TAT Hat Yai Office organising vibrant tourism activities throughout summer 2014


Hat Yai, 10 April, 2014 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Hat Yai Office is organising various tourism activities throughout the month of April 2014 to attract both local Thai tourists and Malaysian and Singaporean visitors who will be travelling to the Southern provinces of Thailand during the school break in summer.

Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik, TAT Governor said, “The month of April is usually the busy month as family vacationers, especially from Malaysia and Singapore, will take a trip out of their respective country. Songkhla and nearby provinces are one of the favourite destinations, especially for visitors from Malaysia and Singapore as they can conveniently cross the Sadao border in Songkhla by road to get into Thailand.”

Hat Yai Midnight Songkran

In Hat Yai, plenty of new tourist attractions have opened up while existing attractions have remained appealing for tourists. Hat Yai Magic Eye, Hat Yai Cable Car, Hat Yai Ice Dome, Khlong Hae Floating Market, Greenway Market and Kimyong Market are among the city’s popular attractions.

To accommodate more tourist arrivals in April, TAT has joined forces with local authorities to organise numerous activities in the region, including:

Hat Yai Midnight Songkran 2014 will take place during 11-15 April, 2014, at Nipat Uthit 3 Road. Themed as Hat Yai Midnight Songkran, locals and tourists can enjoy the full fun of the Songkran Splendours from midday to midnight. There are various fun-filled activities including Songkran procession, local sports, Miss Songkran beauty contest, various forms of entertainment, and of course, Songkran water splashing from day time to midnight.

Songkran Dannok Festival 2014, to be held during 12-14 April, 2014, at Dannok district offers another opportunity to enjoy the splashing of Songkran.

‘Light Up Your Life’ Lantern Festival is currently taking place, up until 31 May, 2014, at the Asian Cultural Village, Hat Yai Municipal Park. Spectacular lanterns are made and displayed according to various themes – from animals to fairy tales and the zodiac. Visitors can also enjoy other activities, including a Miss Lantern Contest, fireworks display, fate pond, wishing trees, lovers’ board, water lantern and many more.

Hat Yai Ice Dome, from 24 January to 31 August, 2014, the Hat Yai Ice Dome with an area of 1,700 square metres and at -15 degrees Celsius features various shapes and forms of ice sculptures in the figures of the royal palace, zone of fun, zone of Asia, zone of dinosaurs, dragon and swan, and Ice Bar. These spectacular ice sculptures are the masterpieces of artists and craftsmen from China.

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