Thailand to rebuild flood hit areas


The Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Sports plans to carry out immediate restoration of tourism and sporting sites once the flood-stricken areas in the country have returned to normal.

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s flood watch, as of last week many parts of 18 Thai provinces in the north, north-eastern, central and eastern regions remain flooded, although the situation has eased over the last few days.

MoTS deputy permanent-secretary Thanitta Maneechote said the ministry had prepared a strategy for the short-, medium- and long-term, that would be executed once the floodwaters had receded. TAT will carry out tourism promotional tasks while the Department of Tourism will collaborate with related government agencies on the rehabilitation of tourist sites.

Thanitta said the floods had caused tourism-related establishments in Isaan about 70 million baht in losses, due to trip postponements, re-routings and cancellations.

MoTS opened a Flood-Crisis Management Centre for Tourism and Sports (Specific Unit) last Friday to provide information to tourists and athletes who were traveling within the flooded areas.

TAT has advised travelers to contact the hotel or resort where accommodation has been booked to enquire about the latest situation prior to travel. (TTG Asia)