Chaing Rai Province gears up for high season


BANGKOK – Tourist attraction sites in Chiang Rai Province have begun renovating in preparation for the influx of tourists during the colder months, expecting no less than 10,000 tourists per day during the high season. 

Banteung Kruewong, president of the Northern region’s tourism board, says the temperature at famous Phu Chi Fa national park in Chiang Rai has dropped to 14-15 Celsius, and local restaurants and hotels have begun renovation and putting up decorations in preparation for the influx of tourists.

According to him, most hotels are fully booked well into the following year. Furthermore, the Chiang Rai Tourism Authority has also coordinated with the private sector to promote various routes along Chiang Rai’s mountains for tourists to visit, particularly those passing through Phu Chi Fa, Phu Chom Dao and the sea of fog at Doi Pha Tang.

Authorities have also been instructed to provide safety and convenience for tourists, ensuring ample parking spaces, clean camp grounds for visitors, and barriers at potentially dangerous sites.