Thai ambassadors to clarify flood situation to the world to save local tourism


BANGKOK, 11 October 2011  – Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mr. Thani Thongphakdi said 21 Thai embassies across the world are trying to save the Thai tourism industry by telling citizens in those countries that despite heavy flooding in some parts of Thailand, tourist attractions in many areas have not been affected and are still open to tourists.

Following travel warnings against Thailand in 19 nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has instructed Thai embassies in 21 nations to clarify the current situation to the citizens involved. Among those nations are the United States, Japan and Spain which encouraged their citizens to cancel their trips to Thailand for the moment.

According to Mr. Thani, the Foreign Ministry has coordinated with the Tourism Authority of Thailand for information on unaffected tourist destinations, particularly islands, to be distributed further to overseas tourists.