Sukothai Turns Back the Clock


Rim Yom Market, Kong Krai Las District, circa 1894

Miss Saratwadee Asasupakit, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Sukhothai Office, together with the Kong Krai Las sub-district of Sukhothai, would like to invite you to the Rim Yom Market to look back on life and commerce in the year 1894. This special celebration held the first Saturday of every month will allow tourists to experience the turn-of-the-century lifestyle and culture of the Chinese community there.

The market, once an important port named “Koh Kong,” was where groups of Chiu Chow and Hainanese went to do business with the Ban Kong people who lived simply and peacefully in rafts on the Yom River. Even though this port is not used commercially in the present day, the locals have conserved its history and have replicated the way the market felt in the golden age.

Visitors to this modern-day re-creation can experience the local lifestyle through demonstrations of Thai dessert-making done in the traditional Kong Krai Las way, and by sampling the delicious flavors: Thong Muan (rolled coconut wafers), Cha Mok Nga Dam (milk tea with black sesame seeds), and Khanom Phing (tapioca flour cookies) and, they can check out the Yom River Basin fishery and its various products made by the local fishermen, such as delicious pickled fish and fish sauces made from minnows.

And film buffs should know too that the market is acclaimed for being the site of the film Ka Wao Tee Bang Pleng, the Thai Sci-Fi thriller written by the famed Mom Rajawongse (M.R.) Kukrit Pramoj.

The TAT Sukhothai office would like to announce a special promotion for tourists as well. We are providing FREE transportation to Rim Yom Market from the center of Sukhothai, the first Saturday of every month. The shuttle departs TAT headquarters once per day at 17:00 and returns at 19:30, and runs from November 2012 through November 2013. Feel free to wear attire reflecting the people of this golden era for historical photo opportunities!

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