Special report: The new schedule for Royal Flora 2011


Chiang Mai Governor is planning to ask the hospitality sector to exempt a reservation fee for tourists who need to postpone their stay as the Royal Flora 2011 has been rescheduled to start from 14 December this year and lasts until 14 March 2012.

Following criticisms regarding the two almost consecutive postponements of the Royal Flora this year, the organizer has now confirmed the new schedule for the event. It will begin on 14 December this year and end on 14 March 2012.

In his explanation, Chiang Mai Governor M.L. Panadda Disakul said the new timing would better suit the event given that now the flooding crisis still prevails in the lower northern and central regions. Many Thais are still coping with the disaster and roads, mainly the Asia road, going to the North have been cut off by floods.

Thai people have been overwhelmed by the impact of the deluge and are not ready to launch a trip to see the Royal Flora. The Governor added that the opening of the event will be in winter, which the Department of Meteorology has forecast to last longer this year.

Tourism in this time of the year will make the trip to see thousand species of plants even more exciting. The coldest time of the year, as predicted by the meteorologists, will begin from mid-December to early January next year; therefore, the decision to set up a new date for the event was reasonable.

For those who have made advance room reservations in Chiang Mai, M.L. Panadda will discuss with the representatives from the hospitality business, airlines and the State Railway of Thailand to exempt the incurred fee for those who were forced to change their reservations or train tickets to be closer to the opening day.

The Royal Flora 2011 will be held to celebrate the 84th Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty the King, the 80th Birthday Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and the 60th Birthday Anniversary of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. So far, all of 140,000 tickets have been bought in advance of the event.