Storms do not prevent tourists from visiting southern region


BANGKOK, 9 November 2014 – Tourists are still traveling to the southern coastal provinces despite a warning of storms in the Andaman Sea. In the upper part of the country, a 11% increase in tourism revenue is expected due to cool weather.

President of the Krabi Tourism Association Chamnan Srisawat said tourism in Krabi had not yet been affected by the warning of storms in the southern region. However, the association was closely monitoring the weather as well as tourists’ reactions to the warning. No reservation cancellations had been reported yet, said the president.

The Kasikorn Research Center has estimated that Thai tourists would visit the norther region in great numbers after the weather there started to cool down. The center also forecast that tourism would generate 33 billion baht, increasing by 11% compared to the same period last year, in the region. The northeastern tourism was expected to see 15 billion baht or a 10% increase compared to the same period last year.