FROM THAISPECTIVE: Tourism Authority of Thailand Proudly Presents a Refreshing & Unique Experience Through Thais’ Perspectives



Bangkok, September 7, 2012: The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched “FROM THAISPECTIVE”, its latest campaign aimed at showing Thailand from unique and rare angles. Taking a radically different approach from previous campaigns, “FROM THAISPECTIVE” goes beyond sharing experiences from visitor to visitor and instead presents Thailand from the perspective of Thais.

Three short films highlight the Thai way of life, culture and traditions in three different regions. Each film follows Thais as they, in their own way, tell their stories of Thailand to viewers. Meanwhile, the campaign integrates a new element of consumer experience through its Facebook application, which draws viewers to enter a contest for free trips to experience Thailand from their own perspectives.

After watching a film, viewers can register to share it with friends to enter the lucky draw. However, the catch is that more prizes are “unlocked” as the number of views increases, with prizes so far including flight tickets from Bangkok Airways and accommodations at the nine hotels at Marriott International.

The first film in the series reveals a different perspective on Muay Thai, a martial art already popular with visitors, in central Thailand & Bangkok. The film delves into the story behind Muay Thai, giving the awe-inspiring performances seen by spectators as a sacred and spiritual dimension that can only be truly understood through years of commitment, training and tradition passed down from generation to generation.

Other films to follow will feature different aspects of Thai culture, such as the way of life and philosophy in remote areas of northern Thailand largely unknown to visitors.

To experience this new perspective on Thailand, simply access the “FROM THAISPECTIVE” Facebook application, which can also be found on the Discover Thailand Facebook Page. After watching the films, you can then register to join the lucky draw, share the film with friends and watch the prize meter grow.