Pacific Park Sriracha hosts 1st annual Thai Baby Derby

Looking for the fastest baby in the country

Songklod Kaewvisit

Thereís a new sport in town and itís not horseracing - itís Baby Racing! Those who attended the regionís 1st annual Thai Baby Derby were howling with laughter at these little tots. Hoards of babies and their parents descended on the Pacific Park shopping complex in Sriracha last weekend to find the Fastest Baby in the East.

The rattle sounds and away they go! Fast as greased lightening, able to leap over a stuffed teddy-bear with only a few bounds, is it a bunny rabbit? A turtle? No, itís Superbaby!

The crawling contest, organized by Awesome Organizer Co. Ltd focused on child development and relationship building within families with children between 8 months to 1 year old - and still unable to walk.

Organizers said that further competitions will be held in the southern province of Songkhla, Khon Kaen in the northeast, the northern city of Chiang Mai.

Winners crawling across the finish line in each event will get a chance to compete for the national title and the Thaksin Shinawatra Trophy.

Screech! Bump. Hey, what are you doing in MY lane?

Ooops. Getting a little sidetracked by the pretty balloon.

Throughout the dayís events a number of booths were open promoting childrenís products and information from local hospitals on how to effectively look after young childrenís health and development. Plenty of activities were provided for the kids including puppet shows, kidís aerobics; even Thai and ballroom dancing.

The tiny regional winners of the crawling contest received 5,000 baht in cash and products, runner-up 3,000 baht cash and products, while 3rd place and Baby Congeniality received 2,000 baht in cash and childrenís products.