Chartered flights from China canceled due to flood in Bangkok


BANGKOK, 28 October 2011 -The Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) revealed that over 70% of chartered flights from China to Thailand have been canceled after the Chinese government refused to provide any compensation for their tour agents.

According to ATTA President Mr. Sittiwatchara Cheewarattanaporn, most of the canceled flights from China were due to arrive in Bangkok in November while only a few still flying are those going to spend a vacation in Phuket.

The President said because Chinese tour agents had mistaken that both airports in Bangkok were closed due to flood and the warning from their government against traveling to Thailand at this time, the majority of Bangkok bound chartered flights had been canceled accordingly.

Their reaction was also due to the uncertainty around the flood situation in Bangkok. Mr. Sittiwatchara added that it would take at least a month to restore the tourism sector in Thailand after the flood recedes.

Thailand will miss the opportunity to reap revenues from the tourism industry particularly during the high season which begins form November to December.

He further added that the private sector needed accurate information on where it could flood and the approximate time frame for the impact given that they could not clarify nor explain to their foreign counterparts about the situation in Thailand. Despite the disaster, the numbers of Indian and Russian tourists arriving to Thailand remain unaffected.