Ayutthaya to build weirs along canals with a 20m-baht budget


AYUTTHAYA, 2 October 2014 – Ayutthaya is preparing to build weirs at various canals with a budget of 20 million baht, in order to reserve water for the dry season.

Mr. Udomsak Khao-nuna, Director of the provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office revealed the project came as water volumes in all dams in the region remained so low that the Department of Agriculture had to refrain from distributing irrigation water for agricultural purposes.

The director said he has assigned all district offices to look for locations suitable for building weirs and to hold a public hearing for the project. The survey must be completed within a week and submitted to the provincial office for consideration. The weir construction should be completed by 2015.

Mr. Udomsak believed that the weir projects will help reserve water sufficient for consumption in the upcoming dry season.