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Jan Olav Aamlid - A numismatist adds a 'vintage' year

Pattaya Gay Festival goes Hawaiian

Tesco Lotus celebrates 5th anniversary in Pattaya

Rotary joins Lions in helping flood victims

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Jan Olav Aamlid - A numismatist adds a ‘vintage’ year

by Peter Cummins

It started out as a small gathering of a few of Jan Olav’s close friends who had come to Cafe New Orleans to help the birthday boy celebrate in the fine style to which he has become accustomed. Tables were added, chairs found - and still they came!

Birthday boy Jan Olav Aamlid (3rd from left) and friends

Several hilarious hours and many bottles of wine later, the party finally disbanded. Our favourite numismatist was a year older, many years wiser and rapidly gaining on that “mid-life” crisis which will be reported in a future edition of the Pattaya Mail. No, not Jan Olav’s - he still has a way to go - but a general look at this phenomenon as observed by a local scribe who has been there and survived!

Meantime, we wish our splendid Norwegian colleague Jan Olav, his lovely wife Mio and his two boys the best possible life. For the birthday boy himself, may a ‘mint’ of rare items come his way and, to ‘coin’ a phrase, may he never lack any ‘currency of the realm’ - whichever realm!

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Pattaya Gay Festival goes Hawaiian

What do pigs, hula skirts and loud shirts have in common? The pig roast and Hawaiian party night at the Panorama Pub, in aid of the Pattaya Gay Festival’s Charities, held last week.

Over 150 people turned out for the event and a fun time was had by all! (Well maybe not all, the four pigs being roasted on the spits did not seem to enjoy the heat.) But all the guests enjoyed the pigs!

The night was fast paced and filled with lucky draws, raffles and contests.

Another successful PGF event that raised baht 76,300 for the charities, bringing the total to over 2.1 million baht! The Pattaya Gay Festival raises funds for the benefit of HEARTT 2000 and Naklua Drug Rehabilitation Center.

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Tesco Lotus celebrates 5th anniversary in Pattaya

On Sunday, August 26, Tesco Lotus celebrated its 5th anniversary in Pattaya by throwing an “everyone’s invited” party. Management had a huge cake made, pieces of which were presented to any customer with a sweet tooth who wanted to partake, and Tesco Lotus freely handed out champagne to all who were inclined to have a taste.

Tesco Lotus Pattaya store managing director Pornchai Jungbunjerdsak (center), with Sister Joan from the Fountain of Life Center at this side, raises a toast for a successful 5 years and a successful Care 4 Kids Charity Drive.

Lotus also remembered the young, and provided games to play for the young and young at heart. And if that weren’t enough, everyone whose birthday was within a couple days of the celebration were treated to a birthday cake of their own to take home and share with family and friends.

The celebrations began shortly after representatives from the Fountain of Life and the Jesters Care 4 Kids Charity Drive counted out over 200,000 baht that had been donated by customers into the donation boxes set up for the charity drive at Lotus Superstore.

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Rotary joins Lions in helping flood victims

Accompanying the charter president of the Rotary Club of Taksin Pattaya for the donation were treasurer Bruno Wagner, vice president Preben Hansen and Rotarian Frank Layana.

The Lions Club of Pattaya collected material, cloth, food, rice and other urgently needed items for the flood victims in the northeast of Thailand.

On August 19, members of the Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya joined the disaster relief effort by donating 500kg of rice.

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Around Town: PolTony’s Mini Golf

By Lesley Warner

Paul showing me how it’s done

I went to PolTony’s with friends and not much enthusiasm, thinking that this would be child’s play ‘mini golf’. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong - there are 18 holes, all with obstacles. The A holes aren’t too bad, but the B holes are much more difficult. There are multiple humps to get over, corners to putt round, small pipes to putt through and an impossible basket to putt into. (Well impossible for me, even with instruction from Paul the ‘Pol’ from PolTony’s). The mini golf is set among the trees in the lovely garden so there is plenty of shade and places to sit down.

The game rules are:

1. The maximum number of strokes for every hole is 7. If the ball is not holed after 7 strokes, then add 1 penalty point and write down 8 points.

2. Every player will play in turn until the ball is holed or the maximum points are reached.

Are you sure I can only have 7 shots?

3. After every player in the same group has played the hole, every body will move onto the next hole.

4. If the ball stops against a red border, you may place the ball 5 cm/6 inches from this red border and play from there.

5. If the ball is hit out of the field, it shall be placed 15cm/6inches from the border where the ball left and add 1 penalty point.

6. If the ball is hit out of the field and rolls back on to the field, it will be played from the place it lies and add 1 penalty point.

7. There are two kinds of holes, marked with an A or a B

Holes with an A (Normal Hole): The first stroke is played from the red carpet and the following strokes are played from where the ball stops.

I don’t believe these scores

Holes with a B (Obstacle Hole): These holes have a red line in the field. The first stroke must be played from the red carpet. You must pass the red line in the field. If not, you have to play again from the red carpet. You have 3 attempts to pass the red line in the field. If you do not pass the red line after 3 attempts, you have to place the ball on the blue spot behind the red line, play from there and add 1 penalty point.

From these rules you can tell this is just as competitive as any other sport. It’s good fun and even got me, old misery guts on that day, laughing. Paul told me it takes about 40 minutes to get round the course depending on the number of players. It’s good entertainment for any age or nationality and at 120 baht each, it is not going to break the bank. And, you can play 2 times with one ticket. There are plenty of refreshments available and a restaurant. It is easy to find on Thappraya Road (opposite Captains Corner). For more information or booking, telephone (038) 250 318.

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