Chiang Mai, northern region, hit by cold spell


CHIANG MAI, Nov 20 — Residents of Fang district in Thailand’s northern Chiang Mai province have been besieged by winter temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius for the past two weeks and have asked the provincial office to declare the district as a winter stricken zone, to be provided urgent help. 

Over 70 households of Baan Poang Nam Ron Village in Fang’s Paong Nam Ron subdistrict have petitioned the provincial office and concerned agencies to provide assistance to villagers, as it has struggled with a 15 degree Celsius temperature.

The villagers said that primary help has been provided by the local administrative office, many households remain affected by the winter weather and want the province to a winter stricken zone, in order to gain more assistance from the national level.

Meanwhile, Lampang Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office District 10 director Komsan Suwanaampha in the upper northern region said the region is facing a steady drop in temperature of another 2-3 degrees during the week as Thailand heads into the heart of the winter season.

People in many areas are already affected by the cold weather.

The disaster response agency has provided victims with winter clothing and expects 660,000 people living in the four upper northern provinces of Mae Hong Son, Lamphun, Lampang and Chiang Mai will need winter clothing this season.