Special report: How to Live with Floods


Prolonged flooding may be a rare phenomenon in Bangkok. As the nature seems more and more unpredictable, city people might as well try to learn to cope with it. This report will show you dos and don’ts when you have to encounter floods. 

Flood warning can be divided into four types: flood watch, flood warning, severe flood warning and all clear. If the first three types have been issued to your neighborhood, you are strongly advised to heed the officials’ announcements and instructions.

If you live in areas that floods are approaching, cover all the drains and keep the covers firmly in place with sandbags to stop floodwater from entering your house. Turn off the gas stove and unplug all electrical appliances. Lock the door and climb to the upper floor. If the situation worsens, move to a nearby evacuation center.

If you need to go out, do study flood protection techniques in detail. Don’t drive in a flooded road and stay away from utility poles. Try to avoid wading in fast-flowing food water. In a flood, two feet of water can be forceful enough to wash a car away and 15 cm. of water can knock you off your feet. If it is unavoidable, a long stick will be very helpful for measuring the water depth.

If you need to cook, use the stove in the open air. Heating appliances must be placed in well-ventilated areas for many of them may send out carbon dioxide.

Having to live with floods is an unpleasant experience. However, do not let stress overcome you. Mental health problems take a long time and cost a lot of money to heal. Positive thinking is an effective remedy for stress you can prescribe by yourself and it costs nothing.