NRSA’s 1st Vice President discusses Thailand’s tourism promotion with Steven Seagal


NRSA’s 1st Vice President Alongkorn Ponlaboot recently met with Steven Seagal, an American actor who is also recognized as a film producer, screenwriter, film director and martial artist, during his visit to Thailand.

Seagal’s discussion with Alongkorn mainly focused on film production in Thailand.

Alongkorn expressed his appreciation to Seagal for his interest in Thailand while expressing support for the use of the country as the location for film making by international movie-makers.

He noted that such a project would help Thailand promote its image, economy and tourism.

Seagal told Alongkorn that he is interested in Thailand as a largely Buddhist country with many magnificent architectural attributes – all of which has led to the idea to set up a production company with the cooperation of the Thai government to produce a number of movies that would show the beauty and the charm of the Thai kingdom to the world.