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Sikhs gather to commemorate Guru Nanak Dev Ji Birthday on the full moon night

Crystal World sparkles again

PAWS announces Corporate & Organizational Sponsorship Program

Miss Tiffany Universe 2002 wins “Queen of the Universe”

Marriott Resort and Spa’s Spectacular ‘Thank You’ Party

Finnish families sing in harmony in the ‘Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords’ celebration at Marriott Resort & Spa

BCCT on the rocks?

Give Dad a gift for Father’s Day - a Health Check!

Sikhs gather to commemorate Guru Nanak Dev Ji Birthday on the full moon night

Songklod Kaewvisit

Members of Pattaya’s Thai-Sikh society led by Amrik Singh, the well-known businessman, and devotees to the Sikh religion, all gathered at the Sikh Temple on Soi 17 in South Pattaya to celebrate the Gurpurab or Guru Nanak Dev Ji Day to mark the anniversary of the great Guru’s birthday. November’s night of the full moon marks the annual celebration.

A Sikh member chants from Granth Sahib (the holy book) during the singing of the morning Kirtans (holy songs).

This year’s event was held on November 19th and coincided with Thailand’s Loy Krathong Festival.

Devout Sikh residents of Pattaya made a special pilgrimage to the temple or Gurdwara, listened to ‘Kirtans’ - religious songs - and joined in for the ‘Langer’ or holy meal. The celebration ran for three days, November 17-19.

Amrik Singh, leader of Pattaya’s Sikh community, addresses the Gurpurab celebration at the Sikh Temple.

The choir sings Kirtans (holy songs).

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in 1469, in Talwandi Village, now known as Nankana Sahib near Lahore, Pakistan. Even as a young boy, he disagreed with illogical religious ceremonies and traditional beliefs that lacked facts. He was the founder of the Sikh religion and his teachings have been passed along for over 5 centuries.

Sikhs moved into the Kingdom of Thailand during the reign of King Rama V and continuously spread throughout the country for over 5 generations.

Siri Guru Singh Sabha was established as the center of Sikh people, and they cooperated with the Thai Government in the exchange of culture, religious activities, and national security information.

The Sikh religion teaches followers to preserve and do good deeds for society, speak well, think well, live in harmony, walk the middle path, and behave in a gentle manner.

Crystal World sparkles again

Crystal World, the exclusive crystal glassware outlet has re-opened at the new Pattaya Bazaar, directly across North Pattaya Road from Best Supermarket. The outlet features the very latest exclusive designs in lead crystal glasses which are manufactured in Rayong, with the vast majority of pieces destined for the export market.

Chef Fredi Schaub from Bruno’s Restaurant (left) and Pattaya Blatt’s Elfi Seitz (right) present a bouquet of flowers to congratulate Crystal World owner Sangwan (Wan) Duangsri (center).

Another exclusive is the range of giftware using imported Austrian Schwarovski crystals and then applied to Thai handcrafts, using a ‘pointillism’ technique. These will make unique presents to be sent overseas.

The new Crystal World is open every day from 11 a.m. till late.

PAWS announces Corporate & Organizational Sponsorship Program

Did you know that the Pattaya Animal Welfare Foundation (PAWS) has a corporate and organizational sponsorship program?

As West meets East, happiness always is being a PAWS volunteer.

PAWS has captured, sterilized, rabies vaccinated, treated, and recovered over 400 stray dogs in Pattaya based on an area-by-area priorities plan. Funds permitting, this process will continue for several years at 1,000 to 2,000 dogs annually.

Business and organizations around the city have already profited or will benefit in the near future from the foundation cleaning up the street environment and contributing towards a rabies free area. As a result, PAWS has created an official sponsorship program to allow businesses and organizations to return some of the investment that the foundation will be making in their sector of the city.

The company or organization with the largest annual contribution during the current fundraising year for each major service or product category will be designated the official PAWS’ sponsor for the following respective calendar year. As an example, if the ABC Resort gives a gift of B500,000 in 2002, and that amount is the highest received for the “resort category,” the ABC Resort will be designated as the PAWS’ official resort corporate sponsor for 2003, and promoted as such in various ways.

Newly adopted female puppy, named Rian, with dark yellow fur and very friendly disposition. Proud new owner, Klaus Dierks.

Some of the area organizations in the running so far as PAWS 2003 official sponsors include the Student Guild of the Regents International School, Bistro Restaurant, and Super Sandwich Express & Bakery.

Companies and organizations interested in PAWS may contact the foundation through the following email address: [email protected] hotmail.com or leave a voice mail message at (06)058-1665.

Miss Tiffany Universe 2002 wins “Queen of the Universe”

Litanyaporn Anyasiri - also known as Miss Tiffany Universe 2002 - a 24-year-old Masters student from Australia is now “Queen of the Universe”.

Litanyaporn Anyasiri and her court received and gala parade down Beach Road upon return from winning the “Miss Queen of the Universe” title in Los Angeles.

The Queen of the Universe competition is the biggest transvestite competition in the world and was held this year, as it is every year, in Los Angeles.

Litanyaporn won the Miss Tiffany Universe competition on June 30 this year and entered the finals at the Mavinham Hotel in Los Angeles, America on November 10. A great achievement, Litanyaporn is the third Thai competitor to make it into the final rounds.

When she was asked to answer a question she received a bursting round of applause. Her question was; “In 25 years, what do you hope to have achieved.” Litanyaporn responded, “I hope I have been instrumental in changing the laws and attitudes of the general public concerning gays, transvestites, tomboys and lesbians in order to make them more accepted in the community and make the laws fairer.”

Alisa Phantusak, manager of the Tiffany Show, said she was very excited that Litanyaporn had won the crown.

The runners up were Singapore, Mauritius, Haiti and Greece respectively.

Litanyaporn was born in Bangkok and is a graduate of Thamasat University and is now studying for her Masters Degree at Central College in Sydney. She has brought much fame to Thailand by winning the Queen of the Universe Competition 2002 and her fellow Thais are very proud of her.

Marriott Resort and Spa’s Spectacular ‘Thank You’ Party

by Peter Cummins

A “Thank You Party” it certainly was, as the Pattaya Marriott Resort and Spa really turned on a splendid show for clients, friends and supporters at the Resort’s Sala Rim Nam last Friday, the 22nd of November.

Somsak poses with the staff and entertainers.

Not even threatening weather and the unseasonable rainfall over the past few days could ‘dampen’ the enthusiasm of the big crowd who enjoyed the entertainment, the dancing, the show, and even the chance for a ‘mini’ massage from the attractive girls from the Spa who were in attendance.

Spectacular dancing, from Hawaiian to modern, served to compliment the superb ambience which pervaded the evening.

The food was just great and, of course, there were rivers of wine, beer and other drinks to make the spirit soar like the lanterns which were lit and floated up into the night sky.

Somsak Tanruengsri, cluster general manager of the Marriott Resort and Spa, welcomed the guests and his assistant called on a number of the guests to help in the lucky draw.

Finnish families sing in harmony in the ‘Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords’ celebration at Marriott Resort & Spa

On November 22nd Finnish businesspeople and residents led by Risto Vierula, production and purchasing manager for Noppon Thai Co. Ltd., along with priest Juhavi Waarna, Finnish family members and 40 Christian Thais attended the ‘Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords’ celebration at Marriott Resort & Spa.

(Right) Risto Vierula, production and purchasing manager for Noppon Thai Co. Ltd., led family and friends in song during the ‘Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords’ celebration at Marriott Resort & Spa.

An instrumental band from Finnish School in Bangkok consisting of youth and professional level players brightened up the evening with religious songs.

The Finnish group met to share greetings, sing songs, dine and pray together to create a happy family atmosphere at the gathering.

BCCT on the rocks?

BCCT enjoys another networking night at Royal Varuna Yacht Club

The British Chamber of Commerce Thailand hosted another networking evening at one of Thailand’s best kept secrets, the Varuna Yacht Club. It was a scenic change of venue and networkers were treated to food and drinks courtesy of the sponsors, chartered accounting firm Ferrier Hodgson, on the rolling lawns by the beach bar.

Ferrier Hodgson Thailand, led by Director Warwick Kneale (center) sponsored the BCCT networking evening at Royal Varuna Yacht Club.

Ferrier Hodgson hails from Australia and specializes in financial and operational restructuring, corporate recovery, management consulting and insolvency management.

Director Warwick Kneale addressed BCCT members and guests mentioning that the firm currently has customers on the Eastern Seaboard, mainly in the capacity of consultancy and that the current team has a wide diversity of backgrounds, from chemical engineering to agriculture, which enables Ferrier Hodgson Thailand to deal with all types of companies.

BCCT board members, Greg Watkins, executive director and Graham Macdonald were on hand to answer questions concerning the chamber, as was Don Mackenzie, Varuna Yacht Club commodore on membership enquiries.

The evening was well attended with usual crowd of avid networkers chatting away to one another in the fresh easterly winds at the Varuna Yacht Club.

Give Dad a gift for Father’s Day - a Health Check!

The Bangkok Pattaya Hospital is offering an across the board Father’s Day discount on health checks - on Father’s Day, December 5th. This is an ideal opportunity to get Dad to have a look at his health - and make sure that he will be around for Father’s Day next year!

This one day promotion (from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.) has up to 50% reductions on all check-up packages, and the beauty of it is that Dad does not need to have the check done on that day, but can defer the actual physical examination till the end of January next year. A pre-paid package that could possibly save his life.

The 50% discount in all check up packages means that a very basic care package can start as low as 600 baht, going through to the ultimate VIP package (the works!) for 3,450 baht.

Even special diagnostic tests such as ECG’s, echocardiography and other pathology testing have large discounts, with again some as high as 50% off.

The Dental Centre has also chosen to be included in the Father’s Day promotion, with up to 50% reductions available as well on a huge range of examinations and procedures.

For more information contact the International Department, Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, tel. 038 427 777, fax 038 427 770, or email [email protected]