to our Nash Hash Weekend Celebration 2003 and cr่me de la cr่me our 1000th run from May 2 to 5.

This will be a weekend of runs, beer, food and hash sketches (not necessarily in that order). The venue for all this fun will be the Diana Golf Driving Range, right here in Pattaya. Just be there. Sign up at the Scandi Bar on Beach Road on Friday 2nd of May. On On Fini

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