Thais view pollution as greatest threat to world


BANGKOK, 23 October 2014  – According to the latest survey, the majority of Thais are most concerned over the growing pollution and other threats to the environment.

Major think-tank Pew Research Center has conducted a survey in 44 countries on which of the five dangers is considered the greatest threat to the world. After surveying more than 48,000 people, the group found that the answers vary depending on where they live.

Many in the Middle East said religious and ethnic hatred was the greatest threat, while Europeans tended to choose inequality. Africans are more concerned with AIDS and other infectious diseases and other countries chose the spread of nuclear weapons or pollution and environmental problems as the top danger.

In Thailand, 36 percent of respondents view pollution as the greatest threat and 29 percent identified the gap between rich and poor. The third biggest threat is AIDS and other infectious diseases.

The geographical clustering shows that countries’choices often reflect regional concerns as well as internal problems.