Cold weather conditions persist in North and Northeast


BANGKOK, 20 Dec 2014, The Meteorological Department has warned locals in the North to prepare for harsh winter temperature, which is expected to drop 1-2 degrees Celsius further. 

According to the department, the plunge in temperature in the regions is due to the strong high pressure which covers the areas, adding the hilly sides are likely to experience frost.

The agency has also predicted lower rate of precipitation in the Southern and 2-3 meter high waves in the Gulf of Thailand. Meanwhile, senior citizens in Khon Kean, are reportedly warding off the chilly weather by bathing in the sunlight for a couple of hours late in the morning, amid the persisting cold weather conditions. The temperature in the area has been below 15 degrees for several days.

In Yasothon Province, the provincial administration and the volunteer medical unit have launched a campaign to conduct health examination in Baan Chiang Peng, Pahtiew District; they also handed out 150 blankets to residents in the district.