Youth networks call for punishment in light of excessive hazing


A network of youths has voiced agreement towards punishment of institutions that allow for excessive hazing.


At a seminar jointly organized by the Youth Network against At-Risk Behaviors, the Youth Network against New Drinkers and the Youth Foundation for Sufficiency and Sustainability, participants discussed the excessive hazing practices and risky activities of educational institutions. The talk was spurred by the recent drowning of a freshman student at Kasetsart University Sriracha, with the student’s father present at the discussion.

A legal adviser to the youth foundation indicated that excessive hazing can be considered a violation of an individual’s rights and is punishable as a crime in the case that an educational institution’s officials do not intervene or punish those involved. The legal adviser called on relevant agencies to work together to ensure creative hazing, warning that the aggressive practices of seniors during hazing rituals may lead to detrimental behaviors in the future.

A recent survey conducted among university students towards hazing found that 89.3 percent want to see clear punishment from institutions against seniors who excessively haze their underclassmen.