Casa Pascal - for an amazing lunch

by Miss Terry Diner

There is a down side to having one of the most elegant restaurants in town - everyone assumes that it is expensive! Chef Pascal Schnyder can actually show that this is not necessarily the case in his Casa Pascal Restaurant, where the Dining Out Team went for lunch last week.

Before examining the business lunch sets, it should be pointed out that the a la carte menu is current all day, and even it has multi-course sets from as low as 450 baht. The actual business lunch menu changes regularly and features either a four course lunch at B. 350, or a three course lunch for B. 220, or a main course only at B. 165. These are hardly ‘over the top’ prices!

For those who have not been to Casa Pascal, a few words about the restaurant itself are in order. It is set back from Pattaya Second Road and is adjacent to the Ruen Thai Restaurant complex and shares its large car parking area. One side of the restaurant has extensive windows, making for a very airy feel during daylight hours. The other side is divided into separate alcoves. You sit in large upholstered chairs and the tables are also generous in size, covered with yellow linen tablecloths and large enough to be able to take business folders as well as your lunch! Terracotta tiles are on the floor and the ceiling is high. Again adding to the airy atmosphere. The glassware is lead crystal and the napkins are linen and large - the same size as those on the Orient Express, Pascal assured me.

The d้cor is restrained and classy - you would not be embarrassed taking any high-flying international MD to this restaurant. And incidentally, the toilets have to be the world’s most elegant loos! (Yes, I peeked in the gentleman’s as well.)

What was very noticeable was the fact that the tables are not crammed together, just to get another four people in the doors, but are far enough apart that you can do business, without being overheard by your neighbouring table.

Lunch began with cold towels - large hand towels - and our drinks order. Being the middle of the day I went for soda water, but Madame with a more relaxed schedule joined Pascal in a glass of the house champagne (B. 150). We were also given a small palate reviver of chopped smoked salmon and Spanish Gazpacho salad to set the tone for the lunchtime meal. With this came a choice of hot breads (white or wholemeal) and a very appetizing egg spread.

Madame went for the cold cuts and mixed salad on garden greens and was more than satisfied by the quantity, the variety and the taste. I decided on the soup that day, which was a chicken cream with bacon, served with the croutons separately. This came in a covered soup bowl and was served hot. (Note to other restaurateurs, please do not serve lukewarm soups!) It was also excellent and I will have this again myself next time I am passing Casa Pascal’s around lunch time.

We both decided on the main course of braised cherry duck in aged red wine and buttered noodles. This was a superb dish, the sauce sensational and the duck was not tough, as this bird can sometimes tend to be. Both of us enjoyed this immensely.

We allowed ourselves to be talked into the dessert, an Italian ice cream with cherries, and Madame finished with coffee, while I just sat, unable to eat or drink any more. It had been a very good lunch.

The Dining Out Team was most impressed with our meal at Casa Pascal. The food was of the usual Casa Pascal standard, and the restaurant design lends itself to the concept of business meetings. We have given Casa Pascal a very highly recommended rating before and we are even more confirmed in that decision. The addition of the business menu is an opportunity for the business people in Pattaya to dine elegantly at a price that should make this restaurant even more attractive.

Casa Pascal, Pattaya Second Road, next to Ruen Thai, telephone 038 723 660.