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Rare chance for Thailand’s amateur golfers to play with the world’s best

Number 50 for the elder Schumi

Pattaya Marathon coming July 15

History is made on PH3 Run 903

Stewart Kime wins Monthly Mug

Fitness Tips: Giving advice on traveller’s thrombosis (part 2)

Another triumph for Pearce

Holm, pair of Docs win the week

Alan Pearce and Banjob par for the course in mystery pairs

Mr. Loy ploughs through Pattaya

The Square Ring

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Rare chance for Thailand’s amateur golfers to play with the world’s best

Top three winners among Volvo car owners will tee off in this year’s Volvo Klassik in Jerez, Spain

Calling all amateur golfers in Thailand! Applications are starting to pour in from Volvo car owners who would like to join the friendly tournament to be held starting Thursday, July 12. The top winner from each of the three categories will be sent to Spain in November for the Volvo Klassik, one of the most prestigious non-professional golf tournaments in the world today. A brand new Volvo V40 awaits the first participant who makes a Hole in One on a designated Par 3 in each course in Thailand!

(from left) Sudaporn Urmpornvanit vice-manager of marketing, Carl-Johan Sandesjo, president of Volvo Car (Thailand) and Pro-ittikul Kunsana the managing director of Volvo Golf Academy pose with the trophies up for grabs for the 3 winners of the Volvo Golf Klassik 2001 (Thailand).

Volvo Car (Thailand), with its extensive dealership network nationwide, and the Golf Academy, join hands in organizing a search for the three amateur golfers who will participate in this year’s Volvo Klassik Golf Tournament in Spain. The prestigious Dehesa Montenmedio Golf Course in Jerez will be the playing field for top golfers from 20 countries, including Thailand.

This event aims to bring together Volvo car owners who may go on to the international tournament, potential customers and other amateur golfers, for a friendly round of golf around the country. Following the National Finals to be held on Thursday, September 27, the top three winners among the Volvo car owners will be flown to Spain to participate in an exciting international golf tournament in November. It is held in conjunction with the Volvo Masters (European Golf Tour Final), which the company has been sponsoring since 1988.

Thailand’s top Courses

On July 12, the first 120 participants (40 persons in each of 3 flights) will compete in the first preliminary round at the Thana City Golf and Country Club, Bangkok. During the following weeks, seven more rounds will be held in some of the country’s finest golf courses for the following flights:

* Group A: Handicap 0-12, 40 participants
* Group B: Handicap 13-17, 40 participants
* Group C: Handicap 18 to 24 and over, 40 participants

The day before each preliminary round, participants will be invited for free practice sessions at the Volvo Golf Clinic, with professional golf pros and trainers from the Volvo Golf Academy. This year, courses for both Beginners and Advanced Players will be offered.

The top 5 Volvo car owners in each category, from each Preliminary Round will qualify for the Finals, to be held at the Laem Chabang International Country Club, Chonburi, on Thursday, September 27, 2001 (total number of participants: 120). The three winners of the National Finals will then be heading for Jerez, Spain, for the Volvo Klassik, from November 8 to 11.

In addition, Volvo will have special prizes in different categories for all rounds:

- Longest Drive Par 5, 2 holes
- Closest to the Pin Par 3, 4 holes

A special Hole In One Prize is at stake for any participant (1 winner for each round) who achieves this amazing feat on a designated Par 3: a brand new Volvo V40 T valued at 1,848,000 baht!

Mr. Karl-Johan Sandesjo, President of Volvo Car (Thailand), expressed his confidence in this event, “Last year, one of our representatives to Spain brought home a prestigious trophy from the Klassik, reaping honors not only for Volvo Car Thailand, but also for the country. I would like to invite all amateur golfers to enjoy this year’s friendly tournament with us. It is a unique chance for three Volvo Car owners to go to Spain to play with top golfers from twenty other countries.”

To join, interested parties may contact any authorized Volvo dealer throughout the country, or call Volvo Customer Care Center at tel. no. 318 6532-3, or visit the website at Deadline for submission of application forms fees (baht 2,000 for Volvo owners and family members, baht 2,500 for the public) is two weeks before each preliminary round.

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Number 50 for the elder Schumi

At the French Grand Prix at Magny Cours, Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher chalked up his 50th GP win. With one more win, he will equal the all-time record previously set by Alain Prost. He was followed home by his brother Ralf in the BMW Williams, and his team mate Rubens Barichello in the second Ferrari.

At the parade lap, once again McLaren Mercedes got it wrong, with Mika Hakkinen unable to move off. On the TV, Erja the Ice Maiden looked most displeased, or perhaps she had just stepped in something. Later it was revealed that the gearbox had been incorrectly assembled. (There is an opening for a bright young gearbox assembler at McLaren - please ring a Mr. Ron Dennis who is eager to talk with you!)

Michael jumps for joy on winning his 50th GP race. (photo courtesy Planet-f1 and Bothwell Photographics)

But fans world-wide were glued to the TV, with Ralf on pole and Michael alongside. Would Ralf pull big brother’s swerving trick off the line? Rumour even had it that their mother had rung them to tell them to be good boys! Mum didn’t have to worry as Ralf shot away to a comfortable lead, while big bro had his hands full fending off David Coulthard’s McLaren Mercedes. Behind these three came Montoya in the second BMW Williams, Barrichello (from grid 8), Trulli and Frentzen in the Jordans, Villeneuve in the BAR then Raikkonen and Heidfeld in the Saubers.

Up until lap 24 Ralf remained comfortably in the lead, with any “action” being in mid-field with Eddie Irvine in the Jaguar attacking anything or anyone at any time. You have to give it to Eddie this year; he has had to buy XXL undershorts to get all of his anatomy into the car.

Again, we were witness to all the passing manoeuvres at the front of the field being done in the pits (ho-hum), as Michael S got out before Ralf S to then take a lead he never really relinquished.

Coulthard got overexcited in pit lane and got nabbed for speeding and had to come in for a 10 second stop-go penalty, thereby ruining any chance he had of a podium. Oh the excitement of watching a Formula 1 racing car stopped for 10 seconds in the pits. Breathless stuff! When will the FIA wake up?

And so the French GP dragged on to its inevitable conclusion, with Michael S cruising home, completely in charge. Barichello was lucky to make the 3rd step on the podium, as Montoya had that sewn up till another mechanical failure sidelined him just before the end. Coulthard picked up 4th, with Trulli 5th and Heidfeld in for the last championship point. Fortunately Crazy Jean Alesi entertained the crowd doing doughnuts at the end. They hadn’t had much to cheer before then.

The Championship table, with 7 races to go, stands at M. Schumacher 78, Coulthard 47, R. Schumacher 31, Barrichello 30. The next round is the British GP at Silverstone on July 15th.

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Pattaya Marathon coming July 15

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has announced that this year’s Pattaya Marathon will take place on Sunday, July 15.

The competition includes a full 42 k marathon, a 21 k half marathon and a 10 k mini-marathon. The marathon will start at 5 a.m., the half marathon at 5:30 a.m. and the mini-marathon at 6 a.m. Both men and women will compete in six different age groups, as well as an over-65 category for men. There will also be wheelchair categories.

The top prize for the men’s international category is 150,000 baht, while the top prize for the women’s category is 100,000 baht. The winners in each age group will receive trophies and all finishers will receive medals.

Application in person can be made at the Finance Division of the TAT Head Office, tel. (66-2) 694-1222, ext. 1180, 1182, 1007-8, or at the TAT Pattaya office, tel. (66-38) 427667, 428750, and at your nearest TAT office or at the Amateur Athletic Association of Thailand, tel. (66-2) 564-3322.

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History is made on PH3 Run 903

Monday June 25 on Pattaya Hash Run #903, Sir Airhead completed his 700th Hash Run. Lets’ be serious for just a little while. When you think of it, 700 runs out of 903. That is some milestone. Most of the old hashers (we are not saying Sir Airhead is getting old) reach around 200 or 300 and fade away. Not Sir Airhead, he started way back on run #29 on the 28th of January 1985. That’s sixteen years of Hashing with PH3. In those days he had waving long hair and it’s been waving good-bye ever since! He tried his hand at being GM but it didn’t really work. He does what he does best, being the bad RA, keeping us entertained each week. Our present GM Boy George presented Sir Airhead with his very own personalized chair and he now has the privilege of sitting during the circles if he so wishes. Fossil was heard to remark that she would be 50 years old when she reaches 700 runs. I will be 70! Congratulations Tom and keep on Hashing.

Run report

Today’s run was set by C Face and A-H. A nice A site set on the outskirts of Naklua. Grass freshly cut so the cracks could graze. The run itself was OK. Lots of tarmac, rice paddies, river beds and wet feet. They got Hash [email protected]#t. It just so happened that Sir Airhead had 2 new Hash [email protected]#t hats for them. The Hares had a good Hares song Doo Da, Doo Da Day.

Pinky fixes raffle

Once again Pinky fixed his raffle so that Sweet Plum could win something nice. But he was a sinner also. Telling someone he did not want to open another raffle book, therefore depriving the Hash of extra income.

Young maiden rescued

A young maiden, who passed out while on the run, was rescued by Little Tommy 2 Lips and his friend. She collapsed just before the 12 foot drop into the river bed. Yao Yao just about had to administer mouth to mouth resuscitation, when she miraculously recovered. Yao Yao later stated that the Queen responds very slowly when he resuscitates her every morning. When the young maiden was asked why she passed out, she said Apples Turnover while running in front of her, stopped, turned around and exposed himself. She said look at that and passed out. Which would be worse? Apples Turnovers’ manhood or Yao Yao bending over you with a big wide grin and his tongue hanging out!

Charlie Manson flees

Charlie Manson was last seen fleeing from the bus. Was he looking for paper or a food shop? Is there trouble in the Manson household? The lovely Sharon Tate would not comment. More on this story later...

Choir master and young girl

The Pattaya Hash Choir led by the Choir Master, Festering Squid Jazzer, sang the Cliff Richard song the Young Ones. They must have been practicing all week. But one of the choir lent his smock to a young girl who changed her underwear while wearing his hallowed smock. This is a sin. Katoey A M was the guilty party.

Hammer going straight

Hammer, well known Hasher, turned up at today’s run on his own. Could it be that since quitting his job, he has to be more careful with his baht? Hammer who has kept the Thai shoe market in the black for many years, said he is waiting for the latest trendy shoe that is coming on the market next week. There is no truth in the rumour that he has given up buying young ladies running shoes!

Happy Hour

The Pattaya Hash attended Happy Hour at the Classroom. Lots of chicken curry and rice plus cold beer. Hashers in attendance all in a party mood and enjoying themselves. And it’s goodnight to him and it’s goodnight to you. If I don’t see you through the week, I will see you through the window!

On-On Chicken F

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Stewart Kime wins Monthly Mug

Pattaya Sports Club Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday, June 25 - Century Chonburi (stroke)

Century Chonburi was the venue, stroke play was the game on a course in very good condition.

Steady Arthur Bailey took first with a net 72. Dave Richardson on a count back from Rob Brown took second, and Tony Nordfelt finished fourth with a net 78.

Thursday, June 28 - Phoenix Country Club (Monthly Mug)

The game was stroke play for the Kronborg Mug at the superbly conditioned Mountain and Ocean layouts at Phoenix Golf and Country Club.

The competition was for the mug and two flights competed: A 0-18 and B 19 and above.

Stewart Kime took the mug with a net 68.

Wayne Koch too the A flight with a net 69. Peter Stevens took second on a count back from Ebrahim, both with a net 70.

Peter Galle took the B flight with a net 69. Bill Gibson finished second with a net 75 and Rodney Clarke placed third with a net 79.

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Fitness Tips: Giving advice on traveller’s thrombosis (part 2)

General Advice

All travellers should take some basic precautions against developing DVT. This includes simple exercise and keeping well hydrated. Some airlines are now including this type of advice in in-flight magazines. British Airways is issuing a leaflet with tickets to passengers which recommends standing up, stretching the arms and legs every couple of hours and taking a brief walk around the cabin when possible. Qantas includes diagrams of exercises, which it says may be effective at increasing the body’s circulation, on its The exercises include circling the ankles, pumping the feet, lifting the knees and neck and shoulder rolls.

Dehydration increases blood viscosity and so is a risk factor for developing DVT. It is easy to become dehydrated on aeroplanes because of the low humidity in cabins and because of eating and drinking patterns people often adopt when flying. To avoid dehydration, travellers should be advised to drink plenty of water and to minimise intake of alcohol, caffeinated drinks and salty snacks. If you are going to drink on the flight then make sure you drink a similar amount of water to the volume of your alcoholic drink to stop excessive dehydration (yes, this is the Panther’s clause).

Panel 2: Advice for travellers

Drink plenty of water

Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drink

Move around

Flex legs to encourage blood flow

Do not sit with legs or ankles crossed

Wear loose fitting clothes

Consider wearing support stockings

Consider taking a pre-flight aspirin

People at very high risk of DVT should consider either postponing their flight or the use of anticoagulation therapy

Pre-Flight Aspirin

The use of pre-flight aspirin is a contentious issue. Aspirin is not licensed for preventing travel-related DVT and pharmacists have raised concerns about selling it for an unlicensed indication.

However, many experts have advocated its use. The House of Lords report recommends the use of pre-flight aspirin for people at moderate risk of developing DVT, including people who take the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy.

Scurr also recommends the use of pre-flight aspirin. He told The fournal that aspirin’s anti-platelet effect had been known about for a long time and it had been given to patients for cardiovascular purposes for years. The lack of clinical trial evidence for aspirin for prevention of travel-related DVT meant that it was unclear exactly what dose should be used. Scurr said that the dose should be between 75 and 150mg and that he usually recommended a dose of 150mg.

Scurr added that he believed that aspirin should be licensed for this purpose (although the lack of clinical data was a problem) and hoped that the Royal Pharmaceutical Society would endorse its use.

A spokeswoman for the Medicines Control Agency told The fournal on January 23, “The advice to give low dose aspirin (75/100mg) for airline travel would be a professional one and would be the responsibility of the advising pharmacist. However, the MCA cautions that DVT is an unlicensed indication and aspirin should be used with caution in many patient groups including those with an active peptic ulcer, asthma or on anticoagulation therapy”.

Sue Sharpe (director of professional standards, Royal Pharmaceutical Society) told The fournal on January 24, “The MCA should consider adding this [indication for preventing DVT] to the licensed indications, after full scrutiny, which is the legal procedure for ensuring safety set down in the Medicines Act.” She added, “We note the MCA’s views that this is a professional decision for pharmacists to make. Until there is an amendment to the marketing authority, pharmacists would be supplying the product outside its licensed indications, and should make a professional decision whether to do so.”

Next week: “Compression Hosiery and Drug Treatment”.

Until then, keep fit and stay healthy!

Carpe’ Diem

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Another triumph for Pearce

PSC Golf - Three Sisters

Twenty-five players turned out for the regular Monday outing at Siam Country Club on Monday, June 25, and the excellent weather conditions had a positive effect on the scores. Many scores of 40 points or better were turned in.

At the end of the day it was Alan Pearce winning the bragging rights with 45 points, even after a recent cut of three strokes to his handicap; a further cut is in the offing Alan. Rumor has it that Alan has been boning up by studying the book “How to Win at Golf,” not very sporting Alan; can I borrow it? Second place went to Gerry Carpenter with 43 points, shooting 25 of them on the back nine.

Three Sisters golfers were all pleased to see Steve Donovan, the newly elected PSC Golf Chairman, turn out to join the gang. Good to have you with us Steve and congratulations on the election results. We look forward good news for PSC Golf during your term.

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Holm, pair of Docs win the week

IPGC TAGGS Golf from The Haven

Monday 25th June - Eastern Star (Stableford)

1st: Carl Holm, 39 pts
2nd: Serge Straeten, 37 pts
3rd: Oradee Kaesavane, 36 pts

Newcomer Carl Holm led home a good field with an excellent score of 39 Stableford points on a difficult day for golf, that saw Serge and Oradee also playing very well to their handicaps. The rest of the competitors found it less easy than the podium occupants, mainly due to the general condition of the course, which is undergoing some major renovations. These are expected to take some while to complete and golfers should not expect too much assistance from the course in the meantime.

Richard welcomed new members Peter Allen and Greg Nathan from Australia whilst welcoming back Larry Ball from the USA.

Wednesday 27th June - Bangpra (Medal)

1st: Stephen Beard, 71
2nd: Jimmy Little, 73
3rd: Yazuo Suzuki, 77 (cb9 35.5)
4th: Harry Riley, 77 (cb9 40.5)

The Doc is coming into a bit of form in the run up to the Independence Day tournament, just keeping Jimmy, who is also tuning up for the big day, at bay over the final holes.

Yazuo had a fine back nine that saw him also fending off a flagging Harry in the latter stages.

Friday 29th June - Century Ban Chan (Bogey)

1st: Harry Kranz, 5 up
2nd: Jimmy Little, 4 up
3rd: Derek Reaper, 2 up (cb9 1 up, cb6 1 up)
4th: Klaus Schackt, 2 up (cb9 1 up, cb6 all square)
5th: Stephen Beard, 1 up

A special tournament in honor of the Bogeyman’s belated birthday saw a large contingent of golfers from the Haven travel to the always testing track at Ban Chan.

The competition was won by the TAGGS other Doktor, Herr Harry Kranz from Austria, whose handicap continues to defy gravity, but not for too much longer one thinks. Herr Doktor relegated Jimmy Little to bridesmaid for the second time running to one kind of doctor or another. Rumor has it that he is undergoing some form of education to improve his performance in this respect.

Derek Reaper was in his usual fine form fueled by at least 12 Heinekens just edging out Klaus on the count back over the last 6 holes.

The Doc found the pace a little too hot this outing and is vowing to study even harder in the coming weeks. A great competition was rounded off at a party held at the Haven, with Brian Kelly supplying a prize for all the entrants as well as nearest the pins, which were won by Derek Reaper (2), Jimmy Little, and Yazuo.

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Alan Pearce and Banjob par for the course in mystery pairs

New member Alan Pearce returned the best score of the day with 43 points in Shenanigans Mystery Pairs Stableford competition at Eastern Star on Tuesday June 26th.

In a field of twenty four, which included other new members John Kennedy, Ken Mau, Nevada West and Im Woodruffe, scores were generally below par with only three players scoring 36 points or better.

Usa Chaiyusit made the blind draw and did an excellent job by drawing her own 37 Stableford points with the modest 32 returned by Mike Franklin to take second place on the podium.

Mike was even more delighted when Usa drew Banjob’s 29 points with the 43 carded by Alan Pearce to give a total of 72 and the winners’ place.

Gay Horan continued form to take the near pin on Signature Hole #4, Ray Woodruffe was closest on #12. Izzy Freedman with a new set of irons justified the huge expense by being nearest the pin on #12, and consistent Phil Groves was closest on #18.

Ken Mau had the longest first putt on #9, and Alan Pearce sank the longest putt on #18.

Another enjoyable and very friendly day with Shenanigans.

A Pairs Scramble comes up next on Tuesday 10th July at Eastern Star. Sign-up in pairs please, at Shenanigans.

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Mr. Loy ploughs through Pattaya

IPGC Golf with the Bunker

On June 26th the Bunker Boys traveled to Pattaya Country Club for a Stableford competition. The greens left a lot to be desired with sand on some and the grass not cut on the others.

Division 2 had Gordon McKnight scoring 35 only to come second to Stan, the (Cheers) Man, Axon who played to par 36.

Division 1 had Jimmy Little firing net par coming second to Mr. Loy who had the only sub par of the day with 38. Could we have another amputee at the Bunker?

Near pins went to Barry Barnes, Jimmy Little and two to the flying Finn Hannu.

The bananas were awarded belatedly to Chris “the pathfinder” John for his tantrum and tearing up his card, only to find he had torn up Stan the man’s card instead! Chris Coffee won the lucky draw.

Mr. Loy survives amputation

June 29th had the Bunker Boys traveling to Green Valley for a medal competition in very humid conditions. A bonus for the Bunker Boys was the welcome return of golf professional Keith Smithson from England who always makes a point of playing with the Boys when he visits Thailand.

Keith must bring out the best in playing companions because the winners, Mr. Loy, Keith himself and “Dogleg” Peter Alcorn all played together, with Mr. Loy in first at 3 over par.

With the tees well back the rest of the field had a disastrous scoring round. Mr. Loy’s recent amputation of .8 had no effect until salt was put on the wound, losing the beer to the Cheers gang at darts later in the evening!

Near pins went to John Hall and two to Dogleg. The Bananas went to Sunny for marking the wrong card for 14 holes and then breaking his club against a tree after he realized his mistake. Sonny did, however, get some relief when he won the lucky draw.

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The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

A Federal court judge in New York again muddled the heavyweight picture even more, if that’s humanly possible. She ruled that Hasim Rahman HAS to fight Lennos Lewis before anything else. “Lennox Lewis as time goes on will have diminished skill which no amount of compensatiuon can repair.” In a later ruling she decided that Rahman’s contract had been terminated with Cedric Kushner. That freed Rahman to fight for Don King. That fight, if held within 18 months, must be against Lewis. Rahman, never noted for being smarter than your average light bulb, said, “If I don’t get the money I want, no fight. If they’re not talking eight figures, then they’re not talking to me.” Judd Burstein, Lewis’s attorney said, “Rahman is more likely to be panhandling than he is to get $10,000,000 for this fight. Unless cows are flying, he’s not getting eight figures.”

It’s possible that Rahman could sit out the 18 months covered by the judge’s order and then choose his opponent. What faces Rahman here is the old “Yea But” deal. If he sits out 18 months there will be at least two and maybe three other Heavyweight World Champions. He’ll become the guy that beat the guy. That is not a really marketable trait. It is clear that the Ruiz-Holyfield fight in China is not a possibility for the Lewis rematch. “I am not an undercard fight,” said Lewis. No you’re not. You’re much too boring. Meanwhile the fight in China is still suspect. No TV contract so Don King is going to televise it on his own network. Great, now he can take himself for a ride.

Last Sunday Thailand’s Ratanachai Vorapin was supposed to be getting a shot at former double world champion and certifiable head case Danny Romero Jr. Didn’t happen. As is usual with the Romero family, Danny Sr. runs the operation and the fight was canceled a few days before. Seems the Romero’s had signed a contract with English promoter Frankie Warren. They either forgot or didn’t tell Don King who promoted the “farce” in Las Vegas. When Warren wrote Mr. King a note “reminding him” that “I have a contract to promote Danny Romero’s Jr. fights,” King pulled the plug.

There will be those out there that would object to me using the word “farce” in regard to the Saturday Night card in Las Vegas. Not only was Romers-Vorapin canceled but also the title fight between WBO jr welterweight champion Julio Ener and Felix Flores. This was to be the only title bout of the card. During a “routine” eye examination Ener was found to have cataracts. In fact the eye doctor said, “You have cataracts”. “No have Rincoln.” I’m sorry I just couldn’t pass it up. The official site for the WBC Convention in Pattaya Beach December 2-8 will be the Ambassador Hotel in Jomtien. Of course that is not Pattaya Beach but it’s certainly close enough for government work.

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